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I am a dating and relationship coach. I work with women who have been focusing on their career and now want personal and romantic success. Whether you're single or attached, I can show you how to find love and build a lasting relationship. Dating Coach connects you to world class coaches and instructors all across the globe and on demand. Sign up now and get a 45 min FREE Coaching Session! A Dating Coach provides proven dating how to's; Dating advice so you pick the right partner online by learning how to read “between the lines” of a profile; Create your own new profile with subliminal suggestions to the “shoppers” Discover and resolve the breakdowns in reaching a great date or/partner Dating coach and relationship expert focused on women dating, Marni Battista is the author of the best-seller How to Find A Quality Guy Without Going On 200 Dates and founder of Dating With Dignity, a dating training program geared towards insecure women who need to boost up their confidence. She will help you face your fears, overcome your dating challenges, and begin your new romantic future with joy and a solid plan in place. Bio: Fran is a licensed clinical social worker, specializing as a flirting, dating, and relationship coach. She is the author of '... the dating coach Adam Lyons is known as one of the worlds leading Dating Coaches. He helps people to take control of their dating lives through learning Sensual Attraction, which is the art of being attractive to a partner across all the various human senses. A dating coach might give you tips to improve your dating profiles and photos. He might dissect a date you went on and give you feedback to ensure you get a second date. A dating coach is like a football coach in that he’s there to help you win the game. About Me : Carmelia Ray is a 22 year online dating and matchmaking expert Bio : Carmelia Ray is a online dating and matchmaking expert. She is a public speaker, author and an IDCA certified dating coach. She is also the CMO at Instant Chemistry, a bio tech company based in Toronto specializing in genetic matchmaking. Erik is a great dating coach. He really understands women at a deeper level and he’s able to effectively teach what he knows. Erik helped me improve the way I present myself before women. I’m now happily married to the love of my life going on 8 months now! Thank you Erik for all the help! Vijay – 37 years old – Engineer San Jose ... Chicago, dating, speed, free, sites, events, site, online, singles, service, black, services, suburbs, asian, gay, polish, scene, russian, latino, interracial ...

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2020.09.20 19:59 1030423 Race Report - Solo Montreal Marathon (First, Beginner)

26F / 80kg / athletic background in rugby, hockey, and weight lifting. I've always been impressed and interested in endurance sports and have thought about doing a marathon for a few years now. Started with my first half marathon April 2019 with a time of 2:00:32, completed a second in August 2020 without really training and then did some inconsistent running a few times per week. I decided to commit to the Sept 20 Montreal Marathon in April 2020, after recovering from an abdominal surgery.
The Race
How did it go?
The bottom line:
Hope this helps those slower runners out there. I was so nervous leading up to the race and a lot of these race reports helped me out. I will be taking some time off from running to recover but... am already looking forward to planning out my training plan and improving my marathon time.
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2020.09.20 18:28 thinkam7 How I attract women instantly during COVID without saying a word

Because of COVID I don’t get out much. I only go to the gym or to the grocery store. But when I do go out, at least one woman will either approach me first or give me a strong I.O.I. (Indicator Of Interest) letting me know she wants me to approach her. In this post I’m going to share with you exactly how I do it.
Here’s a great example of how it usually happens: I went to Publix to buy a loaf of bread. A cute girl walked into the store a few feet in front of me. I noticed 2 things right away (1) her shorts were cute, actually, what was in her shorts was cute (2) she had a cat tattoo on the back of each leg.
When we entered the store, she went one way and I went the other. When I found the bread aisle, she just happened to be standing right in front of the 100% whole wheat bread I came to buy. Turns out she was there to buy bagels. [Serendipity: unexpected good luck (more on this in a minute)]
As I walked towards her, she looked at me, gave me a big smile, and said, “hi”. I discovered how to easily tell if a girl is smiling at me with a mask on. I look at her eyes. When she smiles she makes eye contact and gets crow's feet at the outer corner of her eyes.
So let’s sum up the situation:
- A complete stranger is giving me a big smile and a ‘hello’- She has tattoos- And I like her shorts
First, she obviously wants me to talk to her so there is no chance of getting rejected. AND I had so many approach options it’s ridiculous:
Option 1: “Good morning. I have to say, those shorts are incredibly cute on you.”Option 2: “Good morning. I have to ask, what’s the story behind those cat tattoos?”Option 3: “Good morning. I bet you have a beautiful smile under that mask.”
I decided to go with: “Good morning. I bet you have a beautiful smile under that mask. I have to ask, what’s the story behind those cat tattoos?” And during the conversation I worked in, “by the way, those shorts are incredibly cute on you.”
At the end of the conversation, I decided not to close (ask her out) because I wasn’t really that into her. Here’s the thing, if you can have all the candy you want for free, how much candy are you going to eat? I’m willing to bet your candy consumption will decrease over time.
Now before you start judging me, thinkin I’m a douche, you should know there was a time I couldn’t even BUY candy. Back in the day, I approached women all the time - and struck out every single time.
I remember one time I was out with a friend bar hoppin when I say this girl that made my jaw drop. She was a stunner, so I decided to make moves. I was drunk (1st mistake). I had no idea what to say (2nd mistake). I didn’t account for the 2 other girls she had with her (3rd mistake).
I ended up looking like a jackass. Her two friends started making fun of me right in front of my face. I tried to be cool and tough, like it didn’t affect me. But the truth is… Rejection hurts.
Fast forward… I had the good fortune of landing a job as a matchmaker in Los Angeles for a prestigious firm. I matched clients in all walks of life. From pro athletes, tv personalities, CEO’s, movie producers, authors, and radio hosts. To school teachers, business people, medical professionals, blue collar workers, you name it.
After getting a tremendous education on human psychology, what women really want, and dating, I decided to leave the firm and become a dating coach. I wanted to be good at my job so I consumed every piece of information I could find on all aspects of dating, seduction, confidence building, relationships, personal development, spirituality, and emotional balance. I was obsessed.
I personally tested every strategy. Most, about 92%, didn’t work for me. But the other 8% did. I can’t tell you the exact day it started, but women started liking me. I thought I was imagining things at first. But as the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. It became obvious women were attracted to me. I had become a freakin chick magnet. I’m an average looking guy but my vibe had become so amazing woman couldn’t resist.
After this revelation I quit my job as a dating coach and became an attraction consultant. So I didn’t just dream up what I’m about to share with you. It’s the result of years of research, trial, and error. Mostly error.
Here’s what I did to start attracting women: I created a vibe of swag and confidence women can’t resist. As you will see, this is easy to do. It’s a 2 step process. First, I dropped my backpack. Then I started practicing Off Time.
Let me explain… we all have what I call a “backpack”. It’s the place where we store every negative, hurtful experience we have ever had in our entire life. From being bullied in elementary school to being roasted by a bunch of bitches when you’re just trying to meet your dream girl. (My bad… too personal.)
Anywayz, the stuff in your backpack is the root cause of every negative emotion you experience. Including fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, and sadness. Some people have a small backpack. I had one of those super huge “I’m going into the wilderness for a month like a crazy person” backpacks.
My parents were physically and verbally abusive. It really messed me up. So my backpack was huge. There’s no excuse for abusing another person. Especially a child. But you should know my mother had me when she was 14, my dad was 17, they both came from broken homes, and suffered unimaginable abuse as children. They had no idea how to raise a child.
So even if you have a GIGANTIC backpack, you can still let go off all that hurt and be free. Here’s how:
1) Think of an annoying person, a situation you’d like to change, or a hurtful past experience.(Start with something minor – not the worst thing in your life – you’ll work up to that.)
2) Point or tilt your head down slightly toward your stomach or chest.(This disengages your mind and activates the feeling center, which is the erase mode.)
3) Notice an unwanted energy in your stomach or chest area. It could be a knot or clutching feeling in that area. Take some time to notice it.
This energy in your stomach or chest area wants to leave. The energy is not good or bad. It just wants to be released, to be free.
4) Put an imaginary tube into the energy, uncap it, and allow the energy to come shooting out.(To drill for oil, first you must find the oil. Then sink a rig or pipe into the oil pocket. Then the pipe is uncapped, and the oil comes shooting out. Do the same with this energy inside you.)
5) Think of the person, situation, or experience. Has the unwanted energy diminished?
6) Repeat as needed until the energy is completely released.
In Summary
  1. Think about a person, situation, or event that generates a negative feeling
  2. Tilt your head down
  3. Find the energy in your stomach or chest area
  4. Put an imaginary tube into the energy
  5. Uncap the tube
  6. Allow the energy to come shooting out
Complete these steps to release the energy behind every negative emotion you experience (fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness, etc).
If you would like to learn more about this release technique, check out this book:‘The Abundance Book’ by Lawrence Crane
Now that you know how to drop your backpack (release negative emotions), let’s talk about off time.
Off Time is the practice of brining one’s awareness to the present moment. Being mindful - A form of mediation. To get a strong body you must exercise. The opposite is true of the mind. To get a strong mind, keep it peaceful and still.
It would be generous to say 10% of our thoughts are valuable. It’s more like 1% or less – the other 99% is nonsense. Decrease the importance of thinking. Increase the value in silence.
Here’s how it’s done:
  1. Sit comfortably. No rules, sit however you like. You don’t have to sit like a pretzel. Position your body any way that makes you comfortable.
  2. Bring your awareness to an anchor – like your breath or the sounds around you.
  3. And just be there. Be completely present. You’re not remembering anything from the past. You’re not planning anything for the future. You’re not thinking at all.
You’re paying attention to every moment of your breathing. Or you’re listening to the sounds around you as they come and go. You’re just being in the moment.
When thoughts come up - don’t fight them - just let them pass. Let the thought come. Then let it fall away, and go back to being mindful. By the way, you can’t mess this up. There's no such thing as bad "Off Time".
I'm not exaggerating when I say Off Time is the best possible use of time. The EOC Institute has identified 141 benefits to mindfulness. Serendipity or synchronicity is one them. Google search ‘The EOC Institute 141’ and click the first result to see for yourself.
I should send them an email so they can add “Pick Up Chicks” as benefit #142. (Leave it to me to take such a beautiful, authentic practice and turn it into a way to attract women.)
If you actually drop your backpack and practice off time regularly, soon you’ll experience an abundance of love, an abundance of joy, or an abundance of peace.
Here’s my secret: I attract women because I literally radiate love, peace, or joy all the time.
When I feel an abundance of love, I literally feel like I can lay hands on someone and heal them like Jesus.
An abundance of Joy or bliss is the best state for working out. It’s better than any pre-workout drink. I have incredible workouts. You can do more cardio, lift more weight, and burn more calories with ease. And everyone at the gym wants to be your friend because they can feel you emanating joy.
Love is great, bliss is awesome, but an abundance of peace is my favorite. Imagine your mind, body, and soul completely at peace… It’s glorious.
I like to work in this state because I’m completely focused and my consultations just flow. It allows me to be in the zone.
If you have never felt an abundance of peace, you owe it to yourself to reach this state. To have the ability to achieve your desired state at will is priceless.
My default states are love and happiness. I feel love and happiness all the time. Image waking up every day feeling love, happiness, or peace the second you open your eyes. How do you typically feel when you wake up first thing in the morning?
By the way, experiencing these states for long periods of time will never burn you out. When they come from within - It’s like they’re nuclear powered. You’ll never be left feeling run down or exhausted.
I think that’s enough to get you started. I do have more advance techniques for attracting women. But this post is already a mile long so I’ll share them with you in a future post.
Thanks for reading, God bless you, See you soon.
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2020.09.20 18:28 BlindManBaldwin Game Thread: Denver Broncos (0-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)


0 3 11 7
7 10 0 9
Q1 Scoring:
4:23 - James Connor 2-yard TD Rush [PAT good]
Q2 Scoring:
12:07 - Brandon McManus 49-yard FG
6:23 - Claypool 84-yard TD rec (Ben Roethlisberger) [PAT good]
:39 - Chris Boswell 20-yard FG
Q3 Scoring:
8:00 - Brandon McManus 28-yard FG
1:07 - Noah Fant 20-yard TD (Jeff Driskel) [2PC good]
Q4 Scoring:
11:26 - Diante Johnson 30-yard TD rec (Ben Roethlisberger) [PAT good]
10:01 - Safety
7:43 - Melvin Gordon 16-yard TD rec (Jeff Driskel) [PAT good]


*11:00 MT/12:00 CT/1:00 ET/10:00 ET/5:00 GMT @ Heinz Field
Weather: 62f, sunny, 7 MPH winds
  • TV: Greg Gumbel, Rich Gannon and Jay Feely
  • Local Radio (KOA - 850 AM/94.1 FM & The Fox - 103.5 FM: Dave Logan, Rick Lewis, Susie Wargin)
Stream: /nflstreams
KOA link only works on desktop, not mobile.


DEN Injury Report PIT Injury Report
DEN Inactivtes PIT Inactives


From PotRoastBoobs
  • The Broncos own a 15-8-1 (.646) all-time regular-season record against the Steelers.
  • The Broncos have won four of the last five games against the Steelers, including two playoff wins (2011 Wild Card game, 2015 Divisional Round). Four of those five games were decided by seven points or less.
  • Drew Lock can become the first Broncos QB since Peyton Manning in 2014 to record four consecutive games with a QB rating greater than 90.0.
  • Five-time Pro Bowl defensive end Jurrell Casey, who recorded six tackles (3 solo) and two pass deflections in his Broncos debut against Tennessee in Week 1, needs one tackle to reach 500 for his career (would join Calais Campbell, Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh as active defensive lineman with 500 tackles).
  • Brandon McManus needs one field goal to pass Matt Prater (141) for third all-time in team history.
  • Lloyd Cushenberry III became the second rookie center (J.D. Walton, 2010) and 12th rookie offensive linemen in team history to start in Week 1. Cushenberry played all 59 of the team’s offensive snaps in Week 1.
  • No team has blocked more kicks (six) than Denver since 2018. Shelby Harris blocked his second career field goal attempt against Tennessee in Week 1.


From PotRoastBoobs
  • Broncos LB Mark Barron appeared in 15 games (9 starts) with the Steelers in 2019.
  • Prior to Week 4, Broncos TE Nick Vannett was traded from Seattle to Pittsburgh and saw action in 13 games (6 starts) in 2019 for the Steelers.
  • Broncos OL Coach Mike Munchak served as Steelers’ offensive line coach for four seasons (2014-18).



Team Opp. Date Time/Score
KC @ LAC 9/20 2:25
LAC KC 9/20 2:25
LV NO 9/21 6:15


This thread is specifically geared toward Broncos fans.
Sort by new for the most recent comments.
Pick your flair in the sidebar.
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2020.09.20 17:46 360Entertainment Jerome, the World’s Greatest... Bada***

Jerome, the World’s Greatest... Bad A**!
I had a friend in the Army between 2008-2011 (same time as Karen the Sergeant) that I’ll dub Jerome. He was one of the most hilarious guys I’d ever met, problem was he wasn’t hilarious on purpose! The guy was constantly self deluded as he truly believed he was a physical specimen of unprecedented knowledge and charisma. He was not! At best Jerome was slightly chubby, usually had bad B.O., and rarely knew what he was talking about.
Jerome fancied himself some kind of kickboxer. He’d go on about his various accomplishments in the sport on a regular basis. I don’t want to call him a liar outright but the only “proof”, if you can call it that, was his proficiency in toe punching people in the shin, then claim it was a distraction technique. Only other “skills” I’ve seen him display was landing several high combos in a Street Fighter II tournament!
A few stories of Jerome’s “combat prowess” and “weapons knowledge” come to mind. The first one doesn’t even really start out as a confrontation but definitely ended with one. A group of us had decided to go to the opening of a new Sports bar in Killeen called Pluckers. There was a little something for everyone there: family dining, bar area for mingling, pool table and darts, and guitar hero set up on a large screen for competitions.
Our usual crew consisted of me, Jerome, Jerome’s Roomate Downlow (me and him actually wrestled professionally together in a minor league around that time, Downlow was his Ringname), and my roommate Bayou Bill (he was from Louisiana, we’ll call him BB for short).
A little backstory, Downlow and Jerome did not get along. Jerome actually had a bad habit of creeping on Downlow’s many dates. It eventually got to the point that when BB moved out of the barracks (the room was still technically his, he just got an apartment with his Girlfriend) and Downlow moved into my room. I kept my space and didn’t bug him when he had a date and we’d game on my Xbox when we had nothing better to do!
Back to the story. Downlow and I were playing pool when this obviously underage girl came up and started flirting with him. Downlow knew what I knew and just ignored her, but wasn’t rude. Classy guy! Meanwhile I was on my third Jameson and Coke and was picking on her. I insinuating she was underage (“so how old are you? 15? 16?...12?) and eventually left. I didn’t think we’d see Short Girl again.
Fast forward to next week. We decided on a sit down meal and went to Bennigans. Our usual group, plus a few more, end up there. Jerome spoke up and said,” oh by the way, I invited someone!” We didn’t think anything of it but I’m sure you’ve probably figured it out. As we’re ordering drinks we hear a young woman’s voice ask “hey guys, remember me?” We turn around and there’s the Short Girl from Pluckers.
Jerome pulled out the chair next to him with a big ol grin on his face. She walked past him and squeezed herself between me and Downlow. As she is trying to warm herself up to Downlow, I went right back to clowning on her. It didn’t take long before she admitted she was only 16!
Downlow then stood up, causing Short Girl to fall on me because she was practically sitting on him and proclaim he was done. Downlow and I then left the restaurant. We proceeded to stop at the Class 6 to buy some bottom shelf vodka (payday was next week), some soda, and ordered a pizza. We then went to Downlow’s room, this was before he moved into my room, and we intended to watch Kung fu movies and get drunk.
About 30 minutes into Seven Swords in comes Jerome with Short Girl. He began to demand that we leave so he could “get lucky”. In Texas the legal age is 16, but Fort Hood falls under federal guidelines and the age of consent is 18. On top of this anytime Downlow brought a date over Jerome would constantly bug them, even trying to steal Downlow’s dates. Jerome demanding we leave was kind of ironic in this aspect.
Jerome argued with us until I proceeded to take Short Girl downstairs to our Charge of Quarters (barracks guards, CQ for short). I explained the situation and they immediately called a cab. After I gave the cab driver enough cash to get her home I stay downstairs and BS with the CQ for a bit, we were friends. Then we heard a crash come from upstairs!
Myself and one of the CQ guys rush up to the third floor and find Jerome in a Guillotine headlock, courtesy of Downlow. Downlow kept it slightly loose so Jerome wouldn’t choke but that didn’t stop Jerome from trying to kick and scream like a madman to get out. Apparently Jerome tried rushing Downlow. Big mistake, Downlow had been practicing Gracie Jiu Jitsu for about 5 years at that point and could get a hold anywhere. We get the two separated and Jerome starts talking about calling our supervisors but the CQ guy then says “do you really want to explain why you brought a high school girl to your room?” Jerome is adamant that he was in the right but is outnumbered three to one. His leadership is notified and they literally called him an idiot. Jerome then sulked the rest of the night, we gave him some pizza and booze to calm him down, he didn’t stay bitter for too long.
Some time later we’re all hanging out again. Myself, Downlow, Jerome, and BB get out of Downlow’s car and head up to the barracks. As we’re heading in Jerome says “there’s that son of a b****” and beckons us to follow him to the second floor. BB follows him but myself and Downlow don’t know what the heck Jerome is talking about and head back to our floor. As we’re heading to the rooms we hear Jerome getting heated downstairs. Not wanting to explain how Jerome ended up in the hospital we head down to the second floor, except we take another way.
We end up behind the guys Jerome is talking to. As Jerome is getting on this guy and his friends he stops mid way through telling them he was going to kick his a**. Apparently Jerome thought me and Downlow we’re behind him and had been talking crap to this group of four. The guy then calmly explains that he wasn’t gonna let Jerome creep on a female friend of his after she’d told him no already. The guy obviously did not want to fight but was willing to throw down if necessary.
One of other guy’s buddies noticed me and Downlow behind them and jumped a bit. We gave a sarcastic howdy and learn their side of the story. Apparently Jerome met one of their friends at Club Tatu some time ago and began to aggressively flirt (“Hey, I have a mustang”). She wasn’t feeling it and left. Jerome found out she lived in the same barracks we did and had been low key stalking her. He did this with every female he met in the Brigade, but this guy had stepped in. Dude turned out to be pretty cool once we got to talking. When our Platoon Security Detail guys moved into the second floor of our barracks, most of us ended up at the same parties!
Jerome fancied himself a weapons guy. He’d always go on about his “exotic weapons”collection. In reality he bought cheap crap from BudK and other sites like studded leather knuckle guards with blades cheaply attached. One weekend he had me accompany him because he desperately wanted a sword cane. We checked all of the pawn shops around Killeen, Temple, and Copperas Cove and found several. He was picky and wanted one with a long blade. He finally ordered one online and started walking around with it. After a few days of showing it off around the barracks he was finally told he couldn’t walk carry a weapon like that on post. He ended up taking it home eventually.
Fast Forward to our deployment. We’re waiting to leave Kuwait and Jerome is going on about his extensive win/loss record in kickboxing. His Squad leader, despite knowing Jerome can be a bit full of it, asks if there’s any professional records he could look up. He was a bit of a fight connoisseur. Jerome said all the records had been destroyed in a fire. When asked if Jerome’s coach might have another copy he responded,” Coach Van Damme didn’t believe in records!” We start busting up after he’s pressed into saying his coach was “a guy named Jean Claude Van Damme”! His squad leader is dying and starts referring to the guy as “Jacques Van Damme”! We rag him for about ten minutes before we get bored and go to the gym!
We’re about six months in and the Motorpool guys have located some sheet metal. One of the guys fashions himself some home made hunting knives. He was a freelance blacksmith back in Texas and made some really nice blades. He shows Jerome how to do it and thinks he must want to make himself a knife. Nope!!!
Jerome proceeds to make himself a sword! He’s under the impression that since we had to do the occasional security sweep through our camp that he’s going to get to show off his non existent sword skills. Our particular camp was a prison complex for captured insurgents. They rioted every so often and on a few occasions nearly broke out. The blade itself was a crude short saber with a lot of weight near the point. As he was doing some “martial artsy” whirls with it he attempted to chop into a thick wooden pole. The blade broke in half and we all laughed our butts off. He tried to take it back stateside but he lacked the paperwork and it ended up confiscated. He wasn’t happy.
After we returned from Iraq, my roommate (Rockstar from Karen The Sergeant) and I bought some wooden katanas at the Suncoast in the mall. They were cheap but we had a blast messing around with them. Jerome also bought a wooden sword from there, but he purchased one of their Spartan sword replicas. He came out and started swinging it wildly, almost smacking me upside the head a few times. I wanted to teach him a lesson but Rockstar, like some kind of Anime hero, offered to instead. Rockstar actually had some sword training, unlike Jerome, and managed to hurt his pride pretty badly. Jerome received several light taps up and down his arms and once in his belly, but he never landed a single hit on Rockstar. Jerome eventually gave up and threw his wooden sword in his room, where it broke in half like his Iraq sword.
That was the last of Jerome’s Bad A** Moments. I’ll post more Jerome stories later!
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2020.09.20 17:11 Less-Bad590 [Official//LIVESTREAM] 2020"Jaguars vs Titans " liVe [email protected]

[[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected] Free Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media following Friday's practice in prep for week two against the Tennessee Titans. Wingard: "I come into work ...Titans vs. Jaguars 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online. Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch ...See Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans NFL - AFC South - LP Field Stream Live - Free Sports Online Streaming - Date & Time: 20 Sep 2020 - Week 2.
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2020.09.20 17:11 Less-Bad590 ![Official/LIVESTREAM]!. "Jaguars vs Titans " liVe [email protected]

[[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected] Free Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media following Friday's practice in prep for week two against the Tennessee Titans. Wingard: "I come into work ...Titans vs. Jaguars 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online. Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch ...See Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans NFL - AFC South - LP Field Stream Live - Free Sports Online Streaming - Date & Time: 20 Sep 2020 - Week 2.
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2020.09.20 17:11 Less-Bad590 [Official//LIVESTREAM] "Jaguars vs Titans " liVe STrEaMs [email protected]

[[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected] Free Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media following Friday's practice in prep for week two against the Tennessee Titans. Wingard: "I come into work ...Titans vs. Jaguars 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online. Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch ...See Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans NFL - AFC South - LP Field Stream Live - Free Sports Online Streaming - Date & Time: 20 Sep 2020 - Week 2.
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2020.09.20 17:11 Less-Bad590 [Official//LIVESTREAM] "Jaguars vs Titans " liVe [email protected]

[[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected] Free Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media following Friday's practice in prep for week two against the Tennessee Titans. Wingard: "I come into work ...Titans vs. Jaguars 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online. Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch ...See Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans NFL - AFC South - LP Field Stream Live - Free Sports Online Streaming - Date & Time: 20 Sep 2020 - Week 2.
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2020.09.20 17:11 Less-Bad590 [[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected] Free

[[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected] Free Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media following Friday's practice in prep for week two against the Tennessee Titans. Wingard: "I come into work ...Titans vs. Jaguars 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online. Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch ...See Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans NFL - AFC South - LP Field Stream Live - Free Sports Online Streaming - Date & Time: 20 Sep 2020 - Week 2.
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2020.09.20 17:09 RedLilacPink What kind of dating advice do men see on the internet?

Since recently having relationship issues all my ads are saying the same thing to me, from dating coaches. “Why men pull away” “how to get him to obsess over you” “how to deal with the emotionally unavailable man in your life”
I’m curious what kinds of things pop up for men, on the flip side. Or even, if other women get different types of ads and advice online.
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2020.09.20 15:17 Ok-Still-691 [[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected]

[[email protected]]"Titans vs Jaguars " liVE [email protected]

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🔵🔴📱➤➤✅👉NFL Live Stream Reddit

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media following Friday's practice in prep for week two against the Tennessee Titans. Wingard: "I come into work ...Titans vs. Jaguars 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch online. Colorblind viewers may not be the only ones unable to watch ...See Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans NFL - AFC South - LP Field Stream Live - Free Sports Online Streaming - Date & Time: 20 Sep 2020 - Channel 1.
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2020.09.20 12:35 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt.2 – Slammiversary 2006

Team Canada (A-1, Eric Young and Johnny Devine) defeats The Naturals and Shane Douglas in a Pre-show Match
When Douglas returns, he reunites with Chase Stevens, and they go under the wing of Shane Douglas. Their first opponent of this trio is Team Canada. The Naturals and Team Canada have had issues in the past, but they now have third men in their corners. Team Canada gets the win.
Team 3D defeats The James Gang in a Bingo Hall Brawl
Rhino defeats Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Coach D’Amore) in a Handicap Match
Senshi defeats Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Puma, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt in an Ultimate X Match
The participants of the match stay the same, only instead of being a 6-way Elimination Match, it is an Ultimate X Match, meaning the winner gets a shot at Samoa Joe’s X Division Championship. This is the most men to ever participate in an Ultimate X as its hyped. They have a lot of the same spots as the real match, but extra involving the cables and four towers. Senshi then goes on a strike spree with kicks galore. He then swings on the cables with a kick to the midsection to Puma. He flips inside out off the cables and Senshi grabs the X to win the match. He will soon challenge Samoa Joe.
Kevin Nash defeats Chris Sabin
A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels defeats America’s Most Wanted © to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships
Samoa Joe © defeats Scott Steiner to retain the X Division Championship
This match is heavily hyped as the biggest ever match in TNA not for the World title. Joe holds the X Division Championship when he starts feuding with Steiner. The feud isn’t about the title, but Steiner still wants it based off his thought process that its never bad to have an extra title on the accolades list. This is Joe’s chance to see if he belongs in the main event picture, and will be his biggest test to date against Big Poppa Pump. Steiner also believes that the X Division represents everything he hates about TNA and wrestling, and that he will make it relevant.
The opening of the match stays the same, both guys working some pretty stiff stuff. They trade strikes with big lariats and dropkicks. However instead of the ending we got of Steiner kicking out of Joe’s finisher, and then a lot of low blows, and a botched slam, and a REALLY long wait for the pin – Joe simply proves that he is indeed worthy of the main event and is definitely able to hang with the big boys. He hits an STJoe and locks in the Rear Naked Choke, making Freakzilla tap out in seconds. He leaves Steiner in agony as he stands victorious. He then does something he very rarely does, and takes the mic. “I want…the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.”
Monty Brown defeats Christian Cage ©, Alex Shelley, Abyss and Sting in a King of the Mountain Match to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
For the second year running a King of the Mountain Match has been apart of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship picture, but this time it is for the title itself. Champion, Christian Cage, declares that he will defend the title against four of the best TNA have to offer, and the qualifiers begin tonight. Sting is the first man to qualify, defeating A.J. Styles in the main event of Impact!. He stares down Christian to close the show. Abyss then opens the show next week in a match with Hernandez. Abyss wins cleanly and this time with James Mitchell in his corner, he will avenge last years loss. Monty Brown also gets into the match second year running, leaving the last match of the night to be Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings, and you’ll see how that plays out later, but in short: it’s a no contest. This means the go home show will have a Gauntlet for the Gold match for the empty slot, won by Kevin Nash’s best friend Alex Shelley.
Shelley has some skits with Nash on how to be a main eventer early in the show, so he’s prepared for tonight. He impresses in the match, with two big spots. He becomes legal after pinning Abyss in a shock, and then stops Christian from retaining by hitting him with a Automatic Midnight off the side of the ladder! He then climbs up the penalty box and dives off the top into the ring with a Sliced Bread #2 to Christian! Christian pins Sting early to become legal, who then forms an alliance with Abyss while in the penalty box. They then go on a tear together, pinning Christian and Monty Brown, until they both try and climb up the ladder. Abyss then hits a Black Hole Slam off the side of the ladder!
Christian and Monty Brown both fight in the penalty box until they’re released. Meanwhile Alex Shelley sits on the top of the box, waiting for the right moment. Monty takes Shelley off the roof and hits him with The Pounce to become legal. He goes to climb up but Sting pulls him down. Sting clocks him with the bat and he fights with Abyss up top. They’re both then pushed off by Christian and Monty! Christian climbs up but he’s met by Monty. Christian hits him with the belt, and then hits him again. He goes for a third but Brown ducks and he swings too far. The title is snatched out of his hands and is easily pushed off. Monty then hangs the title up and dethrones the champ! He is the new NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and now has his second chance to make it big with the gold.
Ron Killings defeats Jeff Jarrett in an Unsanctioned Match
Jeff Jarrett tries to get involved in the King of the Mountain Match to regain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but in his qualifying match with Ron Killings, the newly face Truth ends it in a no contest when it goes too far. He explains afterwards that he doesn’t care that he lost his shot at the world title, he can regain that when he wants. But he says it is his duty as a man who has been one of the faces of TNA for 4 years to not let this ass hat win the title once again. A gauntlet for the gold is made for that spot their qualifying match was meant to fill, which we already saw. Jarrett is enraged by Truth’s actions and wants revenge. He attacks him backstage and cuts a scathing promo on Killings, and tells him the real “truth”, he always has and always will be in his shadow as the face of TNA the last 4 years.
The match is declared Unsanctioned by Dixie Carter as what they will do to each other cannot be associated with their brand. Truth says in the promo before the match he doesn’t even think that will able to contain them. It’s brutal from the get go as they trade shots with chairs, until a shot to the head busts Killings open. He is bleeding profusely early and they’re barely into it. Jarrett continues to assault him with weapons and target his cut forehead. The gruesome violence gets to the degree Tenay has to tell the audience at home to turn the TV off for the kids. Jarrett is slingshot into the ring post and he’s now bleeding. Ron unloads with his beat down, hitting a Diving Elbow off the timekeepers stand through the announce table. They then have a moment where they’re both on their knees and throwing elbows, until Jarrett and Truth both fall in unison. Truth then gets up and struggles to stand, while the ref demands the bell be rang because Jarrett can’t keep going. Jeff then slaps him and the match is restarted.
More violence ensues with Killings being hit with The Stroke onto thumbtacks near the end. This is kicked out of though. Jarrett then hammers the tacks in with a chair but he keeps fighting, and hits Jeff with The Stroke. 1….2…Jeff kicks out. Jarrett’s old rival Monty Brown, who just won the world title comes out and tells him to stop the match. Jarrett then beats him down with a kendo stick. He turns around into being hit with a Truth Conviction onto the tacks by Killings!! He gets up and hits Monty in the head with the steel chair, and hits a Hang Time on Jarrett for the win. In the most brutal and violent match in TNA history comes to a close, both guys are stretchered out, although Killings holds a triumphant fist in victory.
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2020.09.20 12:23 donny126 [Next Day Discussion Thread] Manchester United 1-3 Crystal Palace - EPL

FT: Manchester United 1-3 Crystal Palace
Link to Match Thread
Link to Post Match Thread
The idea of creating Next-Day Discussion Threads is to offer a platform for those who have seen the match, and inform those who haven't, while also encouraging more in-depth discussion than in the original thread. Serious replies are preferred rather than 'hot takes', and tactical analysis is welcomed.
Goalscorers: Townsend 6’, Zaha (pen) 72’, Van De Beek 81’ Zaha 84’
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Date: 19/09/2020, 17:30 BST
Referee: Martin Atkinson
Manchester United 4-2-3-1 - Ole Gunnar Solskjær
De Gea, Shaw, Maguire(c), Lindelöf, Fosu-Mensah, McTominay, Pogba, James(Greenwood 46’), Fernandes, Rashford, Martial
Subs: Henderson, Bailly, Wan-Bissaka, Fred, Van de Beek, Greenwood, Ighalo
Crystal Palace 4-4-2 - Roy Hodgson
Guaita, Mitchell, Sakho, Kouyaté, Ward, Schlupp, McCarthy, McCarthur, Townsend, Ayew, Zaha(c)
Subs: Hennessey, Kelly, Inniss, Meyer, Eze, Milivojević, Batshuayi
Manchester United Stats Crystal Palace
76% Possession 24%
17 Shots 14
4 Shots on Target 5
9 Corners 3
13 Fouls 9
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Penalties 1
  1. VAR - The Lindelof handball in relation to new Premier League rules - and any perceived inconsistency including with the retake.
  2. Squad building and transfer policy at Manchester United - The Glazers and Ed Woodward. Luke Shaw: We need more players
  3. The tactical success of Crystal Palace given they had 24% possession yet a similar number of chances. Potentially also the failings of United in converting possession in to chances.
  4. The future and potential of Zaha given reported interest in him from other clubs.
Match summary
Wilfried Zaha scored twice as Crystal Palace beat Manchester United 3-1 for back-to-back victories at Old Trafford.
Andros Townsend's close-range finish gave Palace the lead after seven minutes and David De Gea twice denied Jordan Ayew as the away side threatened on the counter.
A penalty for handball by Victor Lindelof, awarded after referee Martin Atkinson had reviewed the incident, was converted at the second attempt.
Ayew's spot-kick was saved, but the VAR adjudged De Gea had come off his line too early and the retaken penalty was converted by Zaha on 74 minutes.
Substitute Donny van de Beek poked in six minutes later on his debut to reduce the deficit.
But Zaha's low finish sealed the three points with five minutes remaining to continue Palace's winning start to the season.
Please aim to keep all discussion serious, automod may remove parent comments that do not follow this
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2020.09.20 12:10 ihavelotsofpie My first break up in a very long time

Today my fiance, who I have been with for over 10 years, broke up with me. It's still so raw, I've been crying on and off all day, and I'm hoping that typing this out will help.
My partner is a girl I have known for most of my life. Her father was my childhood soccer coach, and her brother was in the team. I knew the whole family from the age of 6, I'd see them all multiple times every week until I was about 16, I don't remember a time they weren't around.
I never really had anything to do with her when I was younger, she was the younger sister who always hung around, but I didn't really know her. It wasn't until I was about 19 that I really started talking with her. I started talking to her when I was with another girl, never crossed any lines but I always felt she was there to talk, which was nice. We lost touch for a couple of years, but started talking again when I was 22 and single. There was one night that we talked for literally the entire night, which I'd never done with anyone before, and never have since. We met up the next day and immediately hit it off. We started seeing each other unofficially from that point on, but at the time I had already organised a working holiday to Canada and had no idea when I would be back. I was reluctant to officially start dating her because I didn't want to leave with a girlfriend. But after a few months, I'd already fallen in love with her and couldn't imagine breaking up. So we did the long-distance thing, and she eventually came over to Canada to visit me, and stayed until we both came home together.
Our relationship never really started off on the right foot, she had problems at home and moved in with my family after we'd been seeing each other for only a couple of months. Then I left, and we didn't see each other for 4 months, and even when she came over to Canada, we never really had alone time because we lived in shared accommodation. We never really had the honeymoon phase, and never got into normal habits, which caused problems our entire relationship.
Sex was always a really important thing for her, but it never has been for me (partially because I'm just not that interested, and partially because of childhood trauma). We never had enough sex for her, and there were times where we would be intimate only a couple of times a year. This was an ongoing concern throughout the relationship, but wasn't something we ever really started dealing with except in the last few years. Communication was always a problem, and we would often get into big fights but never really deal with the underlying problems.
Most of the problems we had in our relationship were my fault. I didn't know how to deal with our problems, so I ignored them and hoped they would just get better on their own. She has been so patient with me for so long, but eventually she'd just had enough. She no longer feels the way that she did before. I have really started to make some changes over the last month, but it was too little, too late.
I wish I could hate her for this, but I can't because I know I'm to blame. It's taken her weeks to build up to this, because she was so afraid of hurting me. I feel like a piece of shit for putting her through all of this, and I wish there was something I could do to change her mind, but I know there isn't. I love this woman like I've never loved anyone, and she's the only one that I've ever felt comfortable enough to be my true self.
Everything I look at, everything I do, reminds me of her. I went to make a cup of tea this afternoon, and found myself making it the way she likes it (about half a cup of water, tea bag dunked for about 5 seconds, the rest filled with milk - she's a bit of a savage). Every TV show I watch reminds me of her because we watched so much together. She's a very creative person, and every painting I look at reminds me of the paintings she did. I can't get away from her.
Every image of the future I have, has her in it. I don't know how to live without her. Whenever I'd have a bad day, all I needed to do was sit next to her and I'd feel better, she didn't even need to say anything. And now I'm going through one of the hardest things I've ever dealt with, and I can't go to her. I don't know what to do.
Sorry for the long rant, not expecting anyone to read the whole thing. I just needed to get it out.
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2020.09.20 10:42 iiashandskies Danganronpa: In Hope We Trust Character List

Hello everyone! So today I'd like to show off my character list for my own fangame I had in mind for myself. Would I like to make this a reality? Maybe. I don't know, maybe someone will look at this and go 'wow I'd love to see that in action!' idk anyway, enjoy! I have motives, survivors, mastermind, blackened, and victims for each chapter already, but those are up for interpretation. Thanks!

Sixteen students are invited to the Ultimate Academy For Young Prodigies located in Japan, a prestigious school where only the best of the best, or ‘Ultimates’, are scouted out from around the world and invited for a three-year boarding school experience to be vigorously coached in the personal training of their ‘Ultimate’ talents and common high school education. Only to find out, to their arrival, that they were chosen to go head to head in a killing game set up by a mysterious mastermind that the sixteen teens must discover that is behind this.
(Academy Headmaster) Polly:
An A.I. parrot that is the assumed mastermind that runs the Ultimate Academy for Young Prodigies. He is, at first, a jolly and happy-go-lucky program that is happy everyone is a ‘willing’ participant in the killing game he has created. But the students soon learn that he becomes much more pushy and violent when the students show their obvious distaste and despair for a game that expects kids to kill each other, not hesitating to aggressively bribe them throughout the game to comply and participate, even a little.
(Ultimate Witch) Tyler Sallow:
A bright-minded and optimistic character that is very aware of her surroundings. She is always up to trying new things and is very curious about the world. She is loyal to her allies but is quick to drop people who don’t return the same or most similar values. She also loves teaching people about her religion and invites them often to research with her.
(Ultimate Babysitter) Zachary Snowden-Moore:
A strong-minded individual with a quick sense of humor. He is someone who wants to get along with everyone and possesses strong morals about what he wants in his life. He cares deeply about his friends and family and dreams about having a family and children of his own in the future. He is also very open about his sexuality and flaunts himself frequently, which he finds no problem with and will continue to do so even if people are visibly uncomfortable.
(Ultimate Professional Wrestler) Jasper Fernsby:
A hard-headed girl who knows what she likes and dislikes. She is known to be aggressive and vulgar, which makes people want to avoid her at first and not interact with her. However, she really strives to be friends with at least one person and prefers a small social circle. She also has goals to be the number one in every wrestling division she can be entered into and to protect everyone and escape the killing game alive.
(Ultimate Football Coach) Bram Keene (key-n):
A momma’s boy who adores authoritarian female figures. He considers himself manly and easily falls in love. He is a self-proclaimed romantic who can ‘swoon anyone’. In reality, he is quite the cliche uneducated athlete, but is very passionate about what he does and loves to talk about his favorite teams and makes his own football plays and methods.
(Ultimate Feminist) Elodie (eh-low-dee) Langdon:
A women’s rights activist who has a distaste for hateful men who even seem to be the slightest bit anti-women. She’s a pro-choice, anti-war, (secretly) anti-men woman who stands for what she believes in, even if alone. She’s usually a loner who has a short temper and talks about her girlfriend back home a lot, to a point of sometimes being the only thing she talks about. She also hates her last name.
(Ultimate Engineer) Rusty Marleigh (mar-lay):
A sweetheart who just wants the best for everyone. He’s also very emotional and doesn’t possess much of a verbal filter. His obsession with trains and the multitude of how many there are, he often finds himself rambling about them. He’s gullible and naive, but he has the best in mind for people he deeply cares about.
(Ultimate Bounty Hunter) Maren (mah-ren) Harlow:
A girl who isn’t proud of her past or how she became an Ultimate, she keeps it a secret at first. She’s a generally quiet girl who doesn’t really like having anyone close to her emotionally or physically. She proves herself to be quite strong throughout the killing game and doesn’t like to depend on people or have people depend on her.
(Ultimate Astrophysicist) Kyren (kai-ren) Modoc (mow-dock):
A confident, and at times cowardly, a character that is obsessed with what he does and learning new things about the ‘otherworldly’ objects he collects. He’s also insistent with bringing other people to study with him so he can teach them about the things he discovers. He’s very charismatic and likes to be the ‘leader’ among his friends, despite not having very many leadership skills.
(Ultimate Paramedic) Galena (gah-leh-nah) Ramadani:
A shy, reserved girl who doesn’t pick up on social queues. She doesn’t really like interacting with others and is only most helpful when someone is hurt. She’s very organized and a germaphobe usually found taking extra precaution with sanitizing and cleaning every room she goes into, afraid of getting sick, which is ironic with her talent.
(Ultimate Judge) Atlas Bartley:
He is a very serious and law-abiding person, not one to mess around with the rules and bend them to his will, having an extreme distaste for people who even think about trying. He doesn’t have many hobbies outside of what he feels or is told to do. He is very interested in reading about previous cases that his higher-ups have judged on, but doesn’t consider it anything other than ‘studying’.
(Ultimate Influencer) Saffron Xanders:
An average internet-addicted teenage girl, she is very competitive and is up to date on all the new trends. She is quick to judge and is very picky about what she eats, who she’s seen with, and what she wears. She sticks to a strict schedule and expects everything to be handed to her. However, she seems to have an obsessive interest in blood and the occult, which leads her to not having many friends.
(Ultimate Con Artist) Slade Novak:
A compulsive liar and kleptomaniac, he’s very sneaky and a sweet talker. He knows how to manipulate people to his will and says often that he can ‘convince anyone of anything, even that a piece of trash is worth a million dollars’. But, when people try to get close to him, they can easily realize he is heavily flawed and extremely insecure.
(Ultimate Cowgirl) Kaia (kh-eye-ah) Yearwood:
A country girl from the south, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and loves animals. She’s not very organized and is very spontaneous. She wears a cowboy hat most of the time to cover her unkempt hair and hates taking it off around people. She doesn’t like the city and doesn’t get most trends or the point of having nice things if it doesn’t concern her work.
(Ultimate Truck Driver) Otis Taymor:
A pervert who can’t keep his mind out of the gutter and his hand out of his pants. He’s vulgar and can’t read the room most of the time. He takes advantage of being short to upskirt girls. He tells everyone that he has many friends and many women chasing after him, which is an obvious lie as every woman he ever meets except for his mother avoids him as much as possible.
(Ultimate Trapeze) Yazmin Yatchley:
An upbeat, athletic girl who’s always up for a show. She enjoys when people join her for stretches, and likes to teach people the ‘ways of trapeze’, even going as far as forcing people she likes to join her and watch her. Despite being athletic she frequently goes off her diet, obsessed with eating and rewarding herself with cupcakes whenever she can.
(Ultimate (???)) Meyer Rafus:
A calm, uninterested character who finds the whole killing game a joke. He barely wants to participate and feels that the entire thing is a prank being played on them for TV. He doesn’t interact much with others and laughs at the others who take it seriously.
As you can see, some of the character's personalities are shorter than the others, but that's due to the fact that I had to delete spoilers from their description that is important to the plot. Thanks so much for reading!
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2020.09.20 10:41 anonymous183737 I’m just annoyed with male friends only wanting a relationship

Imma just start by saying I don’t know why the fuck this happens, i’m below average looking, very annoying and a pretty bad person to be close to honestly (I try my best but i’m really bad with emotions). I want female friends, but they don’t want me so I’ve only had male friends the past couple years mostly because i’m on a pretty much all-male debate and golf team. So, two years ago I had person A we were pretty close friends, even though he always told me he didnt want to be friends with me, then he asked me to homecoming the next year and ignored me for awhile when I said no. Then there is J and D, they were best friends and i was friends with them but then D told J I liked him (D) and when i said i didn’t neither of them talked to me and later I found out they both liked me. Person R, I really wanted to be friends with but he kept asking me to hookup or asking if i liked him and eventually asked me out for about four hours saying it was the same as being friends and i eventually said yes (even though I never planned on dating in hs, did not like him and didn’t even know if i was straight) , but he was really abusive and I still tried to hang out and be friends when we broke up but that was not what he wanted to do. Person K i wanted to be friends with cause we’re kind of debate rivals but he keeps calling me babe and it’s really uncomfortable. Finally, the last straw that made me put this together, my best friend F, we’ve been pretty close and we kinda talked a year ago but I shut it down and we stayed friends somehow, today he offered to pay me for sex and when i asked a someone what to do he showed me screenshots of F saying he was going to fuck ‘some girl’ when he (and other people) stayed the night at my house. Now my only friends are my debate coach and a dude who is in a pretty intense relationship and doesn’t really talk to anyone but his gf. I just want some actual friends but guys only want guy friends so me and my debate coach b chillin. I don’t think any of these people would actually call me their friend except maybe the one with the gf and I just found this kinda upsetting. I can’t actually hang out with anyone outside of school so I guess i’m just alone, I don’t know who else in my school I could try to befriend.
tl;dr: KAM i guess I don’t have any friends because guys only see me as a potential relationship and i’m just now realizing i’m alone
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2020.09.20 10:09 SkUchiha My Cute love story

I wanted to share my cute little story hope you guys enjoy it.
I was in 11th std going to a coaching for college admission exams. N I recently broke up with someone. So I wasn't looking for any relationship. But it was our first session n I was in a big hall sitting with my friends and in all the crowd I saw one girl who was kinda late n I remember that feeling when I saw her. It was just amazing but didn't realize it back then how I just fell in love with her at first site. Then we had our classes daily I used to see her. Just watching her smile made me really happy. I used to see her as she went home n then only I would leave. I used to keep track of the dress she wears, every time she asked doubt or gave answer in class. Then a year n half passed by and we were in ending of 12th and one day I wanted some documents. So I posted if someone had them tell me. Then two people replied I have them which ones do you want?... N one of the two was her, n that's how our first conversation started.
So we used to talk like once or twice a month. It made me happy every I talked with her. I realised that she's not only pretty but smart and cool. And the best thing was our personalities matched(I found out later that we both are INFJ). N then I got into college and she decided to take a drop so she can appear again for the exams. So she was many times studying n we used to chat same like 2 or 3 time a month. Then after almost one year of chatting we talked on call for the first time. It was very amazing experience. And these every little things made me so happy just getting to chat with her or listening her voice on call. I planned of confessing once her exams are over in may.
Then again some months passed by and lockdown started because of Covid and I was totally free just passing time at my home. I missed her more. We started chatting more in lockdown. And one day I don't know how but I had a sudden urge n confessed to her without any thinking. It was at around 11 pm at night and I knew that she usually sleeps late at night. So I waited and waited all night . I was so nervous coz I confessed at a bad time. She was totally studying and ger exams are getting closer and I just did confessed her. I couldn't sleep at night it was 3.30am still no reply. Than I forcefully slept. Then again I woke up at 7 am and still no reply. I just waited and waited and then at 9.30am I texted her why aren't you replying? She texted wait idiot I'm still thinking. Then we talked for some time and oh my god I will never forget that feeling in my heart when she said I love you too. I can't express how I felt. Was literally high for next 15 days. Last three years this was the moment I always dreamed and it finally came true. It felt like I am in heaven. I was never so much happy.
And this month 5 months of relationship are completed. And we are in so much love I can't even measure. Because of this corona and her exams postponed coz of it we haven't met yet. But I got to know one thing that as much as I love her she love me even more. I can't wait for our first date.
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2020.09.20 10:03 lucientvalkyrie42 AITB for calling my little brother's girlfriend a predator?

TL;DR Called my younger brother's older (by 5 years) girlfriend a toxic predatory freak, he disagrees.
My(23F) youngest brother(18M) has been dating his girlfriend(23F) for over 2 years. Me, my mom, and my other brother(21M) do not like her, to say the least. The incident that sparked this post was me telling him in no uncertain terms that I think her behavior is toxic and predatory. He is very defensive of her and upset that we all don't like her. For context their relationship was always in line with our state's age-of-consent laws.
I can't really give both sides of the story as I really don't know her, she doesn't interact with our family at all. My brother is very involved with her family though. He's great but is a pretty stereotypical 18 year old whose main personality traits are liking fortnite and the office. He is head-over-heels for her and says he's planning on marrying her. He has chosen to go to school close to home to be near her when his grades and scores could put him in an ivy league school. He's also chosen not to play college football though the coach at his college has given him an open invitation.
There's so many icky aspects to their relationship in my opinion, but maybe I'm not seeing it clearly because she grosses me out. To start she has always given him lots of gifts. Early on in the relationship she bought him a very nice gaming chair. She would randomly buy him jumbo bags of gummy bears and things like that or show up to the gym with lunch for him and all of his friends. She will not interact with me or any of our family. If we ever are in the same place with them she literally doesn't speak to us and will whisper in his ear the whole time. He sees her every day, they text constantly (an insane amount of texting--he freaks out if his phone dies) and facetime every evening even if they just saw each other (this is a source of much speculation to the rest of us who've never heard her speak two words). He says he doesn't drink but then shows up on mutual friend's snap stories partying with her. He missed both proms and homecomings because our highschool doesn't allow older dates to attend (he was homecoming king).
Recently me and my other younger brother went to the beach to visit our older brother; we invited him and said he was welcome to bring her as we were renting an apartment with 3 bedrooms. He refused and said he wanted to go on a private vacation, just the two of them. Then the day we got back the two of them left on vacation to the same destination we had just been but they went with her friend and her friend's boyfriend (one of my other brother's closest friends) and they all shared a single room. This isn't the worst thing but it's odd to lie about it?
This has been a rant but I just think the whole thing is so weird. He thinks I'm a nitpicky bitch who would find fault with whoever he dates. Me expressing my opinion has really strained our relationship. I stand by my it though.
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2020.09.20 10:01 brain_overclocked Sports Affiliated Voting Initiatives: NFL

Sports Affiliated Voting Initiatives Table: NFL

NFL Votes: NFL Votes is a league-wide initiative that is intended to include, support, and encourage the voting and civic engagement efforts of NFL fans, players, club and league personnel, and NFL Legends from now to Election Day. This initiative provides a platform for the NFL family and focuses on three key components of the electoral process: voter education, voter registration, and voter activation.
RISE to Vote: RISE to Vote is a nonpartisan initiative of RISE that partners with sports teams, leagues and athletes to improve civic engagement in our country.
Early Voters: for some states only certain precincts can vote at the stadiums, make sure you check ahead of time.
Know How To Vote, and Check Your Deadlines
Team City State Location Events Other
Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City MO N/A N/A Attempting to make Arrowhead Stadium a polling location. Patrick Mahomes is spearheading More Than A Vote.
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville FL N/A N/A Get In The Game
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa FL N/A N/A Bucs Vote
Tennessee Titans Nashville TN N/A N/A Partnered with "I am a voter"
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2020.09.20 09:41 Catarona12 The best soulmate consultant in the world.

Do you feel heartbroken and lonely? Have you given up on love and relationships, or you simply don’t know how to find love? Are you tired of using dating apps and would you like a real human to connect you with a lover?
Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. My name is Catherine Njeri and I’m a relationship coach and soulmate consultant.
I am here to help you navigate your desired life, and to give you guidance in your search for a great partner, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, because loving and being loved is human nature.
Having a lover can be very beneficial for you, show you a new path of possibilities and help you to bring excitement and happiness in your life.
If this is what you’re looking for, please contact me directly via WhatsApp: +385919843566, or visit our website:
I have helped numerous people find their soulmates. Why not you?
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2020.09.20 08:28 Jamezkirk I remember (my life story) (long and sad with a good ending)

I remember being beaten and watching my mom get beat to a bloody pulp. My stepdad was a giant man with an explosive temper. I remember going to school with broken ribs and being too embarrassed to talk about it. They healed. Ive healed quickly as far back as I can remember. I picture kneeling in the corner on uncooked rice for hours moving resulted in getting hit. I gave up i could take the pain but not the anticipation of it all. My mom would bring home men every night. She would call them friends and tell me I knew them. I didn't know them. I would sometimes have to go outside for hours. I remember thinking how she is cool to have so many friends. No one at school liked me. I was the retarded boy. I remember crying until I couldn't make tears. I didn't want to go to school. It wasn't the kids that would beat me up it, it was knowing how different I felt. Knowing that they were all better than me. I cant look at thier eyes i cant say what I feel. Im not good enough. They knew about my mom and step-dad. I remember when they found out that ugly retarded kid had a broken wrist. And why. They made me feel sorry for myself. I remember taking a pair of scissors and putting it through my thigh. I dont know what I expected i just wanted to hurt myself to know that I did it i controlled my pain. It stuck so deep and I was ashamed of myself i just wanted to feel anything I just wanted be in control of my pain. I remember the times I was choked to sleep. I remember it being a challenge I would say I can take this you cant make me. I wanted to win over them just once but everytime I woke up later trying to remember what happened. I couldn't cry anymore. I couldn't feel happy. My smile was fake. Id look at myself and just want to disappear. I remember the branch and how the log didn't hurt but the vines stung and left me itchy. I remember the next day at school, where I got held down and beat up on the playground and the the teachers blamed the kids for the lashes. I didn't correct them. I didn't talk. They could beat me with their fists but they couldn't beat me into talking. Everyday I would challenge them with my looks knowing full well it wasn't going to change anything. I remember my mothers face in handcuffs when my Nana held me. She had rescued me. She was my best friend. She made me feel loved for the first time. I remember learning to make her coffee. And toast for breakfast. Cinnamon sugar toast was her favorite. She had a pillow she rested her arm on while watching TV in her bed. She would put me on her"picky pillow" and scratch my head, I remember the first time she did this i cried for hours and she just kept scratching me and telling me I was important and loved even if it was just by her. I remember running to the gas station with notes to get her cigarettes. I remember how much change I would bring home. 3.21$ she would say the same thing. I told you to buy you something. I would always say. But if we save this your halfway to another pack. That year I grew to 6 feet tall i put on so much muscle and wanted to play football more than anything i wasnt good at school icouldnt remeber most things i was taught. I couldn't speak right in front of people. I remember memorizing every play I studied my playbook every hour. I didnt get to play at first the other kids said I was special needs and they didn't want to be on my team. But I earned my spot i knew every play and could remember every different snap count. In our league you played each team twice. I remember their snap counts. I know how good it felt knowing when the ball left the line I could time it. I just knew what they were gonna do. I played my heart out. Coach started to like me. I got beat up by the team. But coach liked me. I started i played quarterback. They hit me hard in practice and I never complained. I could take it. Until my shoulder , it separated from the socket. I remember not feeling it. And how their faces looked. I remember my Nana crying for me. Alot. I remember asking to play and go to practice. I had a few friends at this point in my life. They were like me. And eventually my friends friends liked me. I was popular. I started talking to girls. I practiced everyday on how to speak to people. How to smile when they talk. How to listen without already thinking of what to say. How to match what they are doing with their bodies. Were their legs crossed. Were they nodding and smiling. I practiced everyday. I found a girl that liked me. I told her everything. She took care of me. She made me feel special and not like a freak. My nana had talked to her one time and I didn't find out for years but I learned my mother gave birth to me on strong drugs and did them during the pregnancy. Something this girl let me know when she told me when we had an argument. We dated a long time. During this time my nana died. I had no more family. She would use this to make me dependent on her. And I was she gave me what I missed my whole life acceptance. She manipulated me. But I couldn't leave her or no one would care about me. I remember feeling crushed when she found a normal guy to be with. And she did so a few times. I didn't know what to do. No one would ever give me what she would she accepted me. Until I met her a girl who could read my mind. She was so much younger. She knew that everything i did was fake. The smiling. The jokes. She would look at my hands and knew if I hurt myself. She paid attention. She looked at me and knew what I wanted or needed. We worked together and it was like I had a twin reading my every thought and move. I didn't feel like a freak. She made me feel strong. She made me feel accepted. She was my best friend. I could listen to her talk for hours and hang on every word. She would tell me the same stories multiple times. But I would never tell her she forgot she told me. Just cause I wanted her to talk for forever. I didn't want to tell her anything about me. I didn't want her to think less of me. I wanted her to know me as a strong quiet person who only speaks to make someone else laugh. Or make someone else feel happy. Or compliment someone who looks like they need it. I wanted her to see me as someone who is this person that is not me. I dont know if i can ever show her this. i remember wanting to tell her multiple times. Should I?
Tldr I had to tell someone my life story so far. And I want to be remembered. I have autism,adhd,fetal alcohol disorder and my life has been pretty hard.
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2020.09.20 08:23 itsthrowawaytimenow My extremely loving boyfriend demanded that he will break up with me if we donot marry within a month

My (22f) boyfriend (30m) of 1.5 years is extremely loving. His love is close to idealization. We became close friends quickly after we met. He was extremely antisocial, but once he opened up, he turned out to be a very principled, honest, idealistic person. He is a perfectionist, has a high sense of morality, practically never lies, and doesn't hesitate to express his views. However, he fell in love with me first, in a VERY intense way. I told him that I am not ready for a relationship as I was brought up in a very conservative community with little to no male exposure, and I was going through an identity crisis, basically I have no idea what to seek in a partner so I am not ready for a relationship. But he persisted. He continued to shower me with a LOT of love. He had sex with me (he was someone who held that sex is something that is precious to him) before we were in a committed relationship. He simply was this love struck person. Since he was my closest friend and was madly in love and I liked him very much, I told him that I will date him even if I am not 'madly in love' like him.
That is when this strange romance started.
He would message me good morning every day. He took a my photo of me everyday. He asked me to always, always, hold him in public and if we were travelling by cab he would place his leg on mine. If we were travelling by bike i had to hold him from behind and put my hand in his shirt. He called us soulmates. We spent nearly the entire day together as I donot have any other friends. He claimed that he doesn't believe in the concept of dating or girlfriend and he saw me as his wife. He believed that women are the judges who judge a man's character and then 'submit' to men, sexually. That a woman looks up to a man and a man posseses her. (But he hated red pill, so no, not a redpiller)
Whenever we had arguments, he would keep his calm and look at it objectively and would readily admit to his mistakes if any, and would try his best to understand my pov. He never lied. He told me that I was his oxygen cylinder. If he were a magician I was the parrot who held the key to his life. At this point of time, I was aiming to do a course that would build my career that requires me to clear an entrance. I found an institute that provided training for this entrance. After spending the entire day with him while travelling and working, he would still travel all the way to receive me back from the coaching institute. He gave me chocolates and roses frequently. None of his affection seemed like a pretense. It seemed like he was genuinely obsessed with me.
So what went wrong?
He was hypersensistive to implications of abandonment and distance. One example that I can think of was that I once showed him a video in which the artists professed her love for her crush in a playful way. I reminded him that she reminds me of a younger version of myself and my first crush when I was a lot more emotionally open. He got 'traumatized' by what I said and would shudder to listen to any song featuring the male lead in that song(!?) He also, refused to let me use the word love for anything and that the word was reserved only for him. So I cannot say, i love roses, that will upset him.
Though he never stopped me from interacting with other women, he claimed that he would feel jelous when I did. He was jelous of my mom, and he claimed that I should never hug her or let her see me naked. He cannot stay away from me for too long, he would say, or share me with others.
6 months after we started dating he insisted that we should move in. But I come from a community where living together is sinful and as I was living with my family, it would lead me to become isolated and ostracized. I instead suggested that we should wait till I attempt the entrance that I was planning to attempt and get married, around a year later to avoid drama. He said that the thought of not being married to him was too painful and I was valuing everyone else other than him. That I was indecisive. That he handled me at my worst initially, when I was unsure about getting involved with him and claimed that I need to get to know what I truly need in a partner, and kept refusing him, while also being kind of involved with him, so he needs this. He said that if I tell you to move in with me now, you should, that is how my love works. I need that level of surrender from you and since you aren't giving it to me I should break up with you. I kept begging him not to break up because I thought it was the right thing to do.
He met my mom, and he took an instant liking for her after the very first meet and that if he were born in another time would have dated her. My mom is very much like me, so I took it as a compliment to my mom. My mom approved of me marrying him after a year and said that if the people of our community (he didn't belong to ours) would call me names for choosing to marry outside our clan, she would stand up to them.
Things got wierder.
It started when he watched me interact with men after my coaching class. He would start saying that I wasn't allowed to walk with or talk to men after coaching classes. When I resisted, he started howling and crying and having panic attacks. I found him wierd, like you need to admitted in a psych ward kind of wierd. In the end it lead us to nearly breaking up, but when it happened I felt relief, not pain. I suddenly felt as if I was released from a cage. He started begging me back. I told him that I need a break, as I was feeling relief after the break up so I doubt my feelings for him. That I need space as I am not sure that I love him. He apologized in advance and slapped me mildly, for implying that I did not love him and said we were soulmates who should always fight to keep the relationship. And took me to his house and had sex with me. I was confused but continued to raise my concerns. He did not apologize (he claimed he did, but it probably did not feel like one to me) and gifted me a teddy bear and chocolate and said that people in love must keep their arguments behind to preserve the relationship. But the incident never left my mind...because it was so odd.
Later on our argument on the topic of marriage started escalating. He wanted me to elope with him (leaving my mom amd family behind). When i refused leading to a near break up, he tried to convince my mom for our marriage. He built furniture, bed, dressing and study table in his house for me (i did not ask him to) and showed it to me on my birthday. He celebrated my birthday in a really thoughtful and grand manner with me, my mom, and his family.
There was another wierd incident on the birthday. I told him I wasn't comfortable holding him intimately before our families, yet he proceeded to place my hand on his chest before them and took our pic together. He also once got upset when I moved away from my mom to say I Love you to him over the phone, because why don't you say I love you before your mom? Are you ashamed/guilty? No I am merely uncomfortable showing intimacy before others...but he did not take it well.
Finally the argument about marriage came to a head. When I put my foot down and said that I would be seriously compromising my career plans if i marry him this soon and he can wait for a few months since our families are alright with us getting married, he proceeded to act CRAZY. He made me the villain before his family (his family took his side which feels sad to me) he started self harming, banging his head against doors, and overdosing. I am not proud of it, but I stayed in his house trying my best to salvage the situation. He wanted me to marry him immediately. After he calmed down I tried to ask for a bit more time he kicked me out of his house.
I proceeded to break up with him.
Now he is going to a psychiartrist. He is shocked that I broke up with him and he claims that he still deeply loves me. He is now accepting that the way he treated me was wrong. I have the option of taking couples counseling with him
He never emotionally abused me or put me down but always showered me with love. So I have no idea how to judge him. During our early days of courtship I was going through a hard time because my dad passed away and I was in the middle of an identity crisis and was openly unsure about dating him. He handled me and showered me with unabated love at that point of time. His obsession/love for me seems very intense and genuine, and not like a pretense or design. (If it were, he would have a better outcome by waiting than rushing) He unabashedly loved me since one and a half year. He also had a 6year failed LTR before me. He used to constantly talk about his ex, (but he never spoke ill of her and seemed to respect her) he is good friends with her, but was also similarly intense/obsessed (his ex once asked him to love her less) What is this loving man? How do I judge him? Is he a good person who deserves a second chance or should I break all contact and run?
Edit: i missed to add another red flag, he did dictate the kind of clothes i should wear and hair when I was involved with him.
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