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Who is Hugh Jackman dating? Hugh Jackman is currently married to Deborra-Lee Furness. The couple started dating in 1995 and have been together for around 25 years, 5 months, and 6 days. The Australian Movie Actor was born in Sydney, Australia on October 12, 1968. Australian actor best known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men film series. Within two weeks of dating, Hugh knew that he and Deborra were destined to spend the rest of their lives together — Deb, on the other hand, needed a bit more convincing. In fact, she even tried to call things off before Hugh’s big heart got the best of her. “She kind of [broke up with me], a little bit. Early on, three weeks in. Hugh Jackman is a member of the following lists: Emmy Award winners, Best Musical or Comedy Actor Golden Globe (film) winners and Grammy Award winners.. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Hugh Jackman! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. On 12-10-1968 Hugh Jackman (nickname: Michael) was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He made his 100 million dollar fortune with Wolverine, X-Men (Logan) & Australia. The actor is married to Deborra-Lee Furness, his starsign is Libra and he is now 51 years of age. Hugh Jackman has 2 children. When did Hugh Jackman start dating Deborra-Lee Furness? Hugh started seeing Deborra-Lee Furness in 1995. Is Hugh Jackman having any relationship affair? According to our records, no. Was Hugh Jackman ever been engaged? Hugh Jackman has not been previously engaged. How rich is Hugh Jackman? For 24 years, Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness have been proving that no amount of money or fame can come between true love. But when people all over the world were getting a little too cozy at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hugh opened up about how quarantine life totally changed the dynamic of his marriage. Hugh Jackman originally met his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, on the set of Correlli, an Australian drama show with her as the lead.It was one of Jackman's first roles, and within two weeks of ... Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson famously starred together in 2017 movie, The Greatest Showman. And the actors were seen passionately kissing one another as they reunited in Miami on Sunday to ... Hugh Jackman, 50, will be celebrating his 23rd wedding anniversary with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 63, on April 11 and says the secret to their long lasting relationship is honesty. Hugh Jackman Reveals Deborra-Lee Furness Tried to Break Up with Him 'Three Weeks' Into Dating this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

Shutdown post from 9/15/2020: The 11th Amendment, a history of Marine Training, and the treatment of Aboriginals in Australia.

2020.09.16 23:23 BikerJedi Shutdown post from 9/15/2020: The 11th Amendment, a history of Marine Training, and the treatment of Aboriginals in Australia.

Once again, misrepresentedentity has stepped up. Looks like we are picking on the Aussies tonight.
11th Amendment
Our person of color today is Frederick C. Branch.
A history of Marine Training in South Carolina for WWII.
The remainder of this post will be mostly specific to Australia for the colony down under.
Australian Aboriginals of WWI, WWII and currently serving at the date of the documentary.
Adoption of Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders and cultural loss. The forgotten generation.
Documentary The Stolen Generations
Australian House of Parliament Apology to the Stolen Generations
Australian Sorry Day. A national holiday in rememberence of the stolen generations and the misguided though well intentioned adoptions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.
A short part of an interview with Hugh Jackman on living with Aborigonal people.
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2020.09.03 02:04 SlowRyder DD: 10 Reasons that $CRSA Is the Most Underrated/Undervalued Upcoming SPAC Merger

DD: 10 Reasons that $CRSA Is the Most Underrated/Undervalued Upcoming SPAC Merger
I've obsessively been doing DD on F45 (merging into CRSA; warrants: CRSAW) since early July. I've spent at least 50-100 hours picking it apart from every angle, and I've been dollar cost averaging into the shares and warrants for several weeks. I have personally concluded that this is the most underrated/undervalued SPAC merger because people have been temporarily tricked by Covid / the market to not actually look into it. I've never done a post like this before, but I decided that since I've done the DD and no one else seemed to be, I guess I'm the one to distill it for people to consider the sizable opportunity.
The company is a cash cow that is rapidly growing an imposing global brand with an innovative and scalable model of high intensity interval training studios that use a patented software system to deliver a new daily HIIT workout to every global location via digital monitors on the studio walls. I think that the vast majority of investors have skipped past looking below the surface based on the reasonable assumption that "gym + covid = bad". I encourage you to take a few minutes to look below the surface here and make sure you're not missing a significant opportunity. I believe it is.
The amount of info I could type out is more extensive than most would care to read, so I figured I'd break the key points down into a list of my favorite things about F45 as an investment opportunity. Additionally, I highly encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes reading the investor presentation hosted on Crescent Acquisition's website here.pdf). They did an excellent job of presenting the product, business model, financials, etc.
I've accumulated a lot more information than I could lay out here, so feel free to ask any questions and I'll get to all of them as soon as possible. Here are ten of the reasons that I believe CRSA is the most underrated/undervalued SPAC with an upcoming merger:

1. It’s growing 40-50%+ per year.

The charts below show F45's revenue and EBITDA growth over the past few years, as well as projections for this year and next (see point #2 as a caveat to the projections, because their franchise sales numbers this year have actually proven significantly better than forecast here, which should also have a positive effect on revenue).
As a franchise company, F45 makes most of their money from selling franchises and collecting monthly franchise fees. New franchises pay an establishment fee of up to $50k and purchase $120k in proprietary equipment from F45. Once opened, the franchises pay a $2500/month franchise fee.
(Note that the difference between "Franchises Sold" and "Total Studios Open" on the chart below seems to primarily be a matter of the lag between a franchise agreement being signed and the franchise actually opening for business, rather than failed franchises which is what I thought initially.)
The slide below is interesting as well. This isn't from the investor presentation, but rather a March '19 franchise sales presentation.
The item that intrigues me the most is that F45 surpassed Crossfit as the largest gym network in Australia within just four years of launching their first location...this is explosive growth, and the United States has now overtaken Australia as their largest and fastest growing market. Their product is clearly resonating with people, even if you've never heard of it yourself (as I hadn't).

2. Covid has not been nearly the significant setback that was feared.

As mentioned in the first point, the 2020 projections above have actually proven to be significantly conservative, which should increase 2021's projections as well.
As you can see in the chart in the first point, F45 was projecting new franchise sales this year of 174 due to Covid. In their August 6, 2020 8K filing, they provided a significant update to this, but they haven't updated the projections slide to reflect the latest bullish information.
Their 8/6 update stated that they sold 244 franchises so far in 2020 through July, including 124 in June/July alone. If you extrapolate out the monthly new franchise sales below, you can infer that they'll likely end up selling over 400 franchises this year, assuming the recent sales success continues.
The 8/6 update further stated that 50 new studios opened from June through early August, and that 78% of the pre-covid franchise network was re-opened as of August 3, 2020 and that the median revenue per studios opened for seven weeks was back to 88% of pre-covid levels. Keep in mind that F45 makes their money from franchise fees, so the main factor is that studios are open and hopefully paying the full fee.
Lastly on this point, CRSA is valuing F45 at less than half of their expected pre-covid IPO price. Robert Beyer, executive chairman of CRSA and founder of Crescent Capital Group ($28bn in AUM) had this to say on the conference call: "F45 has a steep growth trajectory, proven over seven years of opening more than 1,200 and selling nearly 2,000 franchises in more than 50 countries. The company has been profitable since inception, with extremely high cash flow margins, not only for the company but for its franchisees....This is simply one of the most exciting public market stories we’ve heard, with a valuation that is 30% to 50% below its peers and less than half the expected price of its previously planned IPO, which was interrupted by the worldwide lockdown only a few short months ago."

3. The business is successfully scaling globally (very quickly).

One of the most intriguing things to me about F45's growth and the investment opportunity is that F45 is proving that their model is scalable around the globe, something that most other fitness franchises have not achieved.
The company's franchise sales team has grown from 6 to 34 members since 2019, with 18 in the Americas, three in Europe, three in the Middle East & Africa, and five in Asia, as well as five who cater to college, corporate, and military (F45s are rapidly popping up in college rec centers and soon on military bases).
The chart below shows open and soon-to-open locations around the world. It's hard to tell on this map, but I believe it's 776 in the Americas (mainly USA), 124 in Europe, 8 in Africa, 200 in Asia, and 572 in Australia. (The company started in Australia and quickly penetrated that market. The fastest growth now is in the United States.)

4. The celebrities who use, support, and invest in F45 make the brand sexy.

Mark Wahlberg is a key investor in F45 and will be on the board after the merger. Hugh Jackman trained for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men film series at F45. Other celebrities who use or have used F45 include Nicole Kidman, Channing Tatum, Nicole Ritchie, Sam Smith, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Russell Crowe, Teri Hatcher, and more.
No offense at all to Planet Fitness and PF members, but I don't think a lot of celebrities are members there.

5. The franchisees pay for the company’s growth.

The company requires very little capital to fund their growth because the franchise establishment and equipment fees fund the buildout of each new F45 location and thus fund the company's growth. Warren Buffett has long preached that the best investments are companies that require very little capital to run their business. This is a prime example.
In fact, the company doesn't really even need the capital from this merger. They've suggested how they may use it, and I'll get to that in a later point (it's bullish).

6. The company is easy to understand and follow.

You don't have to be a fitness nut or in the fitness industry to understand and follow this investment (I'm not a fitness nut or in the industry). Their business model is very simple. They make most of their money from franchise fees, as well as equipment packs.
The main metric to watch is the number of franchises sold, as you can assume that each new franchise will add the following revenue: $50k establishment fee (there seems to be wiggle room with this depending on the deal), $120k equipment purchase, and $30k+ in annual recurring revenue from the monthly franchise fee. There's also a $25k franchise renewal fee after five years, and some other fees as well, including the anticipation of equipment pack refreshes. (Note on page 49 of the investor presentation.pdf) how this revenue is recognized...the establishment fee is amortized over ten years, so each franchise sold will add approximately $5k to revenue for the ten years after it's sold from the establishment fee, in addition to the monthly franchise fee.)

7. The company has some level of moat from patents.

F45 holds patents for the innovative technology it uses to power the studios and the global network: It is currently actively pursuing a case against an upstart in Australia that is using a model that is allegedly similar.
I believe that F45 has tapped into a unique way to scale a HIIT training business into a global franchise model, and the success of that model is evident in the number of franchises being sold globally. It's great that they have a certain level of protection from others replicating this model. Assuming the patents prove defensible, it would be hard for competitors to replicate their success in their largest markets.

8. The product is so good that its members are often described as a cult.

If you search articles and social media, you'll often hear F45 described as a cult. Publicly traded companies with a cult following often do very well, such as Apple and Tesla.Here's the first paragraph of a 2020 GQ UK article about F45: "Whenever a friend of mine has suddenly walked back into my life looking better than they’ve ever looked before, the reason was always the same: F45. The cult exercise class, which can be found nearly anywhere in the world, just seems to work for people."

9. The potential for further growth is large enough that this is likely just in the first inning.

F45 estimates that the franchise potential in their existing markets is 25,000, based on the number of studios per capita in Australia. This seems reasonable to me because F45 was able to get to basically a 1:1 parity with Crossfit locations in Australia within seven years. F45 is arguably a much better structured / operated business than Crossfit (from a capitalistic investment perspective), which is why I think they were able to achieve a similar number of locations in Australia so quickly.
Based on informal polling of friends and chatter on the internet, it seems evident to me that very few people in the United States have heard of F45. However, if you live in a small city or larger and search your city on the locations map on their website, chances are that there's a studio open or opening soon near you.
Since each studio only needs a few hundred members to operate profitably and can't accommodate many more, it's been quietly growing and thriving, unnoticed by the majority of people. As the number of locations grows to accommodate more people, I think it's highly likely that you'll be hearing about it a lot before long. If you know someone who does Crossfit, chances are you'll know someone who does F45 soon.
As an addendum to the paragraph above, if you've ever read "One Up on Wall Street" by Peter Lynch, I believe that this is a perfect example of the type of opportunity he describes. It's a rapidly growing, profitable company with a great product and a business model that's easy to understand, but that most people have not yet heard of. Unless some unanticipated force somehow stops them dead in their tracks (as Covid appears to have failed to do), the growth is likely on enough of a trajectory to where this will be a hot stock before too long.
edit: I'm adding a few city maps below. (Explanation in the captions.)
These are the F45 locations in Melbourne, Australia. This is insane. It's like Starbucks. I can only think of a few companies with this level of critical mass in major cities.
Here are the locations in the Los Angeles area. It's starting to approach Melbourne, Australia levels. (Each number represents the number of locations under that dot. I couldn't zoom in further and capture the whole area.)
These are the current locations in Boston, MA. One open and two opening. Compare this to Melbourne and Los Angeles and you can see why this is only the first inning.
The reason why cities can accommodate so many F45 locations is because of the favorable unit economics. Each location breaks even at 75-150 members, and each location can only accommodate about 350 members. Therefore, as F45 reaches critical mass in a city, a large number of locations are needed to meet the demand. This is bullish for the company since more locations = more franchise fees.

10. Corporate owned franchises will accelerate growth further.

I mentioned earlier in point five that F45 has suggested how they may use the company's merger cash, given that they don't need it for the current growth. They've suggested that they may acquire existing franchise locations or establish new company-owned locations.
This is bullish because it will significantly accelerate their revenue growth. Instead of grossing ~$30k in franchise fee revenue each year per location, company-owned locations will likely contribute $275k-$500k in revenue per year. Planet Fitness has followed a similar strategy to this...they've turned to pursuing company-owned locations which has accelerated their revenue growth.
Additional Notes:
  • The warrants (CRSAW) have an exercise price of $11.50 and the company can redeem them after the common shares (CRSA) have traded above $18 for 30+ days. The warrants were selling for $0.60-$0.65 last week. Warrants purchased at $0.60 would return over 900% if the common shares climb higher than $18 within five years of the merger. Based on F45's rapid growth, I believe that the probability of shares going from $10 to $18 in the next five years is high.
  • As of July 15, the net asset value per share of the common stock was $10.15. That means that if you're able to buy the shares for less than $10.15, your risk is extremely low because you could technically redeem your shares for $10.15 in cash around the merger closing. (However, hopefully the F45 story gets out there and it's no longer trading below the NAV by the merger closing.)
  • Investor relations said a week or two ago that they're awaiting SEC approval of the proxy statement and then they'll send it out with the shareholder vote date. They said that they now expect closing to be "late Q3 / early Q4".
  • Note that there is risk with the warrants, in part because if the merger were somehow derailed, they could lose some or all of their value. However, the compensation for that risk right now is that the return potential on them is massive (as outlined above). The main risk for the merger falling through seems to be the possibility that too many shareholders redeem their shares. In that case, Crescent has the option to add more cash to complete the merger. I personally believe that they would do that. They seem to fully believe in F45 as an investment, and they have a vested interest in the merger going through and then the shares doing well. They announced the merger in June, well into Covid, so this wasn't affected by the Covid surprise. F45's franchise sales have been solid despite Covid, as outlined earlier.
I want to reiterate that I have a long position in both CRSA and CRSAW. I hope to realize the maximum profit on the majority of my warrant position by selling or exercising if/when the common shares are trading above $18 (based on the company's ability to redeem the warrants once the shares trade above $18 for 20 days over a 30 day period).
Like I mentioned, I'll try to answer any questions to the best of my ability as soon as possible in the comments below.
None of this is investment advice, simply an outline of the due diligence that made me highly bullish on F45. Do your own research--there's great further reading in the documents on this page of Crescent's website. In particular, the investor presentation.pdf) I mentioned earlier does an excellent job of laying out the product, business model, financials, etc in an easily digestible way.
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2020.08.17 02:49 shinney It’s been one year since I trolled Hugh Jackman! I didn’t realise until today that the date I met Hugh was the same date I joined Reddit many years ago 😂 thank you Reddit for the monster you created.

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2020.08.03 03:39 copperhillbook Bill Sanders, part 1.

(This part is 100% done, though I may edit it to improve the language or add minor details that connect this part of the story to others.)
“He’s a son of a bitch.”
If you made one of those wordcloud things out of every word and phrase anyone ever uttered about Bill Sanders, “son of a bitch” would be big and bold and centered. In fact, the first time I heard those words spoken about him they had just left Lydia Sanders’ lips - a shocking and deeply incongruous moment considering how diplomatic and practiced and convivial, if artificial and Stepfordian, she tended to speak.
It was Priscilla O’Brien’s funeral, or rather the “funeral afterparty,” or whatever that contrived abortion of an excuse for Lydia to throw herself a lavish soiree at the expense of a dead woman you’d care to call it. She’d begun introducing me around the room, one arm linked into mine, another clutching a glass of red that she never seemed to drink but which still seemed to disappear gradually on its own, parading me about like a new terrier being introduced to her other pets. Someone - I think it was Regina Jackson - asked her if I’d met Bill yet, and I saw Lydia’s demeanor change instantly as her head and eyes darted about the main room like a jackal that realized one of its zebras had escaped. “Oh, you know him. He’s not one for social events. Probably upstairs avoiding people. Heaven forbid he make an appearance out of basic respect for Priscilla’s life.” And I heard the tenor in her voice change to a low, almost primal, growl. “He’s a son of a bitch,” she seethed, nostrils flared, shaking her head. Then, as if her rather inappropriate outburst hadn’t ground the conversation to a halt she smiled, handed her glass to Marco and asked him to kindly refill it, and continued her mission to carouse at all cost unabated.
Thing is, I had remembered seeing him. Off to the side of their family kitchen, away from most of Lydia’s thronging masses, was a rather impressive little dining nook with leather benches and a few houseplants and a small, unlit iron stove. I saw him there a few minutes after I’d arrived - the pepper greyed hair and stubble, the impossibly broad shoulders stuffed unwillingly into what I’m sure was the one white dress shirt he owned, quietly sucking down a beer. He was sitting with Pat O’Brien and their kid Justin, the two of them in an absolute fog, Pat with his head in his hands, Justin looking down, all of them obligated to accept Lydia’s hospitality with gratitude but none of them actually wanting to partake in it. I remember thinking that of everyone in that house at that moment only Bill Sanders was offering the O’Briens anything remotely supportive. Sometimes when you’re going through serious trauma you don’t really need anyone to DO anything - sometimes you just need them to sit there with you, quietly, and remind you that you’re not alone. That was why I didn’t tell Lydia I’d seen him; not only did I assume that he was doing something deeply selfless that didn’t require disruption but from her tone I could tell that any interaction between them would be at best steeped in tension and at worst a lit powderkeg. No one needed that, least of all Bill, who in that moment I decided I respected more than anyone else in Copperhill.
Over the next few months Bill worked very, very hard to absolve me of that respect.
Years before and back in Nashville during my brief but disastrous attempt to be a gay man, I’d encountered the unfortunate phenomenon in which overly-popular gay men, having normalized a total lack of basic respect for other human beings, would absolutely refuse to acknowledge your existence in their presence. I must concede that it rarely happened to me - young and well-built and square-jawed and clearly new and naive I was both a welcome conversation partner and an easy target for their predatory advances. But while in those circles I saw, more than once, a brave soul approach the boy of his dreams only to have that boy literally refuse to acknowledge that his suitor existed. The poor, innocent sap would spend a few moments weakly attempting to start a conversation - his target would literally just ignore the attempt, and eventually this “nuisance” would “get the hint,” and quietly walk away. As a Nebraska kid raised on ideals of basic, common courtesy, I found this jarring. It was patiently explained to me by more than one alpha homo that there really was no other choice - if you acknowledge said person in any capacity it would be inevitably taken as a sign that he had a shot with you. Even just saying “thanks, but I’m not interested,” would be taken as an entree to attempt at conversation, or sometimes they’d act defensive or offended at the very IDEA that all they were interested in was sex, so you’d chat them up, and within five minutes it became clear that yes, they had only been talking to you in an effort to worm their way into your heart so that you would give in and fuck them. My initial instinct was to loathe this practice and I refused to be part of it, and I politely greeted every stranger that made a pass at me; and sure enough, it became all I could do to keep every offer of dick away from my face and ass, despite the constant insistence that I wasn’t interested in more than a pleasant dialogue. Eventually I caught myself being the same gaslighting bastard I’d so loathed, choosing to ignore or be flat-out rude to any stranger that approached me in a bar or club who I wasn’t interested in; and seeing myself become someone my midwest values had sworn me to never to be, I chose to walk away from the Nashville gay scene altogether.
And that, I soon found, was precisely Bill’s modus operandi for dealing with any social situation that he didn’t want to engage in. On a handful of rare occasions, early in my ill-fated start in Copperhill, I’d see Bill alone at one of Lydia’s parties. The first time that happened I saw him resting on a far away couch, far from the gravitational pull of his wife; I assumed he was just a bit shy or introverted, and I genuinely wanted to chat him up.
“Hi, Bill, right? Chris Lewis. counselor…”
I felt my voice wane as I realized how plainly he ignored my existence. Staring, straight ahead at a rather empty wood paneled wall, drinking a beer. I honestly thought he might be blind and/or hard of hearing, so unaware and unreactive he seemed to my presence. Finally Tommy Campbell yanked me aside - blessedly it was early in the evening, before Tommy’s drinking had made him habitually unwelcome - and shook his head at me. “Don’t even try,” Tommy whispered. “He’s a son of a bitch.”
I won’t attempt to fully chart the complex web of ironies that mirrored my early relationship with Bill to those bitchy Nashville queens; suffice to say they were many and I was acutely aware of them. I felt them every time I’d pass him on campus and offer him a friendly nod, and he would breeze past me like I didn’t exist, or when I came to him on the field or to his office with paperwork or a project update and he wordlessly sent an underling, usually Tommy, to intercept me so he wouldn’t have to interact with me or return my obvious overtures of honest friendship. My early, earnest, well-intentioned optimism made it so difficult to accept his total disregard for my presence; and as I began to recognize how fundamentally broken the town was and how sociopathic its dynamic was, as bitter cynicism crept through soul like rot through an apple barrell, I found myself as filled with loathing for Bill as I’m sure those rejected, unworthy men felt when they struck out with a gay man who was “out of their league.” And on top of all that I’m sure I was sublimating with rage, in much the same way that those rejected suitors often would, a self-crafted delusion that my interest in Bill Sanders was purely professional and familiar; because yeah, given the chance, I totally would’ve fucked him.
Don’t get me wrong - if I’ve made anything clear enough it’s that my predilections tended toward men my age and younger. If you’d asked me before I met a man like Bill if I would’ve slept with someone pushing 50 I might’ve gagged from feigned disgust at the very thought of it. And yet, you’d sleep with Hugh Jackman wouldn’t you? You’d cut off your right fucking arm for the privilege of fucking Hugh Jackman; and Hugh Jackman is well past 50. See, my theory is that there are some people physically perfect enough that they defy our so-called boundaries and preferences. And Bill was this town’s, or at least my, Hugh Jackman - a somber, gravely bear of a man who looked like he’d spent his whole life training as a bodybuilder, and even at his age still spent every free moment he could in the gym; which, considering his wife’s personality, I frankly didn’t doubt.
And like a jilted Nashville suitor, as my resentment for the town grew so did my resentment of Bill’s snubbery. To be honest, it made every moment I was forced to work with or even be tangentially near him totally unbearable. As such I decided that for my own sanity I should have as little to do with him as humanly possible.
Naturally, the moment I decided that, our presence in each others’ lives started to increase dramatically. It began with Loretta’s departure - with no one yet filling her enviable H.R. position it fell to Dean Gulden to make administrative decisions; and rather than risk making a single goddamned choice about anything on his own he just required all administrative department heads to join his meaningless twice weekly meetings. And since Bill was the Director of Physical Activities, we were now in those meetings together. I’d begun a conscious habit of pretending he didn’t exist; which meant, naturally, that I was watching him from the corner of my eye. I think he picked up on the shift in my normally pleasant demeanor around him, and every once in a while I’d catch a glance from him my way. I stared straight ahead. Before I’d hoped to be his friend; now I just hoped he’d leave me the fuck alone.
Then the whole Trent Becker / Jenn Reed shitshow happened. Bill himself had demanded the college’s inquiry into whether or not Trent had forced himself on his girlfriend, though he fumed quite openly when he realized I’d be the only appropriate person to spearhead it. I remember leaving that first meeting thinking maybe Bill might not hate me as much when I proved Trent had raped Jenn, because of course he had; and then when it became obvious that Trent was innocent, dreading the meeting when I’d not only have to infuriate him, I’d have to ask why the Hell he didn’t just believe what had come out in arbitration.
“You don’t know he didn’t do it.”
I honestly didn’t know what to say to that. I also couldn’t believe he cared so little about what Pam or Isaac Becker thought of him that he said that in front of them, let alone Dean Gulden. “Bill,” I said in as plain a deadpan as I could muster, she admitted she panicked when he tried to break up with her. The Beckers would’ve filed a restraining order against her if June hadn’t promised to get her counseling. What...” I found my normally unending patience growing thin, “what other proof do you need?”
“I wanna know that Trent Becker doesn’t think he can come onto MY field and play while he’s spending his nights forcing his unwanted hormones on any girl in the goddamned state unlucky enough to...” he saw the look of horror on Pam’s face as he tried to trash her baby boy’s reputation in front of her, and somehow that seemed to have finally stoked his conscience into reframing his unhinged rant. “I don’t know what you think you proved, but you didn’t prove Becker’s not a rapist. As long as he’s still talking to you, he can play ball. Doesn’t mean this is over.” Bill stormed out. Pamela Becker finally broke; her tears giving way to sobs. Isaac leaned in to comfort her, but that only seemed to enrage her, and she threw his hands off her shoulders.
She turned and stared at the empty door he’d just evacuated. “He’s a son of a bitch,” she choked bitterly.
That wasn’t the end of it. Bill demanded “progress” meetings about Trent every two weeks. As infuriating as his impertinence was I couldn’t really refuse him - his and Lydia’s relationship with the Dean was too strong to say no. They were meaningless affairs, really - Bill was both the director of the sports programs and Trent’s head coach, and the asshole could’ve just benched Becker or dropped him from the roster altogether. And I’d made it clear from the beginning of my counseling that anything Trent told me would stay between us, so it’s not like there were any updates to give him. There was really no excuse to force us all in a room together except as a way of humiliating and punishing Trent - his coaches, his parents, and the Dean, all together, rehashing a debunked charge over and over again in a room somewhere where he wasn’t allowed to defend himself. As Trent and I grew closer and closer I came to dread those meetings: me and his parents his primary advocates, Bill his chief prosecutor, Dean Gulden the tepid judge who knew we had no reason to meet but refused to grow a spine and admit it. Bill would rail the same dozen or so vague accusations or questions, I would answer them as calmly and respectfully as possible, and Bill would stew, clearly uninterested in a satisfactory answer.
Finally toward the end of another random Thursday afternoon bullshit railroading, as I weakly anticipated the end of Bill’s volley of attacks, he opened his ragged paper calendar. “Classes are ending soon for the summer. We should meet once a week.”
The room became very, very quiet. Still. All eyes turned to me, even Bill’s. Vacant. Expressionless. In shock that I’d violated the unspoken decorum of this meaningless meeting with an outburst that wouldn’t even be welcome at Mack’s. To be honest, I was rather in shock too - I’d never lost control like this. But Bill’s passive aggressive callousness had managed to push a button I didn’t know I still had.
“All of us. Everyone in this room. We’re all here because YOU wanted us here. You wanted this committee. You wanted Trent to play, but you also wanted to know that he didn’t assault Jen Reed. Well that investigation closed and Jen recanted. The Beckers had to threaten a restraining order to keep her from calling him. So . . . why in the everloving FUCK are we still in this room?” I felt the vitriol pour hot from my lips like lava, an unstoppable force that was prepared to take everyone in the room down, myself included. “Do you want Trent on the field? Yes? No? Do you wanna share with us, with ANY of us, why you worked so hard to get Trent cleared of wrongdoing and NOW you’re looking for any excuse to legally sabotage his chance to play, when you could just be his coach and kick him off your team? Or hey, maybe you just want to explain to everyone in this room who set aside their lives to do this for you why you are SUCH. A FUCKING. SON OF A BITCH to anyone who tries to be a fucking human being to you?!”
I breathed. Shallow, heavy, labored. The room was still silent, thick with the weight of my words and, I could feel, the contract review that Dean Gulden was performing in his head to decide exactly how he would fire me without having to pay me a severance. Finally I stood, gathering my papers and any shred of dignity I might have casually discarded in my outburst. “This meeting is done. If you all will excuse me, I’m going back to my office. I turned to meet Trents’ parents deer-eyed, indeed rather frightened, gaze. “Pam, Isaac. You’ve got a great son. Rest assured that whatever Bill decides I’ll continue to do my best to ensure that he doesn’t turn out . . .” I passed a bitter glance across the conference table, “like anyone in this room.”
Tommy was to my immediate right, and as I stormed out he mouthed a “wow” and a thumbs-up at me. Great, I thought, if I needed any confirmation that I just did the dumbest thing possible, Tommy Campbell approves of it.
I spent the evening working from the couch and coffee table in my office. I wasn’t a fan of the after hours paperwork but without a real HR person on staff and without a really effective assistant (much as I loved Joe) I knew there was way to much CYA work that wasn’t being done, and especially with how “familiar” I’d become with some of my patients my A was in serious need of some Cing. Anyway I kind of enjoyed the chance to spread out a bit, to relax alone with a shitty beer and feel like I was accomplishing something without feeling like an interaction with an overeager parent or a spoiled teenager was sucking away my life. This was my time. Unfortunately that night I wasn’t just working to relax - if anything the pretense of working was a show, a pantomime I was performing for myself to vainly pretend I hadn’t just ended my career. I didn’t want to leave my office because I was hoping they’d send someone to tell me to my face that I was fired instead of dreading a call or email. Not sure I could’ve relaxed at home or slept anyway.
Somewhere around 7:30, Bill knocked on my open door. Man, that really pissed me off. They didn’t even have the courtesy to send Dean Gulden to fire me - they were going to give Bill the satisfaction of punishing me for going off on him.
I just stared at him frostily, not unlike how he’d coldly stare at me when he was done with me and wanted me to depart his existence. I don’t think he picked up on it. He coughed a little, precisely like a man that hates to speak suddenly being forced to, and held up a cloudy brown bottle and a couple of glasses. “You ever try a small batch sour mash?”
Really, I thought, of all people, he’s gonna Lydia Sanders me? He won’t even be kind enough to call me an asshole back, like I knew he wanted to? Was he trying to smooth things over, maybe making sure I didn’t tell anyone what a sham the college was turning out to be? At least I thought I knew him to be honest about what he believed - now, it seemed, I was wrong about that too. Nonetheless, I played ball - my instinct was to be cordial, even if this town was about to fuck me over. “No,” I sighed, “I can’t say I have.”
He pushed his way into the room and well past my comfort zone, sitting next to me on my couch like we’d been old friends. “It’s amazing stuff. Smoky. I’m sure you’ve had Jack Daniel’s or a Maker’s Mark . . .”
“I don’t really want a drink, thanks . . .” I lied, a beer bottle in clear view.
“. . . and they’re great but they don’t really capture . . .”
“I’d like to get some work done . . .”
“. . . the subtleties of . . . I mean here,” he poured a glass and dropped it on my coffee table.
“I don’t have time for . . .”
“I promise if you try . . .”
I was getting agitated, my voice raising. “Bill, just do what you came here to . . .”
“JESUS FUCK Chris will you . . .” he swallowed hard, the pregnant pause of a man filled with shame and regret. “I know I’m not good at this but will you let me just try to fucking apologize?”
Now it was my turn to be cowed into silence. It wasn’t even the suggestion of an apology. It was that he called me Chris. It was so honest, so familiar. No one had called me Chris, not since . . . Michael.
Finally I found words, but I couldn’t deliver them while looking him in the eye. “I . . . guess I thought you were here to fire me.”
Bill chuckled at that. I don’t think I’d ever heard him laugh. “Fire you? Are you kidding? That was a room full of people who wanted to throw you a ticker tape parade for what you said back there.” He poured himself a glass from the unmarked, swirling brownish bottle, clinked the glass he’d poured me on the table as though I’d even bothered to touch it, and took a sip. I could see a quiet ease come over him as the contents settled his nerves, a none-too-subtle reminder that functioning alcoholism was a way of life in this and many other small Southern towns. He stared straight ahead for a while at the TV under my desk, maybe trying to come up with something to say or maybe just imagining it was ESPN.
Suddenly he perked up. “You ever meet my girls?” I started to say yes, that I’d met them a couple of times at Lydia’s parties, and they were both adorable; then I realized it was just an excuse for him to reach behind him and pull out his wallet and flash me a few prideful pictures of his young daughters. “Sarah’s thirteen. Idn’t she cute with the short hair? She’s such a tomboy. Her mom makes her get dolled up for the public - if she had her choice she’d be in overalls digging for insects in the mud all day. Now Samantha,” he flipped to a picture of the older daughter, “she’s the girlie girl. Like her mom. Getting popular in high school, starting to meet some of the boys. She asked me if she could date . . .” his voice trailed off a bit, and I could tell he’d let his mind wander to a dark place, his thumb still pressed to the beautiful girl in the photo with light brown curls.
Finally he spoke again. “You know about Tina?”
“A little. Just what I heard whenever people wanted to tell me why I should stay away from Tommy.” I couldn’t tell him I’d read her letter, the one Loretta had promised to burn, the one condemning him and Lydia and the whole town.
Bill grimaced at that. “Tommy didn’t deserve . . .” he paused, thought better of his words, and restarted. “Lydia and I, when we confronted her after it all came out, she just...went off. Accused us of pretending to care about Tommy when we were really just protecting ourselves and the town. She said we looked the other way for years when girls would accuse guys in the sports program of sexual assault, but the moment one of those girls admits to being in love with an assistant coach . . .”
“She was angry.”
“She was right.” I must’ve looked startled by that admission of self-awareness - he snorted. “I mean . . . no one think they’re part of the problem when they’re cleaning up the mess left by some dumbass lacrosse player. You just tell yourself that there aren’t any good solutions, but your first duty is to protect your college and your town. So you throw money at the problem. Strong arm it. Girl gets to talking, you take the boy’s parents aside and tell them to pay off the family and take it out of his trust fund, and when he cries shit about it you hope it means he’s learned not to touch a girl without her consent ever again. Everyone’s on board, because we all like our quiet little town and we want to keep it quiet.” He shook his head. “It’s just that it takes something like that, a girl like Tina Piscatelli yelling at you, to make you look back and ask if you haven’t taught every boy in Copperhill that they never have to take no for an answer.”
His words were heavy, and the weight of his guilt felt like such a body blow that I felt an obligation to defend him. “That’s not on you Bill. Those boys know what they’re doing is wrong. They’re old enough to decide. . .”
“Are they,” he snapped at me. “Are they really old enough? I mean you called them boys. That’s what they are.”
“If they’re 18, they’re old enough to make adult decisions and face adult consequences.”
“You’ve talked to these kids, Chris. How many of these 18 year olds do you know that are genuinely adult enough to make adult decisions?” I was silent - he knew that I knew he was right. “Oh, when we want to give them responsibilities, sure, we love to force that on them. Take on a hundred thousand dollars of college debt? Adult. Fly halfway around the world to die in some Godforsaken desert so the rest of us can pay two dollars a gallon for gasoline? Adult. Pretend you didn’t hear a girl tell you to stop? Hell, even if you’re NOT an adult we’ll TRY you as an adult. But when it’s time to let them drink a beer or rent a car…” his rant derailed a bit, and he recollected his point. “When we call them just boys and we call ourselves the adults, at what point do WE take some of the responsibility for being the adults?”
I think he expected me to answer, but honestly, I was pretty shocked by his eloquence; not to mention that it felt like he’d spoken more words to me in that paragraph than he’d offered me in the entire rest of the time I’d known him. He was still looking down at that picture of Samantha, his hand trembling from the strength of his own grip like that wallet owed him money. Finally he spoke again. “You’re telling me that Trent Becker didn’t rape that girl. Fine, I believe you. But you and I both know he could. You and I both know that this town would just . . . we’d just . . . make it go away. So, what’s . . . to stop . . .” his voice trailed off, but he didn’t need to finish the point. In that moment I finally understood - he wasn’t an asshole coach waffling about whether a stuck up, silver spoon jock had done enough penance to play football. He was the father of a little girl who would be 18 in three years, wondering if he’d done everything he could to protect her from a town full of monsters he himself may have helped create.
“You and me Bill. We’ll stop them. Starting today.” They were hollow words. He knew it, I knew it. But I don’t think he really needed a response. He just needed to be heard.
Finally he released the vice grip on his daughter’s picture and, taking a sip from his glass, shoved the wallet in his back pocket. I took a sip too, because fuck it, I think we’d earned each other’s trust at that point and it was pretty insulting of me to let good alcohol go to waste. (And fuck, was it good. Deep and smoky, it tasted like . . . like the end of a long day.) Then he took a deep breath and turned back toward me, though still not quite looking me in the eye. “Anyway, look, I just needed you to know . . . you’re maybe one of the few people in this town that never hit me with some angle or bullshit agenda. I know you were trying to be my friend, and I shit all over that. You’re a good guy, maybe one of the few genuinely good guys in this town, and you didn’t deserve any of what I gave you. And I’m sorry as hell about that.”
The minor pang of guilt at his belief that I had no agenda aside, I felt a wave of relief and gratitude wash over me. “Forgotten, man. We’re good.”
“It’s just . . . this town . . .”
“This town is like a funhouse mirror.” He looked at me, puzzling that comment. I took a drink. “It shows you reflections of reality but they're all distorted. People act kind and friendly to you, but you can tell pretty easily it’s fake. Then after a while you start to forget what real kindness and friendship look like, so you assume everything is part of the illusion and nothing is worth taking seriously.”
He looked a bit stunned. “Yeah, that’s… I’ve never heard it put that way, but…” He shook his head and emptied his glass, and like drinking was his task for the night he sighed an awkwardly segued goodbye. “Listen, I, uh, I guess I should go . . .” He got up and moved for the door.
“Bill, who do you have to talk to?”
“What do you mean?”
“Like . . . like this.” I pointed between us. “Just . . . talking. Honestly. About what’s going on in your life.”
“I don’t need a therapist,” he grumbled.
“I’m not saying you need a therapist,” I lied, because that was absolutely what I was saying, “but I think you could use a friend.” I flipped open the calendar on the pile of papers next to me just to confirm. “I’m here Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and totally free after 6 pm. Maybe you can come by with another bottle of sour mash, and we can just . . . you know . . . talk.”
“He looked so confused, like a man being offered a hundred dollar bill for nothing. “Why? Why would you wanna do that?
I picked up the liquor he’d left in front of me, downed it in one, and pointed the empty glass at him. “Because you’re not a son of a bitch, Bill.”
He smiled broadly. It melted my heart.
submitted by copperhillbook to u/copperhillbook [link] [comments]

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fy3xwkq in TowerofGod on 15 Jul 20 (1pts):
Wait and suffer like us, brother.
I've been re-reading the comic, because quite frankly I missed a lot of stuff on the rush to catch up. I've been reading God of Highschool together with the anime...
fy3omar in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 15 Jul 20 (1pts):
An alternative to this theory, is One For All can somehow record future users. As Bakugo did temporary become a holder in Heroes Rising, before returning to Deku. So I suppose Kirishima could take...
fy3o8xg in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 15 Jul 20 (1pts):
Bak-U-Go is just wishful-thinking for Bakugo fans. Well, some of them. I personally think it would also ruin the character, not only just the story and the setting.
fy3njyw in justneckbeardthings on 15 Jul 20 (3pts):
"Political correctness is killing free speech", he says, after spamming the n-word on an online forum. "We are literally in a 1984 deep state", he says on another part of the same online forum.
fy3n9s6 in anime on 15 Jul 20 (4pts):
The heck, I didn't know they were going to adapt this one into anime. I am a little behind in the manga, guess this is the opportunity to binge it.
fy3mnjg in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 15 Jul 20 (5pts):
No to hell week, yes to new banner.
But I am capable to compromise and just say no to hell week if that's what it takes.
fy3ma6h in Gamingcirclejerk on 15 Jul 20 (1pts):
What a disgusting little human is the last guy. Well, also probably the others, but that last guy tops it.
fy3m6kw in Gamingcirclejerk on 15 Jul 20 (22pts):
The idea of protest was invented by John Protest. He suggested it to Janet Black Lives Matter for how they could come across with her ideas to the masses.
fy3lurg in TowerofGod on 15 Jul 20 (3pts):
I recommend maybe trying to read from the ending of the Crown Game and beyond and then if you still are bored just go to season two.
fy3lov1 in BanVideoGames on 15 Jul 20 (3pts):
And Minecraft even teaches them how to do those bombs, it's really the guide of terrorism, racism and all things evil that plagues mankind.
fy38y0c in IzuOcha on 14 Jul 20 (5pts):
fy2pzfd in manga on 14 Jul 20 (2pts):
Now we're talking
fy2pa2w in manga on 14 Jul 20 (3pts):
Not joking, but the only thing missing in the current cast, which is much better than the first year, is the sister-chan and...
fy1zgnr in TheTempleOfOchako on 14 Jul 20 (9pts):
Here is the source
fy1yzxw in ChurchOfMidoriya on 14 Jul 20 (2pts):
Heroic source
fy1xkxv in IzuOcha on 14 Jul 20 (2pts):
Now with the correct title. And here is the link to the original art.
fy1ngcj in manga on 14 Jul 20 (13pts):
Poemu-san is too cute.
fy1mfrj in BokuNoShipAcademia on 14 Jul 20 (5pts):
fy19425 in IzuOcha on 14 Jul 20 (3pts):
Cute sauce
fy0jner in IzuOcha on 14 Jul 20 (2pts):
Here comes the bright source.
fy04j5w in IzuOcha on 14 Jul 20 (2pts):
The original art is right here
fy00kw7 in Gamingcirclejerk on 14 Jul 20 (81pts):
He is just trying to capitalize on his own craziness. Let this fat bigot fade into irrelevance.
fxzzo0a in community on 14 Jul 20 (12pts):
My Dinner with Andre dinner with Abed
fxzbsa4 in manga on 13 Jul 20 (1pts):
Protect Taiga (so that Furi-san can smile)!
fxz8he0 in anime on 13 Jul 20 (2pts):
Man, there are unexpected colabs with Scooby-Doo. They also made a movie with the band Kiss and with WWE stars. Wild.
fxz122a in IzuOcha on 13 Jul 20 (5pts):
Here is the original for your own amusement
fxyzx68 in IzuOcha on 13 Jul 20 (11pts):
Some massive tight hugs?
fxyxuqj in ShitAmericansSay on 13 Jul 20 (1pts):
This one is a troll. It has to be a troll.
fxyxg1n in anime on 13 Jul 20 (25pts):
The hell, I didn't kniw it was Simple Plan playing this song
fxywa35 in BanVideoGames on 13 Jul 20 (7pts):
The vile ways of the g%mer made me use profanities such the g-word without censoring. I humbly apologize everyone for the pain I might have caused.
fxyw0b9 in BanVideoGames on 13 Jul 20 (11pts):
Does your mom know that you use her iPhone to play g%mes and call people names instead of watching Marsha the Bear on Youtube, young man?
fxyrv2b in BanVideoGames on 13 Jul 20 (16pts):
Not a coincidence that he wrote his nazi book as a homage to Minecraft (Mein Kampf is Minecraft in German). And also he took all his ideas from Animal Crossing, his favorite g%me
fxyaxny in IzuOcha on 13 Jul 20 (3pts):
fxxyefd in TowerofGod on 13 Jul 20 (4pts):
I'm betting on being the daughter, but being the wife also makes sense. I think the reason why she is with Apple, Michael and Ghost is maybe because one of the wishes Gustang granted for...
fxxxcj8 in Kaguya_sama on 13 Jul 20 (1pts):
I was hoping for something involving her friendship with Kaguya which has been sidelined since Kaguya's development with Prez, Hayasaka and Ishigami.
fxxpkr9 in TowerofGod on 13 Jul 20 (1pts):
Felt like a mistake for me, but maybe he wasn't really dead. Well, he wasn't supposed to even be there in first place
fxxg97l in Gamingcirclejerk on 13 Jul 20 (1pts):
/rj I can't believe my power fantasy fiction is not realistic. They keep putting those women in there and I've never spoke to one, so I don't believe they exist
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A true mob character has no such thing as a romantic pairing.
fxwalo4 in BokuNoShipAcademia on 13 Jul 20 (5pts):
I like when the fanarts have this elaborated and beautiful backgrounds and the pairing is doing a casual date. It looks like a small glimpses of their lives.
fxwabvp in IzuOcha on 13 Jul 20 (5pts):
Here is the artist's work
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Do not let those rascals call you the b-word. They are just jealous
fxvw2sa in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 13 Jul 20 (9pts):
I'd say better, especially when you are binge-reading. I feel like the second cour of season 3 and all of season 4 (with two exceptions in important fighting scenes) failed to bring something...
fxvvpz1 in TowerofGod on 13 Jul 20 (6pts):
Good season but since the story is moving very little from location to location and the current arc appears to be massive, I'd say it's prone to arc fatigue from readers.
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Fucking reddit sometimes is error after error when you try to post something. What a nightmare, almost 30 minutos trying to post this. Anyways, here is the...
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Oh, it just reminded me from another salt, though it doesn't fit this sub. I hate when I post a fanart or something and it goes from the good reddit to the new reddit.
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Here is the source
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The dialogue between Fumino and Rizu sort of caught me off-guard, surprisingly heartfelt. I love this route.
fxul4ay in manga on 12 Jul 20 (31pts):
Fumino's route is the people's route.
fxue8ql in manga on 12 Jul 20 (22pts):
The problem last week is that the one they deleted reached around 2.5k upvotes and had ongoing discussions. And also people even gilded it. Then, it was deleted, like, five hours later.
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I agree that bots for the WSJ releases is the best solution. It will save the mods a lot of headaches even, like having to be super vigillant during the release time
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Hopefully mods won't delete this one 5 hours later because there was another thread posted 0.03 seconds early.
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This drawing reminds me of the movie Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman.
fxtvuyo in BokuNoShipAcademia on 12 Jul 20 (8pts):
When I have to tag the fanarts, I have to scroll until the end to find IzuOcha. It's such a hardship.
Ok, I don't actually have any salt for this week.
fxtt1wj in Kaguya_sama on 12 Jul 20 (6pts):
I'm glad that Aka didn't put any cheap triangle. There was (and there still is) plenty roadblocks for Prez and Kaguya's relationship without adding a girl or boy that will obviously lose and just...
fxtsbv7 in Endorsi on 12 Jul 20 (5pts):
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2020.07.08 17:57 ODestruidor Who's that celeb that supports your team?

I was reading Ben Folds' wiki which somehow lead to me discovering that apparently Hugh Jackman 'supports' Port. I highly doubt he keeps up with whats going on, but apparently he delivered an embarrassing half time address.
Things I know - Teresa Palmer is a mad Port supporter and used to date Stewie Dew, before either of them were any good.
Ben Folds supports Port despite his ex-wife's brother David Hynes playing for West Coast. (He also played for Port Adelaide Magpies). I also highly doubt Ben Folds has anything more than a passing interest in the AFL.
Lleyton Hewitt is a mad Crows supporter, and less of a douche than he used to be. So is Guy Sebastian.
Ben Simmons is an Essendon fan.
Eric Bana played a massive Collingwood fan in some movie with Seth Rogen? But for some reason I feel hes a Saints fan.
Warney loves the Saints.
Thats all ive got.
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2020.07.07 20:12 anonextra Exploring the benefits of dating a tall man, and why it’s hard to argue against hypergamy

Some people say that the obsession woman have with high genetic quality in their make partners is “shallow”. I don’t think this is the case. And that’s the problem. It’s really hard to argue against hypergamy.
Let me use height as an example, as it’s easy to quantify. As we all know being tall has many social advantages. Let me give a few examples.
This study links male height and relationship satisfaction for the male.
Quote: “It was found that the taller men generally reported greater satisfaction with their romantic relationships. The researchers stated that the cause of this relationship was possibly because their partners were more attentive and warm towards them then the shorter men's, and that the taller men were also potentially more likely to be partnered with more desirable women.”
This article discusses a study that links tall height to better salaries.
This study links tall height to all manner of advantages.
Quote: “Taller people are more likely to be better educated; in employment and employed in higher status occupations; married; and to live in better housing in more prosperous areas of the country. Taller people are also more likely to move within and between countries and to be upwardly socially mobile. Taller people have lower age-standardized death rates than shorter people.”
So, if you go for a tall partner, they are more likely to have many of these desirable qualities.
And obviously, many of these traits could be passed on to your children. In fact, there are even more reasons why you would want tall children.
This article discusses a study which found that shorter children are more likely to be bullied.
Quote: “More short pupils claimed to have been bullied at some point in secondary school. Short boys were twice as likely as their taller peers to say that they had been the victims of bullying, and much more likely to say that bullying upset them. Significantly more of the short children said that bullying had started in junior school and that they were still being bullied.”
This article discusses two studies that suggest that bullies are more likely to find social success.
Quote: “Bullies have more sex appeal and a higher social standing than everyone else, research has found.
Child bullies are well adjusted people who are coldly calculating and intimidate others because it makes them more popular.
Later in life they have more dates and more sex than the rest of their former classmates, the study showed.”
Am I suggesting that you would prefer it if your child was a bully, rather than a victim?
Let’s continue. Many sports are easier to compete in if you’re tall. Keep in mind that about 15% of men are >6’ (a quick google search will confirm this).
The average height of a professional baseball player is 6’1”.
Football/soccer: 6’
Swimming: 6’4”
Heavy weight boxing: 6’4”
Basketball: 6’7”
Additionally, the minimum height for a male model is generally 5’11”.
So your son has a better chance of acquiring all of these desirable jobs.
But here is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of having tall sons.
This study correlates short stature with a higher chance of suicide among males.
(Keep in mind this study was carried out in Sweden, where the average height is about 5’11”)
Now I’m not suggesting that women are aware of these studies (I’m sure they’re not, apart from perhaps the statistic on tall height and salaries). But throughout people’s lives, they will subconsciously notice that the most dominant figures in the institutions they participate in will most likely be tall. They will see shorter male peers struggle (and reject them themselves).
They will also be influenced by media which depicts heroic, masculine figures as tall. Take the actors of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an example:
Chris Hemsworth: 6’3”
Chris Evans: 6’
Chris Pratt: 6’2.5”
Robert Downey Jr. is only 5’8”, but he will wear elevator shoes to appear close to the heights of his cohorts if they are in the same scene. Here’s a funny one: Wolverine is apparently 5’3” in the comics, but in the films he is depicted by Hugh Jackman, who is 6’2.5”.
(Keep in mind that agencies will often add an inch or two of height to an actors resume, and of course men themselves are known for inflating their true heights. Some of these will be inaccurate)
So, can anyone actually give me a convincing argument as to why women should not reproduce with only tall men?
Shorter children require less food and you do not have to buy as many new sets of clothes. Fantastic.
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2020.07.06 14:51 Poetic-Gamer Ace Attorney Dissertation Update!

Last month I posted the outline of my dissertation in this sub. Today, I'm posting about my dissertation was has been classified as a 1st degree worthy essay (82 for those curious) with my head held high and expecting a free dinner with my boyfriend.
First off, I want to thank you everyone for showing so much support and enthusiasm to read my dissertation. I honestly thought no one would be interested in it but I am sincerely glad that I was proved wrong. Whilst being able to write about Ace Attorney, reduced the monotony of process, until unfortunately the stress and anxiety of writing 12,000 words got to me multiple times and many time I considered giving up or half-assing it to get a passing grade since only a few toffs in suits would read it and then never give it a second thought. However, your comments really touched me, almost brought me to tears. I am thankful that my hard work will not go to waste and will be immortalised for everyone to enjoy. Academically, I doubt this dissertation will get any attention. I don’t plan on posting it to any official journal due to all the copyrighted material, but this started as a passion project and I’m okay if it stays that way.
I am posting my dissertation on to a blog I made:, and will be posting the dissertation throughout the day.
So, here’s a formal introduction. My name is Mary if you have any questions. Anyways, this post is meant to act as supplementary material and summaries for chapters for those who don’t/can’t/want to read all 12,000 words. Also, some definitions for non-sociologists in the sub. I don’t think I’m ever going to talk about a game in this much detail ever again (since I’m not comfortable making 1hr long video essays on YouTube e.g. ‘[insert franchise] is GARBAGE’ - 02:30:14). However, as a pseudo-academic who won’t do a masters until its £9 per year instead of £9000, I guess this is my only opportunity to do this and it’s only worth it to share my thoughts with all of you who care about games and don’t just write nonsense of academic clout.
Again, as previously stated in my original post, when I critique the games I hope it came across that I was accusing Takumi, Capcom, or the localisers of being sexist/racist etc. I believe my critiques of the representation of certain characters were fair and while some characters can be seen as offensive stereotypes now (coughJeanArmstorngcough), I do acknowledge that this was mainly the fault of poor knowledge and awareness that these characters COULD cause offence in the 2000s and now in the 2010s/2020s and Capcom have acknowledged this.
But enough pleasantries, let’s get to the notes:
Standard stuff. I do my best to introduce AA and why visual novels grew in popularity. Usually, visual novels have limited animation yet Ace Attorney (however much we mock the 2 frame animations) have loads compared other visual novels, and it’s clear that PW:AA had lots of ambition behind it even on the GBA, RftA in the DS version and Apollo Justice, they upped their animation budget and were really proud of it (so much so that they have flashbacks to them every 10 mins). Most games like Ace Attorney want to be movies or anime so badly, and in AA’s case, it eventually did crossover to those mediums showing they were destined be.
Yet, with realism comes realistic characters, which leads to characters looking and acting like real people we see on the street, or in Ace Attorney’s case, in a soap opera. However, when you make characters realistic, writers are victim to potentially portraying a character stereotypically or borderline offensively and then create controversy such as [insert whatever feminist or violence-based controversy you were probably thinking about]. Video games, now becoming more realistic and story-driven like literature or film is now exempt from the ‘it’s just lowbrow entertainment for babies’ excuse. We all play games whether casually or hardcore, engaging in fandoms (like this one) and, subconsciously or not, it does affect us. We internalise and interpret characters differently the same way we do offline with strangers and gaming is a part of that process now if done regularly. I didn’t say it in the dissertation, but I’d argue Video Games have replaced TV in terms of major influences in my life and for others too. For instance, I wouldn’t be writing this if Ace Attorney did not impact me in some way to think critically about its content and rethink my opinions after finishing my dissertation. Takumi is not a sociologist, but he definitely writes like one.
Chapter 1
I’m not a law student, so I couldn’t comment on the judicial specifics of the AA universe, but its implications I could. I do not know Takumi personally so I cannot psychoanalyse his life and ideologies, but his experiences from his class trial and first-hand exposure to court proceeding are transparent in AA when thinking from sociological perspective. Takumi’s writing really makes you empathise with Phoenix and the juridical system even if you know nothing about law or have a distrust for lawyers and/or the system, especially in Japan where even the best lawyers can show their wins on one hand. I interpreted traces of Althusserian and Weberian ideas (see Louis Althusser and Max Weber, prominent Marxist theorists) about class and institutional biases. Making Phoenix, a Japanese/Japanifornian lawyer the main protagonist is significant. In Japan and in AA, defence lawyers, whilst educated, have lower salaries compared to prosecutors, are less respected and are initially distrusted by police and witnesses. However, Takumi creates a fantasy within the real world, a fantasy where lawyers can win, and innocents avoid conviction. Thus, Phoenix becomes a likable character who wants to reform the system (which he does in AA:AJ) not dismantle it. Outside of law, Phoenix himself is relatable, whether players identity with or as him. I mean considering this sub isn’t about extensively discussing the ethics and laws of the AA world. AA’s main draw is the characters and fan’s investments in the characters as people and their lives. Seriously, go on the subreddit and I guarantee the most popular post will be of Maya looking cute or someone suggest a plot for AA7. Even though I just wrote 50 pages on it, the political/social commentary of AA is irrelevant for the most part. If Takumi genuinely wanted to make a radical commentary on the Japanese judicial system, he should either sold the script to a TV studio or wrote to his local councillor. However, the subtext is present, and it builds the foundation for the series’ characters and motivations.
Chapter 2
Okay. This is the big one. I initially wrote this chapter last before the conclusion, but I realised that the localisation prefaces most of not all the racial/gendereligious interpretations I make in this dissertation, so it was moved up. Sooo… many people like myself in gaming/anime fandoms detest localisations and sometimes for good reasons. Some localisations like the 4kids Pokemon dub with its jelly doughnuts debacle really grind my gears. Do they think we’re blind, stupid, and/or racist/xenophobic? I’ve been playing Yo-Kai Watch recently and they also changed the location from Japan to America and while it is less egregious than Pokémon’s anime localisation, it just baffles me more than anything why they still do this archaic practice like… people know about other places besides America right? It is really necessary to localise a character’s race as if Japanese-American people don’t exist. I know that White Americans probably make up most consumer demographics just by probability and numbers but… do companies really think it’s impossible to identify with a character that’s not the same race as you (the answer the yes, as a black person I do it all the time).
However, my research did widen my perspective a bit. Before the Japan explosion of anime/manga in the 80s and 90, it was difficult for foreign media to break into American culture and therefore, the mainstream. Iwabuchi’s research shows how Japanese products like Walkman’s were made in Japan and popular in the West but consumers could not tell they were distinctly Japanese. He uses the word ‘odour’ to describe the symbolic smell products give off. For example, every drinks Coca-Cola and knows the brand’s American, whereas Mario is Japanese made yet revered as an American/global icon (whilst looking Mexican). Therefore, companies were willing to compromise and allowed American distributers to make edits/cuts to make global expansion viable and not allow consumers to discriminate against their media based on foreign ‘odour’ since well… Japan wasn’t perceived as a favourable nation post-WWII aside from exporting good electronics. Stuff like editing out guns and alcohol is ridiculous to us but do keep in mind that if you want to market to children in certain countries, the tolerance of this stuff varies. I know this is a touchy subject, but if you making a show marketed for a global audience but maintain the cultural standards of the source country, you risk alienating or worse, offending the audience. This can range from cutting episodes due to toilet humousex jokes (e.g. Yo-kai Watch or adult/teen anime marketed towards young children) or more political things e.g. conservative countries censoring LGBT themes in Steven Universe. Whether it’s morally right or wrong to censor these things is up for debate and varies from nation to nation, but the bottom line is if the causal audience can’t connect with it culturally then hype/monetary gain is lost and becomes a niche product, which is not bad. I consider AA to be a niche franchise with mainstream appeal however lots of media will slip through the cracks if it doesn’t conform to audience expectations and trends. This trend isn’t restricted to globalised media from East to West, this happens to products exported from West to East and also local/national media. It’s a shame if a product isn’t a (inter)national phenomenon, then it’s considered a failure.
Ironic considering Japan’s version of the ESRB/PEGI is harsher than ours. It saddens me to think of all the Japanese games/anime etc we would not be exposed to if creators didn’t allow their works to be ‘censored’. Honestly, localisation is unfortunately necessary ‘evil’ and a damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Either you run the risk of alienating foreign audiences and devolving into a Japanese culture class or ruining the cultural integrity of the work and coming off as racist/imperialistic. AA’s localisation is inventive and clever given the constraints to appeal to Western audiences without alienating causal who aren’t exposed to Japanese culture/iconography compared to people within Western gaming/anime/otaku subcultures who can identify the iconography, even if they are ambivalent to Japan itself. Although the ‘Japanese-immigrant village in L.A.’ line is hilarious and similar attempts to act like LA isn’t secretly a Japanese city is silly, I appreciate the effort they went to keep all the Japanese iconography whilst making something original.
Also, Asian representation in Western media is pathetic outside the exposure of K-pop, anime, and (Japanese) video games. AA’s Japanifornia mixes the homogeneity of Japan and the diversity of America to allow players to interpret any racial/ethnicity the characters have. AA’s art style makes the character’s racially ambiguous so if you can headcannon anyone to be any race. Personally, before DGS, I just assumed Phoenix was white. Again, like I mention in the essay, different cultures have their own way of interpreting race and labelling people. I’ll admit that when I see paler characters who do not have realistic designs, I just assume they’re Caucasian (unless stated otherwise) and move on. This more of a personal issue for me since as a Black British person since outside of African-American live-action TV and movies, there is a lack of non-white/pale representation in anime and other media, although I do acknowledge that Japan has a significantly less of an African population compared to other Western countries, so as a black otaku I am aware that this is not due to any ignorance or malice on their part since Japan is very homogenous. The only ‘black’ people who I could even argue for in AA would be Nicole and Rooke from AAI2. However, that’s for another dissertation entirely. The point is that any character in AA, unless coded or presented otherwise (e.g. the Feys, Godot, Juan Corrida, Nicole, Rooke and Lotta), most characters are up for debate on their heritage, so the race of the characters don’t matter unless the player notices and cares. I do not think that all white, western players assume most pale anime characters are white and I hope that is not the message I portrayed. However, on the internet and my cited research found that this is a common opinion, even among non-White/Asian fans too.
Also, I never got to mention DGS since I only saw a playthrough of it during the cutting stages of my essay, but it is interesting how DGS does not use mukokuseki (racially ambiguous) design so it obvious to differentiate the British characters from the Russians and Japanese since the DGS actively revolves around globe-trotting and cultural differences/learning. While, SoJ does use mukokuseki designs but has more darker-skinned characters to display the difference between South Asia and Japan (Southeast Asia). Furthermore, I do not think Khura’inese names are racist or anything if anything they just piss me off since some of the puns are so blatant and lazy. I understand the localisers must make puns that English-speaking audiences would get and not everyone could infer puns from actual South Asian names/culture but still it’s just annoying.
TL;TR: I don’t think AA’s localization is racist, most characters are not racist caricatures and they can be any race you want with enough imagination. Whether you think Phoenix is Japanese or not, it doesn’t matter. AA can be diverse or homogeneous as you want. The series would probably less popular if they didn’t anglicize most the names.
Chapter 3
Great on to another can of worms. I hope I don’t upset the GamersTM. For a law-simulation AA takes a lot of liberties and gender representation is one of them. Women are underrepresented as lawyers, police officers and criminals. Really think about, for every male lawyecop/prosecutowitness/defendant, there’s at least one female counterpart and while that doesn’t sound impressive, compared to other media, AA has a decent gender ratio, so much so that I didn’t notice until I went the AAWiki character section and counted the numbers myself. With 509 characters (counting exclusive manga/theatre characters, the gender ratio is about 70:30 which most games can’t compare. But the numbers aren’t important. Are the characters portrayed equally and avoid sexist tropes? And the answer is… sometimes.
The fact that Mia is a mentor to Phoenix and a significant influence in his lawyer career is subversive since many women aren’t in those roles irl. Dahlia, the cute, dainty girl as a mass murderer. Ema, a geeky girl who wants to study STEM. Athena, being a playable character (that isn’t dead). Although I still have an inkling Athena was created was to say they had more than one female defence attorney (that wasn’t evil) and by 2013 it was like ‘oh crap still we don’t have a playable female lawyer that ain’t dead and we don’t sexualize every 10 minutes’. Granted, other crime shows have female characters in high-profile careers so it’s not special in that respect, but in video games where most women (and men) are royalty or martial artists, it’s a nice grounded difference. Having a multi-gender usually prevents really pervasive stereotypes since if there is more than one of [insert demographic] than it reduces the chance of horrible stereotypes rearing its head, because you can focus on character and not quotas. In AA, some men are tough and aggressive whilst some are effeminate and meek with characters like Phoenix acting as the middleman on the masculinity scale. He’s assertive and sometimes an asshole, but we see him get emotional, get angry and sad (see the beginning of Chapter 5 of Layton vs AA), without even seeing his face sometimes. Being emotional, intelligent, strong, or sexy is not exclusive to any gender in AA, and many characters overlap when describing them based on traditionally feminine and masculine traits. Hell, I think Edgeworth and Franziska are polar opposites on the masculine and femininity spectrum. Idk what the gender divide for the AA fandom is, but I’ll make an educated guess that there’s a 50/50 split, with a slight unbalance depending on the social media platform (I assume more men use Reddit but all the female Redditors may reveal themselves in the comments if I am wrong).
Nevertheless, gender stereotypes and sex jokes do persist in the series, ESPECIALLY in the OG trilogy. Almost as Hsu pointed out in her blog, this is usually due to archaic Japanese norms towards gender and leniency for sex-based humour. Jean Armstrong’s character speaks for itself and Mia’s tits can be considered their own characters considering how often we see them, but elements like Dr Hotti’s EXTRA creepiness was localised out in Western release which I am personally thankful for. Again, I know localisation is controversial, but at the same time, NOT localising taboo dialogue like Hotti’s also runs the risk of controversy as well. While I doubt many soccer mums play AA, I would rather censorship than news outlets finding another way to scapegoat video games. AA is a comedic series and most of the sex jokes are funny such as the 50 shades of Gray, BDSM and milkshakes references in DD and TT respectively. It’s just that to a Western audience where feminist influence is greater here and in Japan, things can be interpreted as sexist (which Takumi jokes about ironically (p.26)) and so a message can be misconstrued from a joke to anti-feminist propaganda depending on the player, but that’s an extreme example.
In terms of family, it’s cool how adoptive parents take centre stage in AA since crime can cause family breakdown and kids in those situations end up in foster care/adoption or stay with other relatives (Kay mentions she stayed with her aunt after her father died). Adoption in AA mostly symbolizes change. Changing parents and relationships is denoted by their animations and design. The most obvious example is Trucy. When we meet her, she wears a pink magician outfit, matching Zak’s but when Phoenix adopts her, she changes to a blue outfit to complement Phoenix. Similarly, Edgeworth gets his motif from Von Karma and Turnabout Memories shows that he copied Von Karma’s animations reflecting Von Karma’s strong influence on him over Gregory, his biological father.
For biological family, however, it’s much more complex. Biological family members fall into 3 categories: they are present but terrible, nice but dead, or not mentioned. Fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers are equally dickish so there’s no gender gap here. The Fey’s and Khura’in’s bloodlines and powers are matrilineal is interesting, but the implication that many men abandon their wives and kids or use them for power over it is sad. For the Fey’s I imagine the secluded nature of Kurain Village doesn’t help matters and SoJ mentions many women leave too, but I don’t know, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way since, to me, it implied that a society centred on women was more or less oppressive than whatever society everyone else lives in (I would’ve said patriarchal, but that would upset the gamersTM) but either way I understand that the isolation and uneven power structure would force men out figuratively and physically, which again is sad. However, one thing I did notice was that there are significantly less brothers than there are sisters. seriously, the only male relationships that aren’t friendships or fatheson (in the main series) are KlavieKristop, Acro/Bat and Nuyhuta/Apollo. That’s it. I came to the conclusion that since Turnabout Sisters is such as big motif musically and narratively, women generally have sisters to rely on while men have friendships but still I honestly don’t know why this the case otherwise.
Also, no one… uh fornicates in AA. I mean, people have kids but no one we play as secondary characters do. Character express desire, lust, and make innuendos… but no one pairs up. Other than Godot and Mia, I don’t think there’s any canon pairings at all. Yes, characters have gotten married but usually one or both are dead, and do not remarry (except Thalassa). Maya and Phoenix are just friends. Phoenix has feelings for Iris but never formally dated after 3-5. Edgeworth and Phoenix have all the homoerotic tension of a BL doujin but that never goes anywhere. The fans do the pairing for Capcom so what’s the point. It’s funny how in AA all the characters have decent relationships one another that almost all romantic relationships are viable. AA7 could have Phoenix settle down with Maya or Edgeworth and I’d be fine with either pairing. It’s kind of nice that most heterosexual relationships in AA aren’t explicitly romantic and most homosexual pairings are viable whilst still showing sisterly/brotherly/bromance bonds. Any other writer would have had Phoenix confess his love for Maya the second she became legal in JFA, but no Takumi makes everyone social distance inside and outside of the court lol.
TL;TR: AA’s gender representation is better than most games. Men and women are equal, but Capcom is still contractually obligated to at least one tit joke per game (although post-AJ it’s with Athena’s lack thereof). Friendship triumphs over everything even over romance. Most parents are murderers, victims of murder or just horrible people overall. Phoenix may be bisexual who knows. Idc, Capcom please release an official AA dating sim (its only sexist if male opinions aren’t available)
Chapter 4
Religion and science are two majors, contrasting elements in AA. Both utilized for practical purposes by Phoenix. Forensics serves as a method of validating the defence or prosecution’s claims. It can’t be disputed, manipulated yes, but rarely faulty when under perfect conditions. Religion or the spiritual is ironically similar. Spirit channelling as an act and ritual is real. As shown in 2-1, the act can be manipulated. Spiritual power is biologically innate in Fey women and the Khura’inese royal family. The act requires physical and mental training like studying forensics and conducting fieldwork. Both forensics and Khura’inism are validated by their oral and written proof of their existence, and their shortcomings and advantages are explored in various cases. Both have strict rules and guidelines for users to follow or else the technique doesn’t work.
Honestly, the fact the religion/mythology is so openly validated in AA is weird but after some research its not hard to see why. Apparently in Japan, society is secular, but spirituality is still high. Old temples and shrines are still present and festivals which celebrate Japan’s religious past still occur but are mainly ceremonial and done for tradition (but obviously there are still devotees to religions in Japan). People who play Final Fantasy and other Japanese games will find that religious themes and designs are based on Gods in Buddhism and Shinto and other non-Asian-based religions (which have been subject to controversy for obvious reasons). Okami and Yo-Kai Watch are just some games are just devoted to the fictionalisation/validation of Japanese mythology in the context of their respective games. Are Yokai real? I don’t know but according to the games, people have been able to communicate with them for centuries (and some exist in America apparently). By all metrics in AA, Khura’inism is the ‘one true religion’ or at least the only religion with proof of its founders’ existence and hereditary powers. I was actually disappointed Amara or Gar’an didn’t channel the founder at the end. Would have shut all the sceptics up, because I was really annoying how all the American/Japanese characters kept calling Khura’inism stupid yet they’ve all witness proof of its authenticity (Phoenix especially considering he’s seen Mia DEAD more than Misty saw her alive).
TL;TR: Science or religion are equally beneficial to Phoenix. No one method is the best way to solve a crime, so AA teaches players to use anything at your disposal. Mia was already hot but the second she was channelled in Maya/Pearl’s clothing, she had rule 34 written on her tits. Maya’s so cute to a point where she can still be lewded regardless of whether she’s dressed as a nun or not. Amara probably stopped WWIII from happening. If you don’t believe in the Holy Mother you’re an infidel.
Chapter 5
This series is so intriguing. For a visual novel where you can only see one character at time over a background, this series captures so much heart and emotion. Even if you don’t know anything about law you’re able to empathize with the victims and grow to hate the villains yet understand their reasoning for their actions (except 2-3). I don’t plan on going to law school because of AA, but some of you on Reddit said it gave you a spark of interest to study criminology and forensics and go law school. It’s amazing that one game could inspire so many great sequels and spin-offs as well as player’s imaginations. The fan-art, cosplay, Let’s Plays, all to express passion and talent for one series. AA is one of the few series which classify as popular by numbers and in gaming pop culture, AA’s depth and length as a visual novel makes it so only the memes and OBJECTION! are well known as outside the periphery of this fandom. This makes the fandom culture online/offline 100% less toxic compared others and fortunately the enthusiasm of the community is not diminished by lack of recognition. Fan-made localizations (Shout out to Scarlet Study) and translations done by the community are amazing. Quite frankly, AAI2’s fan localization is the most impressive ‘fan work’ of I’ve seen done by an indie team. Keeping the localised puns and added voices clips really set it to a high standard. It’s amazing to see fans so dedicated and productive.
Doing this dissertation and observing the fandom from afar was a great experience. I only wished I’d told the sub about my work earlier so I could get direct quotations from all of you about the topics I’ve discussed, but unfortunately I was (and still am) quite shy and anxious about sharing my work with others, especially online given how SOME gamers can be about any critical analysis of video games, positive or negative. Lots of academic works analysing video games focus on the violent, misogynistic/GamerGate nonsense, and the toxic culture associated with gaming spaces and while some studies and analyses are truthful, it not reflective of every series or fandom. I tried my best to do something different beyond this paradigm that games are just toys that cause people to kill or hate women. AA the series and the fandom really tested my critical thinking and opinions of video games as I wrote this. Gaming means a lot to me and to a lot of you I’m sure it’s gotten you through tough times, frustrated you or encouraged you to do something new, whether it be law or post your fanart to this sub.
In sociology, identity is a personal yet collective concept. We all have one but sometimes have different ones we present to others. AA’s characterizations reflect this. AA’s characters may not be real, but their real-world influences and parallels can be ignored or understated. I don’t know how much individual characters made you reflect on your race, gender and religion in a positive/negative/neutral way but personal for me, it reaffirmed and challenged most of my thoughts on things. Most of this was due to the cultural differences between Japan (Eastern) and Western values/mores. From minor questions like ‘Why is Will Powers seen as unattractive when he looks like a meeker Hugh Jackman?’, to major ones ‘Why was the Fey clan up their own arses when they allowed Misty to banish herself and abandon her kids?’ and ‘Why is Phoenix’s school’s encouraging fascism/public degradation to children. Both questions can be justified by simple cultural differences surrounding gender, family, and punishment (explained in Chapter 1/2). All my personal interpretations of race and sarcastic ‘where are all the black people?’ and ‘Why the f*** is Acro is bright red and dressed like a (stereotypical) Native American when he never mentions his heritage?’ questions mean nothing when Japan is a homogenous society/culture and generally do not always portray other races/ethnicities (positively or negatively) unless creators have an interest in doing so (For example, according to Soul Eater creator, Atsushi Ōkubo created Kilik to improve the representation of black people in manga). The proliferation of women in law or in court wearing skin-tight/low cut clothing that would make your local pervert blush is annoying, but is for all intents and purposes, is meant to be amusing and not demeaning (And I also do find them all attractive so I’m just as horny guilty for enjoying the view).
What we as westerners might deem ignorant and take the moral high ground for is due to living in a melting pot of cultures or personal exposure, is perfectly innocent to the Japanese public. Of course, NOT all Japanese raging are racists/xenophobes (we have enough in the West as it is) and when you actually go beyond amine/weebs talking over actual Japanese people, you may learn that many ‘ist’/’obic’ rhetoric is not condoned there and is increasingly resisted against as many people globally are more socially aware of each other and other cultures. While I doubt there’s a Japanese woman writing her dissertation in parallel to me, and I’ll naively assume that the critiques I spoke about would be similar but who knows. I would be interesting to see how Japanese people would react to this dissertation but unless someone is generous enough to translate 12,000 words for free (or £10 Nintendo eshop voucher) I doubt it, but I will hopeless wait in my pm box if anyone’s willing to.
TL;TR: Ace Attorney’s awesome and I opened my mind about how different cultures perceive identity and culture. You have the ability to enjoy media and still THINK critically about it and what messages it conveys, but at the end of the day, AA among other games, are made for our enjoyment. If AA made you smile, laugh, or cry or go out and get a law degree, then it has fulfilled its purpose.
Special thanks to the AA community not only on Reddit but everywhere on social media. THANK GOD! I’m so glad a franchise I only got into a year ago doesn’t have a toxic fanbase I accidently ran into (late stage Steven Universe fans know what I’m talking) and everyone on the sub talks and acts like NORMAL people who are civil with each other unlike other gaming communities I’ve seen. I feel very comfortable posting here, which is a rare feeling since both offline and online I’m very shy/lonely person, and the volatile examples of social media drivel, fan wars and cancel culture have unfortunately heightened my anxiety x10000. (Seriously, I purposely ignore live chats on official gaming streams for this reason) I have always been hesitant to share my thoughts online or at the very least chat and make meaningful friendships. But everyone on this sub, close friends or not, is very nice and civil, even when making jokes and debating one another. Even though I wished I had asked the sub earlier to contribute first-hand opinions of the series, I am still happy this sub was an important part of my citations. Seriously the mods, do a fantastic job, keep up the great work!
Janet Hsu and the localisation team. Hsu’s blog was instrumental to getting developer’s and localizers’ insights on AA’s development. These people are single-handedly response for all the weird representational oddities in the franchise and I’m in great debt to them. Within the corporate restrictions they made an American-Japanese California hybrid work. I still believe they are a textbook example for who a globalised localisation CAN work with insulting the creator or foreign audience. Regard less of its own silliness at times, Japanifornia makes the AA world much more interesting compared to if it just was Tokyo or California. and Ace Attorney Wiki Contributors. I would be nothing without you. All the images, notes, trivia, translated material and citations in my dissertation, that I did not find on my own, I got from you. Fans make a fandom, but fans who maintain records and articles about a franchise for others to enjoy and learn from maintain a legacy. I’m honestly astounded by some of the info kept on these sites after so long (I wasn’t even in the double digits when people started posting in the CR forums!). Their dedication is something to admire. Thank you.
My Boyfriend. I remember when you suggested we play AA together after finishing the Layton series. We spent the whole summer the series in my small uni room playing snuggled together in the blistering heat. When I was contemplating my dissertation topics, you immediately suggest AA and I sent my outline in. My tutor was impressed. Even if Capcom never releases AA7, the series will always be in my heart since AA combined with Layton, brought him and I closer together as friends, S/Os, gaming partners, and soon roommates. If I never accepted his FB request don’t think I’d give this series a chance let alone write a whole paper about it. I love you honey and I hope AA7 comes out before our 50th wedding anniversary.
If you would like to share my work on other platforms, please ask before doing so, or at least redirect/link people back to this page for credit. Also, if anyone is insane nice enough to translate my work in Japanese or any other language for non-English language fans to read that would be amazing too.
Thank you all for taking interest in my work. Enjoy the dissertation and keep enjoying Ace Attorney!
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2020.07.02 21:15 PaulJP Kilter Films Teams With Amazon Studios to Develop Series Based on Fallout

From FC Mods

Disclaimer: This is an automated post, taking whatever is posted on Bethesda's news and copying it to Reddit. This is done as a courtesy for any users that can't view Bethesda's site, or prefer to use the Reddit feed to keep up on news. FC Mods are NOT Bethesda staff, and responding to this message won't get your message to Bethesda staff (they might see it if they stop by, but it isn't guaranteed). As always, for official feedback, go to the official fo76 subreddit, Bethesda forums, or Bethesda support page.


Amazon Studios has licensed the rights to the worldwide best-selling game franchise Fallout, with acclaimed producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films attached to produce the project, currently in development with a series commitment.
"Fallout is one of the greatest game series of all time. Each chapter of this insanely imaginative story has cost us countless hours we could have spent with family and friends. So we're incredibly excited to partner with Todd Howard and the rest of the brilliant lunatics at Bethesda to bring this massive, subversive, and darkly funny universe to life with Amazon Studios,” said Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Kilter Films.
“Over the last decade, we looked at many ways to bring Fallout to the screen,” said Todd Howard, Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios. “But it was clear from the moment I first spoke with Jonah and Lisa a few years ago, that they and the team at Kilter were the ones to do it right. We’re enormous fans of their work and couldn’t be more excited to work with them and Amazon Studios.”
“Fallout is an iconic global franchise, with legions of fans worldwide and a rich, deeply compelling storyline that powers it. And Jonah and Lisa are the perfect storytellers to bring this series to life,” said Albert Cheng, COO and Co-Head of Television, Amazon Studios. “We’re thrilled to join with Bethesda to bring Fallout to television.”
The world of Fallout is one where the future envisioned by Americans in the late 1940s explodes upon itself through a nuclear war in 2077. The magic of the Fallout world is the harshness of the wasteland set against the previous generation’s utopian idea of a better world through nuclear energy. It is serious and harsh in tone, yet sprinkled with moments of ironic humor and B-movie-nuclear-fantasies.
Fallout games have achieved record-setting sales and received hundreds of awards, including dozens of Game of the Year awards, while its mobile game, Fallout Shelter, has been downloaded more than 170 million times.
Fallout is from Amazon Studios and Kilter Films in association with Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks, with executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and Athena Wickham for Kilter Films, Todd Howard for Bethesda Game Studios, and James Altman for Bethesda Softworks.
Through Kilter Films' overall deal with Amazon, they are currently in pre-production on the techno-thriller drama The Peripheral, based on the William Gibson novel, which follows a woman in a near-future America in which technology has started to subtly alter society. Kilter Films also produces HBO's Westworld which just wrapped its third season and was recently picked up for a fourth season. The series has amassed 43 Emmy nominations along with DGA, WGA, PGA and SAG Awards nominations. Kilter also has produced interactive and transmedia marketing for its series, including a Westworld Super Bowl spot directed by Nolan. Joy recently directed her debut feature film Reminiscence, for Warner Bros., starring Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, and Thandie Newton. Joy wrote the script, which landed on The Black List, and produced with her Kilter Films partner Nolan, Michael De Luca and Aaron Ryder.

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2020.07.01 23:52 scarlett_hatchling Idk if you want to read my story, but I'm not sure where I belong. Maybe if you can relate...

I have just been scrolling through memes and stories and pictures and there is so much that I feel is relatable to me...
I used to see myself in the mirror and think I was happy with what I saw...
Okay sure...i stole a few articles of Clothing and dressed up to look at myself in the mirror when I was a teen... but that was because I didnt really have porn right? And I was just curious, =$ Aaaand okay, I've always hated having short hair, but short hair is for normal people and I never wanted to be normal, I always wanted to make some sort of a statement with what I wore... necklaces, bracelets, skinny Jean's, 45 random belts, people said I looked girly, and people poked fun at it, but that didnt bother me too much, I loved my style and my emo bands....
I live in a small town in canada whose primary resource is oil.. At a school fundraising event "insomniac night" where students who chose to take part would stay at the school overnight and play games, build forts and have nerf wars (it was great). A couple of my female friends put makeup on me as part of a game of truth or dare and I was to wear it around the school, I thought it looked pretty cool, they did a great job.
Please understand the school population was around 500students k-12
We walk into the gym where there is a basketball game and one of my guy friends and bandmates starts laughing, which gets the attention of the Chad's.. "Who's the new chick... oh wait, that's Shayde. Hahahaha you look stupid." "Faggot" " tranny" I laughed it off "haha all good bro it was a dare bro, haha you thought I was a chick you're the gay onessss"............. Followed swiftly by a return to the private bathroom to wash it all off with tears and toilet paper... Never again.
The people I have been around saw trans people as "dudes wearing female clothing because they feel the need to confuse you" I even remember this meme that had high hackman as the background, saying something along the lines of "if I see a dude in drag follow my daughter into the womens bathroom I'll kick his ass".... Hugh Jackman wouldnt support that I'm sure, BUT that's what people think about femboys or trans women here...
At like 16-17 I started getting chest hair and cried because I thought it looked ugly... but then..
I decided to cut my hair short, let my body hair grow, and just lived like that for a few years, grew a shitty beard, said things like I wanted piercings or tattoos but never got them, because I knew what I wanted seemed girly....
Found out I was bi at 18, I was happy about it.. I was careful who I told, but I was even scared to tell the girls I was dating, later on, because "people who sleep with guys are gay and I'm not gay, shell dump me" Sex was easy, but I didnt spend any time looking at myself in the mirror. And I kept myself busy with work and weed.
Opened up about it at like 21, nobody fricken cares.... obviously...
Then at 22 I understood my fantasy in crossdressing, I was working a really good job and so I splurged on lots of clothes and toys, presents video games and car parts...
And started scrolling through reddit again, so I could share photos of myself on accounts I keep deleting out of fear that someone will recognize something about me...
Then i started taking better care of myself, my skin, my image, my relationships... I finally have kinda long hair and I was wearing skinny Jean's again and big cute T shirts and necklaces and I got my ears pierced again... started calling myself a femboy.. Had a couple flings, male and female flings .. and sex was okay, I could definately use it.
Then coronavirus got me out of work.... still out of work.. and I've been spending all of my time hidden in my room playing video games and dressing up.. and posting I've deleted most of the accounts I posted with but I'm making sure I dont delete this one I've been holding onto.., because every single time I log in to see this subreddit or any of the egg or trans subreddits. I find myself fucking choking out tears and suppressing 1000000 emotions...
I dont know how to feel... it's not something I was taught to embrace... because lots of the time they just get in the way, or make you look weak..... I know that's toxic so I'm trying to embrace what I feel..
Sex isnt easy anymore... I hate the body I was born with... I hate that I cant even find myself attractive enough to provide my current "BestFWB" with a good night as often as she wants....
When I'm wearing my thigh highs, or a tank top or some panties I find it's so much easier to focus on my partner.....
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2020.06.26 23:47 Leafjolt Info

This is a subreddit for discussion about the upcoming Warner Bros. movie Reminiscence. Some information is listed in this post.
Synopsis: Jackman is Nicolas Bannister, a rugged and solitary veteran living in a near-future Miami flooded by rising seas. Bannister is an expert in a dangerous occupation — he offers clients the chance to relive any memory they desire. His life changes when he meets Mae (Ferguson). What begins as a simple matter of lost and found becomes a passionate love affair. But when a different client’s memories implicate Mae in a series of violent crimes, Bannister must delve through the dark world of the past to uncover the truth about the woman he fell for. An epic story that travels the intimate and infinite world of memory, Reminiscence asks: How far would you go to hold on to the ones you love?
Director: Lisa Joy
Producers: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Michael De Luca, Aaron Ryder
Written by: Lisa Joy
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandie Newton, Daniel Wu, Cliff Curtis, Angela Sarafyan, Natalie Martinez, Marina de Tavira, Mojean Aria
Cinematographer: Paul Cameron
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Set Release Date (subject to change): April 16, 2021
More info is available here:
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2020.06.14 02:58 ThrowRAdoozy Unintended Love-Triangle, Should I continue a relationship after my BF hid that he was recently in love with my Ex?

Odd love-triangle situation, and I'm feeling a little confused on what to do next. Some background, myself (call me M, 36yo Male), my boyfriend ("B", 30yo Male), my ex ("E", 49yo Male). I used to work with E but got a new job a few years ago, currently B and E work together. It's a high-stress work environment, and sometimes emotions can escalate because of it.
So about 6 years ago, I began working with E. He was my supervisor, and closeted Bi-sexual (our work environment was not necessarily a place to be out at the time, but it's getting better now). After a year, E and I started a secret casual relationship, which developed to full romance but still had to be kept quiet. It was a great relationship while it lasted and was what we both needed at the time to be better people, but after a year we needed different things. It was a hard but amicable breakup, and it took me a LONG time to get over him but I did. In some ways you could say I still love him but I'm not IN love with him, even if there is still a little chemistry. In addition to breaking up, I also got a different job, which meant I was no longer working with E. I still have a picture of him from a special weekend we shared but it's not on display, and a gift he gave me a while back that I still use pretty much every day for work because it's practical and useful.
It's been about 4 years since then, and about 2 months ago I met B. He works with E, which was something we actually bonded over, kind of like trading war stories. We started openly dating, and after about a month we were in love. B told me that when we met he had feelings for someone, but that they talked it out and nothing had happened, which was fine by me and we continued happily.
A few days ago, B and I were going at it. I said "I love you," he said "I love you too" but then said E's name. Now I'm the kind of person that would've laughed and ran with it if pretended I was Hugh Jackman. But needless to say I flipped out at this one.
Apparently B had been in love with E, not just had feelings for him like he had said. Nothing ever actually happened, but E had done some of the subtle things for B which made me start falling in love with him way back, though E never let it get any further than those things because he didn't want a relationship. B says that he's over his feelings for E and that what he said was just from being on a sexual high and from being used to pining after E for so long.
I can't be mad at B for having been in love with E - I mean, he's pretty attractive in many ways which was how I fell for him too. But the fact that B understated his feelings for E - and at least on some level still has some - means I'm definitely backing away until he's really over them.
The question is - how will I know when B is over E for real this time? Is there something I should look for him to do?
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2020.06.12 09:17 reportedXD reportedXD: #2 Logan (2017)

Date Watched: June 12, 2020
Synopsis: In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life. But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her to safety.
Thoughts: Although I am not well versed in the cinematic history of X-Men, Hugh Jackman has always been one of the best actors to fill the of a superhero. Seventeen years as the clawed champion had led up to this movie and he knocks it out of the fucking park. It’s weird to say but I was left tearing up at the end of a superhero movie and it felt so right.
Well shot, well acted, and excellently paced, Logan fulfilled every itch that needed scratching when it came to a bleaker superhero flick. Both the action of one scene and the emotional break of another had me enthralled at all times.
Rating: 5/5 Excellent film. Doesn’t require any past experiences with the X-Men films to understand, but will make the emotional hits of each of the characters hit like a semi-truck.
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2020.06.12 00:12 Slimjunkin I'm listening to every podcast and coming up with at least one question for each one (1- 50)

I started this a while ago (before Burnie left the podcast and now RT) so I know if this is somehow seen, a lot of these wont get answered. This was just something fun for me to do while I work. I also tried to mark down any RTAAs or other notable conventions.
If you know the answers or I missed anything, let me know.
1- Why did a cop point a gun at Burnie?
2- Has burnie had oustwerst since he went to the Netherlands (early RTAA if iirc)
3- Did David's Christian SNL sketch show ever take off? (Random fan that called during podcast)
4- How often does Matt say "huh, that's weird"?
5- Can burnie do the Vulcan greeting yet?
6- Does geoff still get the meat sweats at kreuz
7- Is burnie still mad at his ex wife that she doesn't find Hugh Jackman attractive?
8- Has gus played with any of his old guild members after his WoW guild dispanded?
9- Does anyone still have a grifball polo?
10- Does Gus still get sick from nerves (times release for RvB)
11- Man, you guys complain about Twitter a lot. Can you see a laser bolt from a blaster? (kylo was able to stop one mid air so I think yes)
12- Why didn't gus set up all 4 ethernet ports on everyone's desk
13- Does Joel still play sports games?
14- Of all the xbox dashboards, which one was your favorite?
15- Where was this podcast recorded?
16- Would you ever ask Vic to do a voice for a show as a small cameo?
17- (Gavin's first podcast appearance) would gavin ever direct a major show like RVB again?
18 Does Gavin still kill NPCs in games like he used to in halo?
19- Does gavin still have his provisional license from when he was in the UK?
20- You guys talked about making the ODST commercial in this episode, would Rooster Teeth ever want to start a commercial division for games outside of the game making division? Does burnie still have his orange memory card?
21- ( story and gus' egged car story) has Gus had a better puking experience than when he shit put a whole bean through his nose after eating Salt Lick and does he still have stinky sneezes?
22- (Gavin gets hit in the nuts with a frozen egg, geoff tells the story of the guy who almost got struck by lightning, burnies shitty Tupperware joke) Do you guys still have the modded controllers that you got from PAX?
23- You think people still put fireworks on mallets?
24- What made you think you could do a podcast every day for a week?
25- Does geoff still have his screamo ringtone?
26- Does Gus still have his copy if Combat 2 for the Atari 2600?
27- Was Frank with you when you played DnD back in 2009?
28- Does jack still give painful high fives?
29- Is Dogster still around? (Parody of friendster)
30- (headlight fluid) In this episode, you talked about Tower Defense, zombie (if you want to consider that a genre,) shooters, and music (Rockland Beatles,) what genre would you like to see make a comeback?
31- Is Frank still a crazy drivers?
32- What does mean to be Microsoft Certified?
33- You talked about how many servers Facebook has (and that Gus got the domain for and said you only had 9 servers. How many servers does RT have now? Also you said Fallout 3 was the best looking 360 game at the time, that probably makes you feel dated.
34- Do you think WoW (or other MMOs) having a hardcore mode would be a popular thing?
35- (Millie threatens Griffin, burnie makes napalm as a kid, Geoff pretends not to know his moms friend picking him up) if you were going to move somewhere else after retiring, where would you go?
36- Is geoff still fascinated with boners?
37- (The Man sauce) Does Burnie still make is deep fried jalapeno turkey?
38- Would anyone still want to go to a Butt-numb-a-thon?
39- Do you think stop motion still has a place in movies today?
40- Did burnies ex wife ever hear the podcast of the RTAA of her describing halo figures?
41- Does burnie still type with only two fingers? (Shamoo plane)
42- Would you ever do a podcast awards for the best of the best where you take the winners of certain categories? (First podcast awards)
43- How many snowmen has Gus peed on?
44- Does the police department ever still ask for volunteers to get drunk for field sobriety tests?
45- What is your opinion on late night talk shows now?
46- Are there any clips of Joel on Love Connection?
47- Would you recommend still recommend Lost?
48- Is there any kind of seafood that Gus likes?
49- Do you think something like xbox Game Room would have decent reception if it was done today?
50- Has Brandon fallen for anymore fake death hoaxes?
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2020.05.29 00:10 rjco99 (Giveaway) Universal Rewards code (

EDIT: Please read the rules. Numbers may or may not still be eligible if the person did not meet the criteria for entry.

EDIT 2: I get notifications on my phone too. Some guesses have been changed even though they are not flagged as "edited." I will not accept entries that have been changed.

EDIT 3: Winning number is 12. Two people guessed this number but did not meet the criteria (not enough flair) and one person changed their guess.

I have a rewards code for Univeral that must be used before/on 5/31/20. The rewards program is being revamped after that date.

Current movies you can redeem are: Nocturnal Animals, Les Miserables (Hugh Jackman/Russell Crowe), Hard Target 2, The Deep, or chances to win a $100 American Express gift card.

Giveaway rules:

If you'd like to purchase a movie I have for sale, here is my list.
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2020.05.14 23:23 Phenenas Phenenas #24: Movie 43 (2013)

Date started: 1/11/2020
So, it’s come to this. I came into Movie 43 knowing barely anything about it, except that it’s considered among the worst movies of all time. I’ve read up on the manipulative means director Peter Farrelly used to get the likes of Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, and more into his film without really informing them what it was about. This movie probably gets most of its reputation from the production horror stories alone. Because the final product? Well’s bad. But worst of the worst? No, it doesn’t even deserve that title.
Basically, it’s an anthology of short films that all revolve around some kind of irreverent gross-out humor. Usually with anthology films, there’s at least one little short or segment that I enjoy, but there isn’t a single decent one in Movie 43. They all range from unfunny to painfully unfunny. I guess there’s no other way to go through it than to give a quick rapidfire review of each one.
The first one is about Hugh Jackman having a date with Kate Winslet, the catch being that he has a ballsack on his neck. And nobody noticed but her. That’s the joke. And here’s the crazy part, it’s probably the best short in the movie. It’s not really funny or clever, but it at least has a grasp on the basics of comedic timing and got one or two chuckles out of me. The next is about a kid who gets homeschooled by his parents, and they want to give him an “authentic high school experience”, so they bully him, make fun of him, and in one scene, his mother roleplays as his girlfriend about to take his virginity. Just going for shock value with no laughs. There’s one about a girl who’s in a happy relationship with Chris Pratt, and she desperately wants him to poop on her. Again, shock value, pretty boring. The next has what appears to be a young Grima Wormtongue working as a grocery store clerk, who runs into his ex, Emma Stone, and they have an argument laced with fierce sexual tension. It drags on way too long, and has no punchline of any kind. The next is a “comedic” take on the classic DC superheroes, which probably made me cringe more than anything in the movie. It reminds me of a really bad SNL sketch, just desperately throwing every Batman or Superman joke ever made at you, and random gross-outs and sex jokes just to get a laugh. It was probably the worst part of the movie.
There’s a sketch about something called the iBabe, which is a robotic music playing device that looks like a hot girl, and happens to have razor sawblades in its vaginal canal. And...the company executives talk about it. And Richard Gere is there. That one just went nowhere. Then there’s one where a girl has her period for the first time while at a boy’s house, and the boy freaks out because he thinks she was mortally wounded or something. It’s very tasteful. Then there’s one about killer leprechauns, and it acts as if nobody has ever done the “cute creature turns out to be bloodthirsty murderer” bit before. Yeah, really breaking new ground there. Jesus guys, they already made 6 movies about killer leprechauns before this came out! Then there’s one where a man and a woman on a blind date and they play a very intense game of truth or dare. Honestly, it’s not half bad, by this movie’s standards. Though it was odd to see Wheatley from Portal 2 on a date with Halle Berry. Then there’s one about a segregation-era basketball game, where a black coach gives an inspirational speech to his black team about how they’re going to win because they’re black and the other team is white. And the last short is about an animated cat named Beezel who tries to kill his owner’s girlfriend but nobody believes her. I hate that type of story, so it left me with an even more bitter taste in my mouth than the other shorts.
I discovered after I finished the movie that apparently the version I had seen was the European cut, and there’s a big difference. The overarching story that links the shorts together is entirely different in the American version. For me, it was about a group of kids looking for the legendary “Movie 43” on the deep web, and coming across all these god-forsaken shorts along the way. In the one most people have seen, apparently it’s about a filmmaker proposing his ideas to an executive, or something. Well, I don’t think this is a “Blade Runner” situation where people argue over which cut is superior. No matter how you tie them together, the shorts are all garbage.
I mean, I dunno what else I can say. It’s garbage. I was surprised to hear the shorts all had different directors, because they all have the same tone of desperation. They’re desperate to make you laugh, to flaunt the celebrities they somehow got hold of, to gross you out or get a rise out of you. And you know what? I’m not gonna give Mr. Farrelly the satisfaction. It’s not worth getting angry about, like The Last Airbender or Phantom Menace. Movie 43 is nothing more than useless, worthless garbage.
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