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In 1995, Candice Fenton's body was discovered in her apartment, with her neck and wrists bound using a dog leash. The police say that while they doubt her death was natural, they can't rule it out.

2019.08.03 14:34 Neurotic-pixie In 1995, Candice Fenton's body was discovered in her apartment, with her neck and wrists bound using a dog leash. The police say that while they doubt her death was natural, they can't rule it out.

Candice Fenton’s mother Frances says she had friends everywhere. As a child, she was a Girl Scout. She played softball and soccer, sang in the choir, acted in plays. She was on the swim team and in the color guard for three years in high school. She was an officer in Students Against Drunk Driving. After her father started treatment for cancer, she earned the nickname “Little Miss Sunshine” by singing for other patients to cheer them up. And she still somehow found time to volunteer for a variety of causes, from collecting toys for children to saving the dolphins.
In 1995, Candice was preparing to start her junior year at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She had moved there from New Jersey to attend college. According to Frances, she was happy there. She wanted to be a teacher, and though she had been struggling with reading assignments due to a learning disability, she had just been accepted into an exchange program in Spain. She had found her place in a local Lutheran church.
But on July 18, 1995, Frances started to get worried. She hadn’t heard from Candice in days, so she called the Auburn police and requested a welfare check.
When the police arrived at Candice’s apartment, they found her decomposing body on the floor, bound at the neck and wrists by a dog leash. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was partially clothed. There were no signs of forced entry, nothing had been taken, and she had no injuries beyond what the dog leash presumably did to her neck and wrists.
She died of asphyxiation, but the coroner couldn’t determine whether her asthma played a role in her death. While her mother is certain she was a victim of homicide, the police say they can’t completely rule out an accident.
One of her friends, Stephanie Perry, said that the police had asked her about Candice’s sexual orientation. They also asked her how she thought Candice had been killed, which struck her as odd.
In 2015, Auburn investigators went back for another look at the case, telling the media that newer technological advances like touch DNA “and other forensic processes” could help solve Candice’s case. At some point they sent evidence to the FBI in the hopes of getting a profile of the possible killer, but they understandably haven’t revealed anything they got in response.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find much about Candice’s case; just the two articles below and her obituary on Find a Grave. Candice’s death, which has not been officially ruled a homicide, remains unsolved after 24 years.
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2016.03.16 15:25 NickSabanFanBoy Offseason Roster Overview 2016: Post Free Agency Frenzy/Pre 2016 Draft- What's Dave Caldwell's next move?

Now that free agency is just about wrapped up and with the 2016 NFL Draft in only 42 days, I got the idea to do an in depth look at our current active roster after reading JagTuga ‘s post on how our roster looked after our free agent signings. With this post I looked at each individual player on our roster and what their roles are with the Jaguars. I also looked at the position groups we currently have and how each group could be affected with the 2016 Draft fast approaching.
2016 Offseason - 73 singed so far (90 off-season limit, 75 after pre-season, 53 final roster)
A name in bold is next season’s expected starter


  • Heading into the offseason and the NFL Draft just 43 days away, it’s hard to remember a time where a Jaguar fan could say this with certainty: “We have a QB and we have an offense”. It still sounds weird to say. Free agency was met with the addition of RB Chris Ivory, Bernadu, and the steelers guy on offense. Looking towards the draft, there really isn’t too much to target here on offense, as we have most of needs on offense. My prediction is that we target either a CenteGuard, Running back, and maybe a wide receiver or tight end (in order of most likely to least likely).
QB: Blake Bortles, Chad Henne
Notes: No question as to who the starter and back up are going to be headed into the 2016 season. Bortles showed growth and Henne was recently re-singed to a 2 year, 8 million dollar deal. No issues here!
As for the draft, if we draft a QB then he’s a camp arm at best. So either a 7th rounder or an UDFA we pick up later.
LT: Kelvin Beachum, Luke Joeckel
LG: Mackenzy Bernadeau, A.J Cann
C: Luke Bowanko, Tyler Shatley OR Brandon LindeA.J. Cann
RG: Brandon Linder, Christopher Reed
RT: Jeremey Parnell, Patrick Miller
Notes: The most complicated group. With the release of Beadles and loss of Wisinski, the Jaguars are looking to possibly remodel their offensive line. Linder, Cann, and Bowanko have been rumored to start at center next season but nothing official has been said regarding those changes at center.
With the return of Linder and rookie Cann making strides, both guard positions looked secured. Until free agency, that is. With the addition of Bernadeau and with the arrival of free agent Kelvin Beachum the offensive line may have some competition going into the off-season. Beachum, who started at LT for 4 seasons with the Steelers, tore his ACL this past October but is expected to make a full recovery by the 2016 opener.
Emphasis should be put on the apparent competition now happening between Beachum and Joeckel for the starting LT spot, since this competition could be the first “domino” to fall in how our offensive line looks this offseason . As to what these moves may mean, there's no way of knowing for now.
The offensive line may be addressed in some form with a pick from the 2016 NFL Draft but, generally, rookies should not be relied upon too heavily. Additionally, with the center spot lacking a starter and Beachum joining the Jaguars, the entire offensive line might have complete overhauls headed into training camp. So who knows what’ll happen before training camp!
TE: Marcedes Lewis, Nic Jacobs, Ben Koyack
TE: Julius Thomas, Clay Harbor
Notes: With Marcedes re-signed to a 3 year deal, it’s no question that both Marcedes and Thomas will be the starters headed into the 2016 season for tight ends. Thomas would of course be suited as a receiving tight end and Marcedes more so with blocking.
Harbor is good depth, while Koyack and Jacobs likely compete in camp for a spot on the depth chart.
I would not be surprised to see DC draft a TE in the later rounds, but I wouldn’t bet money on it either.
RB: Chris Ivory, T.J. Yeldon, Denard Robinson, Jonas Gray, Corey Grant, Bernard Pierce (FA)
Notes: Another interesting group headed into the 2016 offseason. Yeldon, a rookie drafted in the 2nd round last year, proved to be a solid back for the Jaguars. Unfortunately, Yeldon could only do so much and showed that, when not playing, our depth at running back was lackluster. With the singing of Ivory in free agency from the Jets, Yeldon finally has a complement to his shifty, patient, running style.
Ivory provides power and explosiveness to our running game and also allows Yeldon to rest when necessary. Gray was singed late last season and Robinson still has issues with ball security. Grant, a rookie last season, spent a majority of his time on IR and is a question mark. Pierce, as of typing this wall of text, is a free agent. As to whether the Jaguars will have a committee or split carries for their backs, we’ll have to wait and see during camp.
The depth at this position is still somewhat “shaky” and there are some running backs in this upcoming draft class that the Jaguars may look into (and some that I have fallen in love with and would love to see in teal) drafting in the mid or later rounds.
WR: Allen Robinson, Rashad Greene (slot), Damian Copeland, Tony Washington, Rasheed Bailey, Bryan Walters
WR: Allen Hurns, Marqise Lee, Neal Sterling, Arellious Benn, Shaq Evans
Notes: Most improved (and hyped) group of players going into 2016. Not much needs to be said that already hasn’t been stated thousands of times before. DC stated recently that Hurns might see some time as a slot receiver. So that would mean our packages would include Robinson and Lee on the outside, and Hurns tearing it up in the slot. At the same time. Ugh, pinch me. Greene has been a solid rookie despite being placed on IR half the year.
Speaking of Greene, according to AP sports writer Mark Long “there are people in the Jaguars building who believe WR Rashad Greene will be better than Robinson and Hurns”. I watch a ton of college football and when the Jaguars drafted Greene in round 5 I screamed like a girl (not joking either). Bold prediction: Greene has a breakout year in 2016.
I will say this, though, while our starters are mostly (I’ll stress again, MOSTLY) set in stone I wouldn’t complain about at least one wide receiver drafted this April. Though, the value has to be good to warrant a draft pick. In Dave we trust.


  • Man… put it nicely, last year was not our year on defense. ‘What happened’ you ask? Here’s a TL;DR: Fowler was out for the year as soon as camp started (it still hurts), Chris Clemons and Andre Branch were ineffective, and our best defensive player in 2014 was out for the season again with injury, all that combined gave QBs enough time to pick apart our already inadequate secondary. Oh, 3rd and long was a big issue as well. Anyways, you get the point. Free agency set the tone for how the defense will be expected to play going forward and the draft will only add on to that. A majority of our draft picks will be for defense and, thankfully, there’s a ton of defensive talent this year. Hooray!
LEO: Dante Fowler, Chris Smith, Ryan Davis
Notes: The group that has caused the most anxiety among Jaguar fans and could very well be our biggest need headed into the offseason. Drafted with the 3rd overall pick last year, Fowler, by all reports, has been having an amazing recovery and has looked great when doing drills per GM David Caldwell. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to dispel uncertainty headed into next season. Smith has done okay and Davis is a solid rotational guy, though more needs to be done.
With the lack of success of edge/LEO pass rushing ends in free agency, our only options at this point are to wait and use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a defensive end, wait until after the 3rd week of preseason games and pick up a released defensive end elsewhere, or trade. Spending a draft pick on a defensive end or edge rusher is pretty much a certainty at this point given our need and how defensively talented this year’s draft is.
DT (3-tech): Malik Jackson(1a.), Sen’Derrick Marks (1b.), Michael Bennett, Tyson Alualu
DT (1-tech): Malik Jackson (1a.), Roy Miller (1b.), Arby Jones
Elephant End: Jared Odrick, Quanterus Smith
Notes: After signing Malik Jackson, the top free agent this year, to a 6 year deal our pass-rush and run defense has already improved. Sure, it sounds a bit like I’m flying off the handles but can you blame me? Malik paired with both Marks and Miller make a killer D line.

Q: But why is Malik starting over Marks and Miller?

A: Well, he's not exactly starting over one player necessarily (hence 1a/1b). His role is to provide pass rush or run defense on whatever defensive package we run. For instance, one down could be Fowler, Malik, Miller, Odrick and another look could be Fowler, Marks, Malik, Odrick.
Also, Malik is an extremely versatile player and can line up anywhere on the D line. This allows Miller and Marks, who is coming off IR for two seasons straight, needed rest. Odrick has also done a great job playing as our Elephant End and provided the Jaguars with great run support, as well as provided good pressure on the D line. Some depth at Elephant wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not necessarily a priority.
With how deep this draft class is on the defensive line, spending a draft pick on defensive tackle isn’t outside the realm of possibility.
ILB: Telvin Smith, Jordan Tripp
MLB: Paul Poslunzy, Thruston Armbrister, Joplo Bartu
OLB/Otto: Dan Skuta, Hayes Pullard, Sean Porter
Notes: For me, personally, this is the group that has me scratching my head the most as to what we should do in the offseason, if anything at all.
On one hand, Smith has been excellent for us and was probably our best player on defense last year, Posluszny is a veteran who understands the game well and provides leadership, and Skuta (when healthy) has played the Otto well from what I’ve seen.
On the other hand, as seen when any of these 3 players are out, depth needs to be addressed eventually. Additionally, Posluszny is a liability in pass coverage and age is another factor going against him. What’s more confusing is the fact that Skuta may be possibly playing LEO and, if that’s the case, then we need someone unique to play the Otto position.
The Otto is a position which isn’t exactly commonplace in the NFL to begin with, so whoever ends up playing Otto needs to understand the position and master it, as well as have the versatility to do many tasks on the field such as rush the passer, drop into coverage, and, most importantly, excel in run support. It’s been a popular notion that the Jaguars use the 5th overall pick on a Linebacker. I would tend to agree with this notion depending on how the top 4 plays out.
SS: Jonathan Cyprien, Josh Evans, James Sample
FS: Tasuan Gipson, Sergio Brown, Craig Loston
Notes: With Gipson almost certainly being our starting free safety, this position doesn’t need to be addressed heavily going into the offseason. Only question mark is how the Jaguars see players like Evans and Sample going into the future and what their roles are. Brown, while not too great as a starter last year, should provide solid depth.
Strong safety is somewhat similar to free safety in that some players (Evans and Sample again) still need to be defined as to what their roles are moving forwards. Although unlike free safety, strong safety is not as….talented. Sure, Cyprien may improve now that there’s more help around him and solidify his role as a starter……but something tells me there may be a bit of a shakeup at strong safety in training camp. We still don’t know what we have in Sample and Cyprien may improve with more help around him.
Now, another popular notion with the 5th overall pick in this year’s draft is to snag defensive back Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State. Some people may think this is an odd pick considering we have help at free safety thanks to Gipson, but Jalen Ramsey is an extremely gifted athlete who can play multiple positions in the secondary. STAR safety, nickel back, corner back, free safety, it doesn’t matter. He’s also amazing at disguising blitzes and causing chaos during blitzes, using speed, burst, vision, and his athleticism to affect the play.
Ramsey can do it all. Only problem is other teams ahead of us are aware of his skills as well. If he goes before 5, not the end of the word; if he’s there at 5, TAKE HIM.
LCB: Davon House, Dwayne Gratz, Payton Thompson, Josh Johnson, Chance Casey
RCB: Aaron Colvin(nickel), Prince Amukamara, Nick Marshall, Rashaad Reynolds, Demetrius McCray
Notes: With the addition of Amukamara (such a fun name to say!) in free agency on a 1 year deal, our corner back group is not too shabby. House played well for us last year despite a horrendous lack of pressure from the D line and Colvin plays best when put against a slot receiver but is also a good player for us overall. Gratz and McCray were below average last year and Marshall (despite some flubs) I believe deserves another shot.
As someone who is obsessed with college football and watched Marshall play for Auburn as a QB, I know Marshall is a class act as well as a tremendous athlete and will work hard and give us everything he’s got.
The 2016 draft class has an abundance of great corners so expect us to draft at least one corner for either depth purposes or to compete for possible starting reps.

Special Teams:

  • The big debate amongst Jags fans is whether or not we should draft a kicker. On one hand Jason Myers has…….been…….Jason Myers, so the desire to draft a kicker is understandable. The other side of the coin is whether or not a kicker is even worth a draft pick. I don’t know the answer for either side of this debate so I will say this…… Dave we trust.
P: Brad Nortman
PK: Jason Myers
Notes: Nortman, a free agent punter from Carolina, was singed in free agency this year to replace 3rd round pick Bryan Anger.
Jason Myers, who fans both hated and loved at many points last season, has a great leg for field goals but misses way too many extra points. Can he improve next year? Hopefully.
The two schools of thought are that we should either draft a kicker or sign a kicker before the season starts. I'm personally undecided on both options.
LS: Carson Tinker
H: Brad Nortman
Notes: As far as I know, no complaints about Tinker as our Long Snapper.
PR: Rashad Greene, Bryan Walters
KR: Denard Robinson, Nick Marshall, Corey Grant
Notes: For punt returns, Greene has been great and will only get better. My only suggestion for next year is to keep feeding Greene punt returns until he breaks every Jaguars record for the position.
The kick return is open until the coaching staff finds someone who’s right for the job. I don’t care if he’s a corner, wider receiver, running back, etc. If that person lights it up at camp, then make them the go to kick returner. No more switching kick returners every 4 games.
As for the draft, I can think of a few return specialists who may fit our team but whether they’re worth a pick is up to DC.

Possible Draft Targets:

Heading into the draft, our biggest needs are DE/EDGE, DB, and Center. LB depth, DL depth (tons of DL talent this year), and whenever BPA is appropriate will also be a trend.
To simulate draft day scenarios, I'm using Fanspeak's mock draft simulator to predict three rounds into the draft. Furthermore, I'm doing 10 drafts each from 3 different Big Boards for more accurate trends and mocks. Those Big Boards are: Fanspeak's Big Board (most recently updated), CBS's Big Board, and Jeff Ridson-Draft Breakdown's Big Board.

Mock 1- Fanspeak's Big Board (Avg. of 10 Mocks)

Round 1 Pick 5: 7
  • Myles Jack / 6'1, 245 lbs/ OLB / UCLA
Myles Jack is a special athlete who can both cover and pass rush at an elite level. Gus Bradley and Todd Wash would have a great time using Jack in many schemes and using his unique abilities to make him a defensive nightmare. Also, at about "80%" of his knee recovery he still jumped a 40'' vertical at his pro-day. Holy guacamole!
Round 2 Pick 7:
  • Jonathan Bullard / 6'3, 285 lbs/ DE-DT/ Florida
Jonathan Bullard may be suited more at defensive tackle, but what Bullard brings is versatility and the ability to both shoot through gaps with power. He can switch to and rush the edge with quickness off the snap. Bonus points for being Fowler's former teammate, it would be great to have these two together on the field again. Double bonus points since Fowler and Bullard would often switch the same positions similarly to how they would switch from Edge/Inside Rush at the University of Florida.
Round 3 Pick 6:
  • Nick Martin / 6'4, 299 lbs/ C / Notre Dame
A starter for 3 seasons at Notre Dame, if plans with Linder or Cann going to center fall through then Nick Martin would be a great pick. He posses the instincts and power it takes to play center at the next level. Plus, we have to continue the streak of OL in the 3rd round.

Mock 2- CBS's Big Board (Avg. of 10 Mocks)

Round 1 Pick 5:
  • Myles Jack / 6'1, 245 lbs/ OLB / UCLA
Same as the previous draft. Fun fact: Myles Jack previously played running back!
Round 2 Pick 7:
  • Ryan Kelly / 6'4, 311 lbs/ C / Alabama
CBS ranked Ryan Kelly much higher on their Big Board than Fanspeak. Ryan Kelly is what many to be a "pro-typical center". That is, he posses the ideal height and weight coveted by scouts and coaches alike. Biggest strength to Kelly's game was his ability to great holes and provide support in the run game. Also, he's coached by Nick Saban. Which means he's disciplined and intelligent, which translates to next to no penalties throughout his career. If DC wants to spend a 2nd rounder on a center for the future, Kelly might be the guy.
Round 3 Pick 6:
  • Su'a Cravens / 6'1, 226 lbs / SS-LB / Southern Cal
Remember how I said the SS position could use a shake up, this could be exactly what I was thinking. Cravens is a great special teams player, has NFL caliber instincts as well as an NFL bloodline, and Cravens excels in coverage, but also provides support is blitzing. Has great hands for a SS/LB with 9 interceptions over 3 seasons.

Mock 3- Jeff Ridson- Draft Breakdown's Big Board (Avg. 10 Mocks)

Round 1 Pick 5:
  • Myles Jack / 6'1, 245 lbs / OLB / UCLA
In this simulator, Jack was there 6/10 times and Bosa was there 3/10 times. Bosa is a safe pick for a pass rusher, so if worse comes to worse and he's BPA then I'm fine with the pick.
Round 2 Pick 7:
  • Shilique Calhoun / 6'4, 251 lbs / DE / Michigan State
Calhoun may be on the light side for an edge rusher, but what he lacks in muscle mass he makes up for in pass rush production. Has great burst off the line of scrimmage and can bend with ease around tackles using a variety of different pass rushing moves. I think Callhoun could come into camp and win the back up job to Fowler. Next season he would see a light amount of snaps in situational packages, but could bulk up and one day start in the near future depending on production.
Round 3 Pick 6:
  • Ryan Kelly / 6'4, 311 lbs / C / Alabama
Ryan Kelly was not as highly rated, but still fell to the Jaguars in 6/10 mocks that were processed. Karl Joseph (SS, West Virginia) was mocked 2/10 times to the Jaguars.
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2016.02.11 19:06 JasonBourne008 /u/JasonBourne008's Tape Only Cornerback Review - Top 27 Prospects

This is primarily a tape only review, without doing much external reading on these prospects from other scouts. Consider this a relatively isolated test if you will.
Take pity on me, cornerbacks are very difficult to grade, even the NFL scouts have a very difficult time discerning which prospects the best fit for their scheme
Each draft there is between 30 and 45 CBs drafted, so this list, although not exhaustive, will cover a good portion of CBs in this year's class.
Full disclosure, I don't follow College Football at all. This makes me both naive and unbiased at the same time. I just like evaluating players.
For the purpose of this evaluation I put high emphasis on 2 things.
1) Does the CB have tight coverage on the WR in most cases, regardless of whether or not the pass is completed 2) Does the CB actively participate in the run game (effort, get off blocks, tackling technique etc.)
And yes we are going to run through this list #27 -> #1 Buzzfeed style :P
Ranking Name College Height Weight Draft Grade Notes
27 Cameron Sutton Tennessee 5'11 185 Undrafted That was pretty underwhelming. Showed less 0 effort against the run. Didn't get off blocks and when he was unblocked he actively ran away from the running back. He is a scared little girl.
26 Xavien Howard Baylor 6'2 200 Undrafted Just really really bad film. Man was exposed by mediocre players. Penalties, big catches, out-of position.
25 Briean Boddy-Calhoun Minnesota 5'9 190 Undrafted Very small frame, and he doesn't really make up for it with above average quickness or speed. Gives up way too many uncontested catches. Played in the nickel in 2015. Seems hesitant to get involved in the run game. Usually takes really bad angles.
24 Jonathan Jones Auburn 5'10 180 Late 7th+ Only have film from 2014. Don't have much to say about what I did see from him. Seems thoroughly average (or below average) at everything he does.
23 Brian Poole Florida 5'9 213 Late 7th+ Played safety for Florida in 2015. Really not much to say about him, doesn't stand out at all. And he would have to convert and learn to play CB. Compact body frame
22 Tre’Davious White LSU 5'11 191 7th+ This guy couldn't get off a block if his life depended on it. Its honestly disgusting to watch. No effort.
21 Artie Burns Miami 6'0 197 7th+ really nothing to see on tape. Doesn't stand out at all. Doesn't seem very fast
20 Tavon Young Temple 5'10 174 6th+ Has the body of a nickel CB. Has good quickness, but gave up a lot of critical throws when it counted most. Sometimes played the WRs really tight, other times not so much. No contribution to the run game.
19 Harlan Miller SE Louisiana 6'1 180 5th+ Pretty good size, probably should add a little muscle mass. Average against the run and appears average in coverage. Not much film on him.
18 Zack Sanchez Oklahoma 5'11 175 5th+ Probably the smallest CB in the draft. Has elite acceleration. He never stops moving his feet when their is a pileup of players. Want to see him be a little more physical, I want him to be feisty. Not sure on his top-speed. Because of his size he probably has to play exclusively in the slot.
17 Cyrus Jones Alabama 5'10 195 5th+ Gives up too much separation for my liking. Doesn't posses elite acceleration. He has the body of a safety. Seems to excel taking on blockers and getting involved in the run game. Has top-notch return skills, good vision, shifty moves. I am not sure he can play the CB position, and I'm not convinced he can play at safety either. He just doesn't know what he is doing out there as a CB
16 Kevon Seymour USC 6'0 185 4th+ Only have two 2014 tapes on him so far. Slightly undersized as an X,Y corner, but perfect size for a nickel or dime corner. 3/4's of the time he is very tight on his man. Might be the best pound-for-pound DB in this class. He won't always make the stop but he gets off/away from blocks and engages the running backs.
15 Deiondre' Hall Northern Iowa 6'2 190 4th+ Played safety in college. He will be at the Senior Bowl which is a good sign. Has ideal size for a CB. Eagerly gets involved in the run game.
14 Eli Apple Ohio State 6'1 200 4th+ Seems undersized. Doesn't look very physical. Could probably play as the nickel. Watched more tape on him and he still doesn't stand out
13 Kendall Fuller Virginia Tech 5'11 195 Late 3rd+ average size, below-average run support (doesn't get off blocks), doesn't let his WR run away from him. doesn't get his head around to locate the ball = big PI calls. Has good speed and exceptional acceleration, but is raw and doesn't know what he is doing out there
12 James Bradberry Samford (II) 6'1 213 3rd+ Has really good length and size: he doesn't look to heavy for the position. He is clearly athletic and the perfect body type, but he must be a project given his lack of competition in college. Played in some tier 2 of Division 1 NCAA football.
11 Vernon Hargreaves III Florida 5'11 192 2nd+ He is strong and physical, but seems to not be good at covering people. Run support is above average. Returns kickoffs and does other special teams work.
10 D.J. White Georgia Tech 5'11 190 2nd+ Average body size which is good. Good coverage skills. Poor in the run game: Not because he doesn't get involved, he just doesn't know how to properly get off blocks and come up and tackle.
9 Mackensie Alexander Clemson 5'10 195 2nd+ Big, physical, good in run support. Doesn't really stand out like he has been hyped. Has the swagger of a #1 prospect. Thinks he is Dion Sanders. His bark is bigger than his bite. I don't think his technique is very sound, he looks kinda sloppy out there. I think he has a low floor, but a high ceiling.
8 Taveze Calhoun Mississipi State 6'1 180 2nd+ Long and rangy looking. Doesn't get out of breaks quickly. Doesn't have speed or quickness. Decent run support, can get off/around blocks. I wouldn't ca him a playmaker, he just does his job though. Played a bit of zone. At only 180 he needs to put on some more weight I would think (but that might make him even slower) I think he can be a solid CB2 on a defense.
7 KeiVarae Russell Notre Dame 5'11 190 2nd+ Skinny legs. Unsure if he has enough speed to cover deep balls. Played a lot of press coverage. Probably the best form tackling CB in this class; almost always wraps up the legs; not a big hitter, but he nearly always gets his man. Seems to have good pass coverage technique which may be making up for a lack of quickness. I would say he possesses average speed and quickness. Often times the QB would look to throw at him and then not like the coverage and be forced to go elsewhere. Served an academic suspension in 2014.
6 Ken Crawley Colorado 6'1 185 Early 2nd+ Could be a real steal. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. Very good in the run game, coming up and making tackles. Closes on WRs very quickly. Not sure about top speed. Has good footwork and technique. Is a playmaker & is physical with this Wide Outs.
5 Eric Murray Minnesota 6'0 200 Early 2nd+ Gets off blocks and is very physical against the run. Needs to wrap up a little more, but love the desire to make the stop. Plays a lot of press coverage with some blitzs mixed in: Plays some zone as well. Very good body size, he looks like saftey kind of, or maybe a running back. Showed great improvement from his 2014 season. He is a playmaker; sometimes he messes up though. Not sure about top speed/agility. Has the look of a #1 CB. Probably the best against the run in this draft class.
4 William Jackson III Houston 6'2 175 1st+ Long, but actually doesn't look to thin. Could be a great selection. Has great hands, and skills at high-pointing the football. Fluid movement in his hips. Looks like a natural. Made some BIG hits in the run game
3 Will Redmond Mississipi State 6'0 185 1st+ Seems like an all-around player. Good in the run game, sticks tight on his man in coverage. Great acceleration. Played press-coverage at the line too. Made some big plays. Tore his ACL in October. Able to chase down runners all over the field. Open-field tackles
2 Kevin Peterson Oklahoma State 5'10 175 1st+ Great speed and agility. Looks like a professional out there. Very fluid hip movement. Closes and makes up ground quickly. Get off all sorts of blockers. Gets involved in the running game; has a real knack for making tackles. Got exposed by Treadwell 1v1, but was in his hip pocket in most cases.Weighed in at the Senior bowl as the lightest player there, 15 lbs under his listed weight of 190 (I suspect he must have been ill). Is far and away the best form tackling CB in the class, doesn't submarine at runners ankles like I see so often, wraps up the legs.
1 Sean Davis Maryland 6'1 200 1st+ He is the real deal. Great body size. Played off-corner and safety in college. I would have liked to see him play some press-coverage. Seems to possess uber quick twitch muscles. I would say he is bordering on great speed. Explosive player. Shoots out a cannon when tackling players, its really a pleasure to watch him play. Makes some mistakes for sure, but he was learning how to play corner so that's understandable.
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2016.01.12 09:33 poorzack The 2008 Detroit Lions: Where Are They Now?

I figured I would do one of these for everyone's beloved and winless 2008 Detroit Lions team. These were certainly the dark days of the Millen Era. I included members of the IR as well as the final 53-man roster.
Position Player Where Are They Now?
QB Daunte Culpepper Worked with the African American Adoption Agency, maybe offered $80K to a hooker on twitter
QB Drew Henson Member of Yankees professional scouting staff
QB Dan Orlovsky Returned to Lions in 2014 as back-up
QB Drew Stanton Back-up for Arizona Cardinals
QB Jon Kitna Head coach for the Waxahachie High School football team
RB Aveion Cason Owner of Cason Athletics LLC
RB Rudi Johnson Established The Rudi Johnson Foundation
RB Kevin Smith Recently charged with resisting arrest
RB Brian Calhoun Brookfield Central's girls track and field coach
FB Jerome Felton Currently with the Buffalo Bills
FB Moran Norris Established the Moran Norris Foundation in Houston
FB Jon Bradey Unknown, last played for UFL Florida Tuskers in 2010
WR Keary Colbert Offensive Analyst for Alabama
WR Chris Hannon Unknown, last was with the Ravens in 2010
WR Adam Jennings Associate with Stan Johnson Company
WR Calvin Johnson Still with Detroit Lions
WR John Standeofrd Recently hosted a charity clinic with Joe Reitz for the Colts
WR Travis Taylor Unknown, cut after 2008 season. Is universally known as a draft bust for the Ravens
WR Reggie Ball Founded the Reggie Ball Quarterback Academy, board member of Xplosive Athletic Training, and his brother was the player that stole the game ball during Auburn/Memphis game this year
WR Mike Furrey Wide receivers coach at Marshall University
WR Shaun McDonald Offensive coordinator at Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix
TE/FB Casey Fitzsimmons Unknown, retired right after the '08 season because of concussions
TE Michael Gaines Unknown
TE John Owens An entrepreneur according to his Twitter
TE Dan Campbell Was interim head coach of the Dolphins until replaced by Adam Gase
T Jeff Backus Chief Project Manager at Maven Development
T Gosder Cherilus Currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
G/T Damion Cook Died from a heart attack on June 26, 2015.
G Junius Coston Unknown, although recently married in Green Bay
T George Foster Recently made fun of for wearing socks with sandals
C Andy McCollum Coaches the Eureka Wildcats High School football team
G Stephen Peterman Unknown, cut in 2013 by Jets
C Dominic Raiola Owner of CryoSpa Detroit
G Manny Ramirez Returned to the Lions for the 2015-2016 season after multiple seasons with Denver
G Edwin Mulitalo Offensive line coach for St. Joseph's College in Western Samoa
DE Ikaika Alama-Francis National Sales Director at
DE Cliff Avril Currently with Seattle Seahawks
DT Shaun Cody Works with USC Athletics
DT Landon Cohen Owner of The Valet Express in South Carolina
DT Chuck Darby Works with Darby Logging, family-owned logging business
DT Andre Fluellen On-again/off-again Lions love interest
DT Langston Moore Sideline reporter for South Carolina Gamecocks, author, motivational speaker, founder of Eat2win charity to reduce obesity
DT Shemiah LeGrande Program DirectoYouth Mentor at Christian Community Center Church in Stapleton, NY
DE Corey Smith Killed in boating accident in 2009
DE DeWayne White Real Estate Broker for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Northville
DE Jared DeVries Head coach for the Clear Lake High School football team
DE Cory Redding Currently with the Arizona Cardinals
OLB Darnell Bing Founder of Twenty-1 non-profit that supports individuals with Down Syndrome
OLB Anthony Cannon President and CEO of the Internation Developmental Fast Football League (IDFFL)
ILB Paris Lenon Recently inducted in the University of Richmond hall of fame
OLB Ryan Nece Founder of the Ryan Nece Foundation
OLB Ernie Sims Opened training facility in Tallahassee and founded the Big HITS Foundation
ILB Jordon Dizon Currently a firefighter in Colorado
CB Leigh Bodden Founder and CEO of The WEOU Group
SS Daniel Bullocks Defensive backs coach for Eastern Michigan University
CB Travis Fisher Defensive backs coach for UCF
SS LaMarcus Hicks Defensive backs coach for Jackson State University
FS Gerald Alexander Defensive backs coach for Indiana State University
FS Kalvin Pearson Intern Assistant Coach/Special Teams for the Dallas Cowboys
CB Chris Roberson Runs a tax business
CB Ramzee Robinson Business Manager for TPM Staffing Service as well as an aspiring actor & model
FS Stuart Schweigert Head coach for the Saginaw Sting in the American Indoor Football league
CB Dexter Wynn Unknown but lives in Houston
K Jason Hanson Doing a lot of public speaking for churches, foundations, events
P Nick Harris Volunteers at football camps across the country
LS Don Muhlbach Still with the Lions
This turned out to be more interesting than I thought. Two of the final 53-man roster died. A lot are currently coaches.
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2013.08.27 15:29 FarwellRob 132+ Teams in 132+ Days: Texas A&M Aggies

The Fighting Texas Aggies of Texas A&M
"Howdy. I've got a little story for ya, Ags!" Traditional start to Midnight Yell.
Year Founded: 1876, the first public institution of higher education in Texas.
Location: College Station, Texas
Total Attendance: 53,337, with roughtly 40,000 being undergrads.
Live Mascot: The first Reveille came to Texas A&M in January 1931.
A group of cadets hit a small black and white dog on their way back from Navasota. They picked up the dog and brought her back to school so they could care for her. The next morning, when the bugler woke the students with the song "Reveille", the dog started barking. She was named after this morning wakeup call.
The following football season she was named the official mascot when she led the band onto the field during their half-time performance. When Reveille I died on January 18, 1944, she was given a formal military funeral on the gridiron of Kyle Field. She was then buried at the north entrance to the field, as all Reveilles are, facing the scoreboard so that she can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponent.
Reveille I, mut.
Rev II, a Shetland Sheepdog.
Rev VII, a Rough Collie, was aparently quite the player
Rev VIII, the current Rev, hanging out with Obama
When she dies, there is a special cemetery located outside the north endzone of Kyle Field that features it's own scoreboard so the Rev's can always keep up with the team.
Why put the prettiest girls in school out on the track?
We choose to hang out with them in the stands.
In exchange we have Yell Leaders. (See Traditions for more info)
Stadium: Kyle Field and get ready, we're about to spend half a billion making Kyle much bigger.
Kyle Field is named after Edwin Kyle, an 1899 graduate of the school and a professor of Horticulture. At the time, the school didn't want to give money for a football field, so Prof Kyle fenced a part of his fields used for agriculture.
Using $650 of his own money, he purchased a covered grandstand and built wooden bleachers. The seating capacity was 500 people.
Kyle Field is currently the 13th largest football-only stadium in the NCAA, and next year the stadium should hold 109,000 and then we'll come back down to 102,500 to settle as the largest stadium in the SEC.
Football games have been played at the same location since 1904, and it was designated a football field in 1905. Permanent stadium construction began in 1927.
Stadium Location: Construction began last Monday on campus across from the Memorial Student Center.
• Texas A&M is the 18th all-time winningest program in Division 1 with 691 wins.
Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are both within 4 wins, so moving up on the list might happen in the near future.
Conference Champions (18): 1917, '19, '21, '25, '27, '39, '40, '41, '56, '67, '75, '85, 86, '87, '91, '92, '93, '98. Second most conference championships of the SWC.
Number of Bowl Games: (34) 15-19.
National Titles (3ish): 1939 AP National Champs; 1919 - undefeated, unscored on, 275-0 for the season; 1927 - Sagarin gave us a retroactive MNC on this one. We don't really claim it, either.
Texas - While currently inactive, this is still the 3rd most played rivalry in CFB at 118 games played. Texas leads the series, but here is a little history to help keep perspective.
Until the late 1960's, A&M faced the most difficult recruiting impediment in CFB. We were all-male and all-military. The service academies were seen as being 'more legitimate' than A&M, and Texas, being co-ed without restrictions pulled in a lot more talent over the years, as you can imagine. It's quite amazing that A&M won at all, much less having come in 2nd in conference championships during that time.
In 1975, the Aggies finished the season in the Top 25 for the first time since opening up the campus, and in an epic win over Texas made the series dramatically more even. Since 1975, the Aggies lead the series 19-18 over the Longhorns.
Texas Tech - Mostly ignored by the Aggies during the SWC, it became heated when Mike Leach set his sights on A&M. Aggies lead the series 37-32-1.
Baylor - This rivalry was over-heated during the early days. Play was suspended for years after an A&M student was killed at a game in Waco, and other Aggies threatened to load up military gear and invade Waco.
Under Coach Fran, the Aggies gave Baylor their first conference win in the Big12. Aggies lead the series 68-31-9.
LSU - The Aggies have played the Tigers off-and-on since 1899, and with bordering states, shared recruiting territories, and starting next year, a Thanksgiving game, this series looks to be heating up quite nicely.
The Aggies are 7-2-1 at Kyle Field and 10-22-1 in Baton Rouge. Overall, the Tigers lead 28-20-3.
2013 Season
The Aggie faithful are excited. We've got a lot of returning talent, and coaches that proved their worth last season in the SEC. Plus our schedule is very nice ... you know, as far as SEC schedules featuring Alabama can be nice.
8/31 - Rice
9/7 - Sam Houston State
9/14 - Alabama
9/21 - SMU
9-28 - at Arkansas
10-12 - at Ole Miss
10-19 - Auburn
10-26 - Vanderbilt
11-2 - UTEP
11-9 - Mississippi State
11-23 - at LSU
11-30 - at Mizzou
The Greats
Greatest Games:
2012 Cotton Bowl. What? Not the Alabama game? After a turbulent transition from the Big12 to the SEC, beating the Big12 co-champion was the greatest way (outside of playing beating Texas) to cap off our move to the SEC. Beating Alabama in their house was nice, but Oklahoma was retribution for the Fran and Sherman years.
• 2002 - Aggies knock off #1 Oklahoma with new offensive coordinator Kevin Sumlin calling the shots.
• 1998 – A&M hands #3 Nebraska their first loss in almost 2 full years, then knocks off #2 Kansas State in the CCG.
• 1990 – - BYU's Heisman Trophy winner, Ty Detmer, has both shoulders separated against the Aggies in the Holiday Bowl. Warning, the first half of the footage is brutal.
Bo knows the Aggies. - - Auburn faced the Aggies in '86 in the Cotton Bowl after Bo Jackson won the Heisman. Watch at 3:20 when Bo gets three shots in a row at scoring from inside the 5 and walks off the field with a big bag of nothing.
• 1975 - You didn't think we'd go without a UT game here, did you? The 1975 season was the first season that A&M ended the year with a top 25 ranking, after going co-ed and ROTC-optional.
It also featured the highest ranked A&M and UT teams to ever play. The #2 Aggies knocked off Earl Campbell and the #5 Horns ushering in a new era of Aggie football.
• Honorable Mention: The '99 "Bonfire Game" against Texas. That was the last year A&M held bonfire on campus, as tragedy struck. 11 students and one former former student lost their lives in the accident leading up to the game against Texas.
In all my years at A&M, and in all the years following the team, I've only seen two visiting bands receive standing ovations from the Aggie fans. One was Rice's MOB back in the Southwest Conference days, and the other was the Longhorn band on that afternoon.
We were all Texans and friends that day, and not rivals.
• In case you want a solid history of our program, here are two fantastic videos of A&M football history, each about 12 minutes long:
Texas A&M history from 1894 to 1971
1971 through the end of the Big12.
Greatest Plays:
Aggies beat Texas in '88. Texas QB Brett Stafford tries to quiet the Aggie crowd, and it ends poorly.
• Quentin Coryatt lays down The Hit against . The recever's jaw is broken in three places.
Sirr Parker wraps up double OT and drives a nail into the heart of #2 Kansas State and ends Bill Snyder's best chance to get into a National Championship game.
Greatest Players:
College Hall of Fame players: Ray Childress, DT; Dave Elmendorf, S; Joel Hunt, QB; John Kimbrough, FB; Charlie Krueger, T; Jack Pardee, FB; Joe Routt, G; Gene Stallings, DB; Joe Utay, HB.
Heisman Winners: John David Crow and Johnny Manziel.
Honorable mention:
Bucky Richardson, local hero and QB.
Dat Nguyen, LB, Lombardi Award, Chuck Bednarik Award.
Shane Lechler, starter at punter and kicker, on the depth chart for linebacker and was the backup QB in '98, and currently has a Hall of Fame worthy NFL career is still going.
Luke Joeckel, Outland Award.
Randy Bullock, Lou Groza winner.
Von Miller, Butkus Award.
• A&M has had 22 Consessus All-Americans:
Sam Adams, DE; Marcus Buckley, LB; Randy Bullock, PK; Ray Childress, DT; John David Crow, RB; Dave Elmendorf, FS; Tony Franklin, PK; Aaron Glenn, DB; Johnny Holland, LB; Robert Jackson, LB; Luke Joeckel, OT; Darren Lewis, RB; Johnny Manziel, QB; Von Miller, DE/LB; Damontre Moore, DE; Dat Nguyen, LB; Marshall Robnett, OG; Joe Routt, OG; Ed Simonini, LB; Pat Thomas, CB, and John Kimbrough, RB was named consensus All-American in both '39 and '40.
Aggies in the NFL as of July 25:
Ben Bass, DE, Dallas Cowboys
Martellus Bennett, TE, Chicago Bears
Michael Bennett, DT, Seattle Seahawks
Red Bryant, DT, Seattle Seahawks
Randy Bullock, K, Houston Texans
Terrence Frederick, DB, New York Giants
Jeff Fuller, WR, Miami Dolphins
Cyrus Gray, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Goodson, RB, New York Jets
Danny Gorrer, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Geoff Hangartner, C, Carolina Panthers
Tony Jerod-Eddie, DE, San Francisco 49ers
Luke Joeckel, T, Jacksonville Jaguars
Johnny Jolly, DT, Green Bay Packers
Jorvorskie Lane, RB, Miami Dolphins
Shane Lechler, P, Houston Texans
Kevin Matthews, C, Washington Redskins
Jamie McCoy, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers
Stephen McGee, QB, Houston Texans
Christine Michael, RB, Seattle Seahawks
Von Miller, OLB, Denver Broncos
Damontre Moore, DL, New York Giants
Don Muhlbach, LS, Detroit Lions
Spencer Nealy, DL, Minnesota Vikings
Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR, Houston Texans
Sean Porter, OLB, Cincinnati Bengals
Jordan Pugh, S, Washington Redskins
Lionel Smith, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Jonathan Stewart, LB, St. Louis Rams
Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins
Steven Terrell, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Brian Thomas, OL, Miami Dolphins
Cody Wallace, C, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Greatest Coaches:
'Uncle Charlie' Moran ('09-'14) - coached Jim Thorpe in high school. Went 38-8-4 at A&M, and left to go to Centre College. He racked up a 42-6-1 record and a MNC there. He was also coaching Centre against A&M when the Aggie 12th Man tradition began.
Also was a National League umpire in 4 world series.
Dana X. Bible - Inducted into the College Hall of Fame in '51. Invented the T-formation. Led A&M to two undefeated, unscored on seasons.
Took a year off coaching to be a pilot during WWI.
Came back and coached the Aggies to a SWC conference championship in football, basketball and baseball in the same season. Left to go to Texas where he won 3 SWC championships and finished in the AP Poll 5 times in 10 years.
• Other coaches deserving credit: Hall of Fame coaches and their year of induction that were head coach at A&M include - Matty Bell, '55; Bear Bryant, '86; Homer Norton, '71; Gene Stallings, 2010; R.C. Slocum, 2012.
Former Aggie players who are current coaches:
Dennis Allen, head coach, Oakland Raiders
Gary Kubiak, head coach, Houston Texans
Dan Campbell, tight ends, Miami Dolphins
Kyle Caskey, offensive QC Cincinnati Bengals
Jerry Fontenot, assistant offensive line coach, Green Bay Packers
Kirk Parrirsh, college scouting coordinator, Seattle Seahawks
Shawn Slocum, special teams coordinator, Green Bay Packers.
I've included both a short version and a link to some of our most interesting traditions. I know I've skipped more than a few, but this is a good start.
Yell Leaders – A&M was an all-male school, but often times girls from a local women's college would get bussed in. Some seniors thought it would be funny to haze the freshmen in front of the women.
So they made a group of freshmen put on janitor's clothing and stand out on the track and be stupid.
But after the game something amazing happened. Those freshmen all had no problems getting dates.
The next week it was Seniors out there with the overalls on.
100 years later, and it's two juniors and three seniors. Each year there is a campus-wide election, and Yell Leader vote is dramatically more important to the average student than class president or any of the other boring votes.
Why do we keep the Yell Leaders instead of switching to cheerleaders? When a 'cheer leader' does a cheer of more than 4 sylables, guys gawk at them and girls ignore them. When a Yell Leader leads a yell, any yell, 30,000+ fans raise their voices to chant along.
The Yells - There are a bunch of them, and if you go to any Aggie Yell Practice or game, you'll most likely hear all of 'em. In order to do a yell correctly, you have to 'hump it.' See below.
• [The Spirit and the War Hymn] - Other schools have a school song and a fight song. The Aggies have The Spirit of Aggie Land and The War Hymn
There has been much controversy at ESPN and newspapers outside of Texas A&M over the lyrics of both songs.
The ending of the Spirit has been officially changed from "We are the Aggies / the Aggies are we / We're from Texas AMC" to "We are the Aggies / the Aggies so true / We're from Texas AMU" to designate that we are no longer Texas A&M college.
The media has also called for A&M to change the War Hymn as Texas is no longer playing us in any sport.
Lyrics feature, "'the eyes of Texas are upon you' / That is the song they sing so well / Sounds Like Hell / So good bye to Texas University / We're gonna beat you all to ...
After which is the most striking part of the Hymn, when fans put their arms around the people next to them and 'saw' while singing "Saw Varsity's horns off" and "Varsity's horns are sawed off."
This is, of course, in reference to the Texas mascot that was known simply as Varsity before they changed it to Bevo.
As for the "controversy", all Aggies have completely ignored it and we are unanamous in sticking with our traditional songs.
Gig 'em - Rather than end a conversation with "goodbye", many conversations between Aggies end with "gig 'em", usually accompanied by a thumbs up. This tradition began at a 1930 Midnight Yell Practice held before the football game against .
In an attempt to excite the crowd, Pinky Downs, a 1906 Texas A&M graduate and member of the school's Board of Regents, asked "What are we going to do to those Horned Frogs?" Using a term for frog hunting, he answered his own question, "Gig 'em, Aggies!"
For emphasis, he made a fist with the thumb extended. The phrase and hand signal proved popular, and it became the first hand sign of the Southwest Conference. All 12 schools evenutally adopted hand signs of their own.
The 12th Man - A&M is playing Centre College, one of the most dominant programs of the era. So many Aggies are injured that a former player, E. King Gill, is called out of the stands.
Gill jumped into an injured player's jersey and stood ready to help the team if they needed him. Now all 30,000 plus students stand ready through every game to go help the Aggies if the coach calls.
Midnight Yell - Where else would you want to be at midnight on Friday before a game but with 30,000 fans hanging out at the stadium. For road games we normally find a bar to crash with the travelling fans.
Aggies go through all the yells, and listen to very well thought out stories and anectdotes by the Yell Leaders decipher the somewhat humerous jokes made by the (we're almost positive) not drunk Yell Leaders.
This is open to any one, including fans of opposing schools and curious onlookers ... unless you force us to block you out.
Hump it - Look again at the picture for Midnight Yell. Those fans are all leaning over with their hands on their knees in the middle of a yell. Why? Because you can yell louder when you lean over.
Aggies Hump it for all Yells, and during crunch time, you'll see plenty of Aggies in the stands humping it while screaming.
Howdy - The traditional way to start every speech to Aggies. If you say Howdy, normally the crowd will respond with "Howdy" back to you. You will also hear the word Howdy more times per day on our campus than anywhere else in the world. It's our greeting and we use it. A lot.
Parson's Mounted Calvalry and the Spirit of '02 - a 1902 Howitzer that we fire off on kickoffs and scores at football games. We found it in a ravine while chopping wood for Bonfire. You never let good military hardware go to waste.
Corps of Cadets - Once mandatory at A&M, the Corps is much smaller than it was back in the 60s. During WWII, A&M put more servicemen into the armed forces than any other school, including West Point.
A&M still produces more officers than any university, except for the service academies. 42% of Corps members receive a commission in the US Armed Forces.
The Fighting Texas Aggie Band. - Texas A&M features a military style marching band. They are fantastic. Especially if you are used to the standard 'show bands' that everyone has. Click the link and see some of their performances.
The FTAB is part of the the Corps. I doubt there is an Aggie who graduated in the last 40 years that doesn't get a chill when they hear, "Now forming at the North end of Kyle Field ... "
Remember the part of the 12th Man tradition where I said the students stand for the whole football game? They stand for the FTAB, too. Even when the temperature is well above 100 degrees, the Aggie students will stay standing for everything except the opposing team's band.
Century Tree- Want to propose on campus? We've got a tree for that. All Aggies grab a kiss under this tree at some point in their time at A&M.
Elephant Walk - Elephant Walk marks the end of the usefulness of the Aggie seniors to the student body. Like dying elephants, which wander the jungle looking for a place to die after their value to the herd is over, thousands of seniors will join hands and wander aimlessly about campus visiting landmarks for the symbolic "last time."
This happens after the last home football game becaues the other sports don't matter.
Reveille - - She really is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets.
She goes to classes with Corps members, where if she barks, you stand a good chance of the prof cancelling the class for the day.
She has her own bed, and the right to take over the bed of any Corps member on campus.
The grass at the MSC. The Memorial Student Center building and the grounds around it is a tribute to our servicemen around the world. If you are in the MSC, you are asked to take off your hat, and if you are around the MSC, you are asked to not stand on the grass.
The MSC also features the Medals of Honor won by seven former students.
Aggie ring - Many schools have rings, but for Aggies this it the most visible way for graduates of Texas A&M to recognize each other. The Aggie Ring is worn by current and former students, and may be used to distinguish seniors from other students on campus.
The first Aggie Ring was designed by E. C. Jonas in 1894, and the design has remained relatively unchanged since; the only major change came when the school's name was changed from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to Texas A&M University in 1963.
Ring dunking - After receiving your Aggie Ring, you aren't really entitled to wear it until you've dunked it, normally in a pitcher of beer. From the time you put it in, your friends will time how long it takes to get it out, so you get to chug beer and try to catch the ring in your teeth.
As a member of the Class of '97, I had 97 seconds to get it out. Kids these days are pushing 113 seconds. Way too easy.
I've seen people 'dunk' their rings in a super sized banana splits and drink them out of non-alcoholic drinks, and I've seen them drain a pitcher in under 15 seconds. My wife ('99) and I both finished ours in under a minute and a half. It was nerve wracking, but well worth it. We still have the pitchers.
Bonfire - I was kind of hoping that someone else would write this section. I helped build three bonfire's at A&M and there is nothing like it. Thousands of students going out into the woods, doing heavy labor and realizing the rewards right before the Texas game.
It fostered huge competitions between the residents halls over the 3-4 months of work. It brought out tens of thousands of folks before the big rivalry game. It was simply epic, and I miss it a lot.
My freshman year, the BCS Eagle, the local paper, estimated the crowd at over 100,000 people. The next year when the game was held in Austin, there were still over 60,000 people at Bonfire on A&M's campus.
The tradegy that ended bonfire was impossibly awful. As a person who had climbed the stacks for years, I know how and why things went wrong, but I'll never understand it. It should not have happened, and my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones.
Wrecking Crew – Once the name of the highly respected and feared Aggie defense, Coach Fran removed the monicar and told the team to 'win it back.' What he forgot to do was teach them to play defense. As the defense gets better the name comes out more often, and soon the Aggie D will leave the field to chants of Wrecking Crew again.
Aggie Terminology Yes, we have a glossary of terms that every Aggie knows and uses on a pretty regular basis. Except for the 'two percenters'. Have you ever heard an Aggie 'Whoop'? That's a privilege held for only the juniors, seniors and graduates. Catch a 'Fish' 'Pulling Out' and you can make them 'Push'. (for explinations, read the terms in the links)
Fish Pond - When the Aggies win a home football game, the freshmen in the Corps of Cadets chase the Yell Leaders around Kyle Field, and, once they are captured, carry them across campus and toss them into Fish Pond, a fountain full of very cold water. And yes, in '93 it snowed during the Texas game and the Yell Leaders were still given a nice bath after the win. The freshmen dunking is what gives 'Fish Pond' it's name, as no fish live in the water.
Fish Drill Team - The award winning drill team can often be found practicing in the Quad by the Corps dorms. The team was featured during the opening credits to A Few Good Men, linked here. They are pretty amazing to watch.
Fish Camp - The summer before a students' freshman year, the 'Fish' are invited to a 4 day camp in Palestine, Texas where they learn the Aggie Tradtions and Yells.
Fish Camp features over 900 counselors, if that give you an idea of how big it is.
Texas A&M has a pair of extraordinary traditions. I've tried to capture the spirit, but I'd invite each of you to join with us any time to see these live.
Silver Taps - On the first Tuesday of any month, if an undergrad or graduate student has passed away, there will be a small card with the deceased students name, class, major, and date of birth placed on the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross in the Academic Plaza.
That night, lights are turned off all over campus, and at 10:15, students and family members will gather silently around the statue. Shortly there after, the Ross Volunteers will march in, stand at attention, then fire three rifle volleys, breaking the silence.
Then Silver Taps, a special version of Taps, is played three times from the top of the Academic Building ... once to the north, south, and west. It is not played to the east to signify that sun will never rise on that Aggie again. After the buglers play, the students silently return to their homes.
I can not properly put into words how striking this ceremony is.
My freshman year, as Silver Taps slowely faded away, the silence was broken by a mother who had cried quietly during the ceremony. She softly said, "Thank you" in the darkness to the faceless people gathered, in a voice wracked with tears, and I doubt any of us left with dry eyes.
Muster - Muster is the tradition that forever unites the Aggies past with Aggies present. It is Texas A&M's most solemn and most visible tradition.
Muster was first held on June 26, 1883, and it's been held on San Jacinto Day, April 21st, since 1903. This is a day where former students of Texas A&M gathered together to '... live over again our college days, the victories and defeats won and lost upon drill ground and classroom. Let every alumnus answer a roll call.'
No matter where Aggies are, whether it is two or three, or the thousands who gather on the Texas A&M campus, they find other Aggies to celebrate the day. Each year there are 300-400 musters held around the world.
And it is a celebration. While the ceremony is moving and reminds you of the lives lost, the day full of activities, including a 50 year reunion spot light, Camaraderie Barbecue, and campus tours shows off the life of the students, current and past.
At each Muster ceremony a speaker will be followed by the 'Roll Call For The Absent.' Names of those from that area who have died in the past year will be read, and as each name is called, a family member or friend will answer 'Here' to show that Aggie is present in spirit, and a candle will be lit.
Following the candle-lighting ceremony in Reed Arena, a rifle volley is fired and then Silver Taps is played.
During World War II, Aggies and other servicemen held Muster at Corregidor, the last American stronghold in the Pacific before the island was overrun by the Japanese. Only 12 Aggies survived the battle, the death march and ensuing POW camps.
Campus and Surrounding Area
The campus of Texas A&M University, also known as Aggieland, is situated in College Station, Texas. Aggieland is centrally located within 200 miles of three of the 10 largest cities in the United States and 75% of the Texas and Louisiana populations.
Bryan-College Station area population: 228,660
City Skyline and other places
Iconic Campus Building:
Kyle Field dominates the 5,200 acre campus, but some other building include:
The Systems Building welcomes visitors to our campus
Rudder Tower named after James Earl Rudder who led one of the most daring raids in the Normandy Invasion during WWII scaling a 100 foot cliff under enemy fire to destroy German gun batteries. He was also the 16th President of Texas A&M.
George Bush Presidential Library - Former President George Bush, the older one, has his presidential library on campus. It features tons of history on his presidency and an apartment for him to stay in upstairs when he is visiting.
Which is good, as he makes it to many A&M football games. He even led the team onto Kyle Field once.
The Academic Building stands behind the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross who turned down a third term as governor of Texas to be A&M's president. He actively fought for A&M, literally and figuratively. If you need a little luck, drop a penny on his statue.
• The O&M building was once the tallest building between Houston, Dallas and Austin. Many aggies take Astronomy simply so they get to hang out on the top floor.
Sbisa Dining Hall - once the largest dining hall in the world, A&M and Air Force spent much of the last century fighting over the rights to the who's was larger. Sbisa was named after Bernard Sbisa who only missed cooking one meal in 50 years for the Aggies. That breakfast was on Nov. 11, 1911 when the campus burned down, including the mess hall, kitchens and his own home. Lunch that day was served on time.
Local Dining:
If you come to College Station, don't you dare leave before spending some time at Northgate. Since 1930 (8 years before College Station was incorporated) this has been the traditional place for students to relax across the street from campus.
Northgate is College Stations premier bar district located along the Northwest edge of campus across University St. Most places are open until 2am and are open to 18+ with some 21+ exceptions.
Many Texas Country musicians got their start in Northgate, including Aggie legends Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Dub Miller, and Roger Creager.
Some favorites include:
The Dixie Chicken - The Dixie Chicken, also known as The Chicken, has been "College Station's most famous watering hole since 1974," and is notable for its role in Texas A&M University tradition.
"Nationally known," the Dixie Chicken claims to serve the most beer per square foot of any bar in the United States.
The tradition of Ring Dunking started at the Chicken. If you do visit The Chicken, you should take the opportunity to learn Texas 42. It's essentially spades with dominos and a ton of fun.
Dry Bean Saloon - Shot bar next to The Chicken. Order favorites like the Angry Japanese Minnow Farmer.
The Corne Rooftop - It's been a while since I've been, but this place was always one of the favorites, mostly for the multiple floors, large bars, and rooftop atmosphere/ view.
Logan's - If you're 21+ and don't wants teens around this is one of the few options. Solid bar with giant 36 oz chuggers. Looks like $4 is what they'll cost you now, but I could swear there were nights they were $2.
O'bannon's Taphouse - If you're a beer connoisseur this is your spot. They have over 100 beers on tap, and a beer tour card. Filling with the 100+ beers takes weeks and give you mad street cred. And a drinking problem.
HOOKAH STATION!!! GATSBY'S!!! V-BAR!!! - The places Johnny famously frequents. The scooby doo shots were definitely in one of the latter two.
There are many more, but those will get you started. Watch the door for 5 minutes and you'll be able to tell exactly what kind of crowd frequents each.
Late Night Snacks
Antonio's - Incredibly diverse selection of Pizzas that are pretty perfect around 2am. The line will be out the door and down the street, so get there at 1:30 if you really want some. Worth the wait.
Fuego - Delicious alternative to Taco Cabana that popped up in the last few years. It's pricer, but the quality is head and shoulders above.
Hullabaloo - Diner a ways out east of town down wellborn.
Los Norteños - Downtown Bryan taco place. Tacos better described as burritos they barely fit on the already large plates.
Brunch / Lunch
Layne's - Heard of Raising Cane's? It's that, but with better sauce, actual Texas Toast, and better fries. Plus it's half the price.
Freebirds - Oh my god I wish they had these where I live. Chipotle is dogshit compared to a good bird. I've put back multiple Super Monsters in my time.
Koppe Bridge - Great Burgers. Enough Said.
La Bodega - Shakers and Queso is all you need, but the rest of their food is good too.
Cafe Eccel - Across from La Bodega. Solid food if you want to get a little fancier.
Christopher's - Kinda out of the way, but great if you want to get real fancy.
This is in no way an all inclusive list. I have no doubt many more recently in CS Aggies will fill it out further in the comments.
Random Trivia
A&M currently has the most current students attend each game. Season tickets cost $225 for just football, or $350 for all sports. A normal football game will feature 30,000+ students in the stands.
A&M won 79.8% of their games during the 1910's, including two undefeated, unscored on seasons.
Kyle field opened in 1904, making it the SEC's oldest field. After renovations, it will be the largest stadium in the SEC at 102,500 seats. Next year, during construction, it will hold 109,000 fans for the year.
On Nov. 24, 1921 the A&M vs. Texas game was broadcast in real time by morse code. This was the first play-by-play broadcast in history.
There is also plenty of rivalry between A&M and UTx off the field as well.
The opening scene of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is the Aggie football team beating the Longhorns and being rewarded with a visit to the women of the night.
Students that went to A&M for one year, then transferred elsewhere: T. Boone Pickens, Tennessee's General Robert Neyland, and the LA Clippers' DeAndre Jordan.
Lots of famous folks have come from A&M but the head of the list is professor Norman Borlaug. The 'Man who saved a Billion lives' is one of seven people to have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal.
What Is and What is to Come
Here we go with year 2 in the SEC, and the Aggie faithful have a lot to be excited about.
Our schedule has 8 home games, including Alabama at Kyle Field.
On offense, our O-Line should be just as good as last year, if not better, despite losing Outland Trophy winner Luke Joeckel.
We return outstanding tackle Jake Matthews who will move to left tackle, and Cedric Ogbuehi will take right tackle which is his natural position. We also have Mike Matthews (Jake's brother) stepping in at center.
Germain Ifedi and Jarvis Harrison will fill out the guard positions. All of them have a lot of experience from last year.
At running back, we have size, speed, power and blocking. We have hungry backs that want to play. Possibly the most talented backfield in the NCAA this year.
To catch the ball we have tall, strong, fast receivers all over the place. Mike Evans returns after a stunning freshman year. Freshman Ricky Seals-Jones (RSJ) will join Cam Clear to give us a normal receiving package including three receivers over 6'4”. All of them can run, and they might all be lining up on the same side just to screw with defenses.
In a press conference last week, Coach Sumlin said RSJ is 6'5" and 245 lbs. They did a body fat analysis and realized that he is carring the minimum amount of fat the trainers will allow. That's all muscle.
And we have Johnny Manziel. No matter what you think you know about him, the kid can play football.
On defense, we have a lot of new faces, including some true freshmen that should be playing plenty this year. Of course, last year we thought our D would be terrible and it came out plenty okay, so there is hope!
Heisie, there isn't enough about me here! WTF?
I'm a statue, Johnny. This is all in your head.
More Information
Subreddit: /Aggies
Contributors: FarwellRob, Thrav, Theyus, laminak
And finally, my thanks to the many good Ags that have helped put this together.
There is a traditional saying at A&M: From the outside looking in, you can't understand it; and from the inside looking out, you can't explain it.
I've done my best to capture A&M and what we feel is special about Aggieland ... but I'm going to bet I've missed a few things.
For more information on the 132 Teams in 132 Days Project, click here.
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2013.08.21 16:41 kflinderman 132+ Teams in 132+ Days: South Carolina Gamecocks

The University of South Carolina Southeastern Conference
Year Founded: 1801 Location: Columbia, SC Total Attendance: 46,264 (approx. 22,000 undergrad) Nickname: Gamecocks Alma Mater: Video Band. The Mighty Sound of the Southeast Mascot: Cocky Live Mascot: Sir Big Spur - bonus Cheerleaders: There is nothing more attractive than a girl who loves her Cocks! - Also here Stadium: Williams-Brice Stadium aka The Cockpit Stadium Location: 2 miles off-campus All-time Record: 566 - 544 - 44 (0.510) Conference Champions (1): ACC 1969 Number of Bowl Games: 18 (6-12) National Titles (0): Come on 2013
  • Clemzon (39 - 61 - 4)
The Battle for the Palmetto State or the Palmetto Bowl is the one of the longest running rivalries in both number of games played and duration. And while we play for the god damn Hardee's Trophy, it's been very competitive in recent years.
- I sur doo love dem hamburgers!
But, to begin, this rivalry has one of the most interesting origin stories out there. And the best way to give the TL:DR is by quoting guttervoice
The only reason we don't have the longest running rivalry is because we had to take a break, as WE LITERALLY ALMOST FUCKING KILLED ONE ANOTHER.
After playing for six years at the State Fair, in 1902 a picture of a gamecock riding a tiger was created by mathematics Professor F. Horton Colcock. It later surfaced at a local tobacco store, and the USC students loved it. They began parading it around town and began causing a stir. Of course, the Clemson fans did not take too kindly to this, and after an historic upset, where South Carolina beat a Clemson team coached by none other than John Heisman 12 - 6, tensions grew. After several brawls the Clemson fans made an ultimatum. If the USC fans were to display the picture during the parade the next day, heads would roll. Now, can you guess what happened next? If you answered that the picture was brought to the parade, then congratulations, 100 points to Ravenclaw. Here is where things get interesting. That parade that the USC students "crashed" consisted of 400 or so cadets, and each were armed with sabres and bayonets. After being dismissed at the state house, tensions were already at a boiling point, and the cadets began marching towards campus. USC fans were ready for a fight, and a mere 30 individuals set up base on the Horseshoe equipped with shotguns and rifles. Now before actual fighting broke out, police arrived, and a compromise was made to burn the picture. After that, the rivalry was suspended until 1909 when games resumed to play without break for the next 103 years.
And, this has continued to be historically a very heated rivalry. In 1946, two New York mobsters decided it was an easy buck to sell counterfeit tickets to the Clemson-Carolina game. As fans were denied access to William's Brice due to the phony tickets, mobs of fans started to form. At halftime, an irate Clemson fan strangled a live chicken mid-field. It took Secretary of State James F. Byrnes and Strom Thurmond to quell the crowd. In 1961, a group of USC Sigma Nu brothers pulled off the greatest prank in the rivalry history. About 30 brothers dressed up in Clemson gear and ran onto the field acting as cheerleaders. The band perked up, began playing "Tiger Rag," and the Clemson crowd began cheering. The brothers then proceeded to fail at all sorts of calisthenics, and even took to the field for some football drills (where they proceeded to drop every pass and miss every kick). Clemson fans got wise of the situation and literally ran them off the field. The only thing that would have made this prank better were if Clemson's "Homecoming Queen" would have made an appearance (she was a cow that unfortunately passed away in transit to the stadium). But the culmination of this hate happened in 2004 for Lou Holtz’s final game as a coach.
- Guysthz I shaid shztap
Now things are much more tame. Rivalry traditions involve the Tiger Burn when the game is played in Columbia, and Cocky's Funeral when it is in Clemson coughlame . And there is also the annual blood drive, which USC has won 5 years in a row (the series is tied 14-14).
And finally, while the record is a bit lopsided, USC is chipping away little by little. Carolina is 4-0 in the last four years for only the second time in school history (tying the record on our side) and has been 9-12 against Clemson as a member of the SEC. Here's to breaking records, yet again!
  • University of Georgia (16 - 42 - 2)
Really, Georgia is the closest (in both record and distance) rivalry we have in the SEC. The only SEC teams we have a winning record against are Vanderbilt (18-4), Mississippi State (8-6), and Kentucky (16-7-1), while we are 34-105-7 against the rest (excluding UGA, A&M, and Mizzou). Vandy, UK, and UGA are the only teams we have double digit wins against, and well, if you can't tell, we've been bad for a long while. But as our second most played team, they deserve this spot, and you'd be hard pressed to find a Gamecock fan who liked UGA, or a Dawg who likes Spurrier. Luckily, the past couple of years, this has been a big game for both teams. All of our last 14 game have been nationally televised, and many have included conference championship implications (even though we are 3-0 over the last 3 years and only won the East in 2010).
Kind of Rivalry
  • North Carolina State (25 - 25 - 3)
While I doubt anyone on either team "hates" each other, just look at that record. A perfect .500 with over 50 games played. Only four teams have more games played against USC, and three are listed here with the fourth being Wake Forest. Of course this rivalry was more prominent back in the '50s and '60s as we were both founding members of the ACC. But in recent history, these matchups have been more about who's more mediocre. I'm sure a lot of you can remember the thrilling opening game in 2009 when Carolina (7-6) beat State (5-7) 7 to 3. Or who can forget 1999 when State (6-6) beat USC (0-11) 0 to 10. Long story short, both programs have been in the middle/lower ground of talent for a long time, and this game was big for each team trying to get a bowl bid.
  • University of Southern California (1 - 1 - 0)
You know why you're here. We're tired of the mislabeling. We're tired of being "corrected." Let's end this tie and once and for all decide who is the real "USC". The Trademark Tussle would go down in history not only for the teams on the field, but the coaches personalities as well.
- So Lane, I hear Exxon is hiring gas pumpers. Thought you might find that helpful when y'all go 5-8.
- ...
  • University of North Carolina (17 - 32 - 4)
While not as bad as the Trademark Tussle, the Battle for Carolina is another problem most Gamecocks face. Talk about going to Carolina, and most people will assume you're going to school in North Carolina. This used to be a regular rivalry back when we were in the ACC, but it's also due to Tobacco Road's crazy superiority complex that lead us to going independent in 1971. Thankfully, this rivalry is renewed for a home/away this year and in 2015. And let's just say, we're not too happy about what happened during the Super Regional this year...
2012 Season
Record: 11 - 2 Coach: Steve Spurrier aka The Head Ball Coach - Yeaaaa click clack! 2012 Roster Key Players: (* = returning)
  • Jadeveon Clowney* (So. DE) - 6th in Heisman Trophy votes 2012, unanimous All-American 2012, Hendricks Award winner, 2012-13 University of South Carolina Male Athlete of the Year, finalist for Nagurski Trophy, Rotary Lombardi Award, and Bednarik Award, SEC Defensive Player of the Year 2012, First-Team All-SEC 2012, set the school single-season record for sacks (13.0) and tackles for loss (23.5), SEC Freshman of the Year 2011, Second-Team All-SEC 2011, All-Freshman All-SEC 2011, First-Team All-American 2011
  • Marcus Lattimore (Jr. RB) - Honorable Mention All-SEC 2012, school all-time leader in rushing (38) and total (41) touchdowns, National Freshman of the Year 2010, SEC Freshman of the Year 2010, First Team All-SEC 2010
  • Ace Sanders (Jr. WR) - Co-SEC Special Teams Player of the Year 2012, All-SEC First Team (return specialist) and Second Team (all-purpose) 2012, school record 429 punt return yards, Freshman All-SEC 2010
  • Connor Shaw* (Jr. QB) - Completed a school-record 67.5% of his passes 2012, 17-3 as the starting quarterback
  • Dylan Thompson* (So. QB) - Threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns in each of his two starts, conducted the winning drive in the 2013 Outback Bowl
  • Bruce Ellington* (So. WR) - Two-sport standout who plays point guard on the basketball team, Freshman All-SEC honors 2011
Biggest Plays:
2013 Season
2013 Schedule Thu, Aug 29 vs North Carolina
Sat, Sept 7 @ Georgia*
Sat, Sept 14 vs Vanderbilt*
Sat, Sept 21 vs BYE
Sat, Sept 28 @ UCF
Sat, Oct 5 vs Kentucky*
Sat, Oct 12 @ Arkansas*
Sat, Oct 19 @ Tennessee*
Sat, Oct 26 @ Missouri*
Sat, Nov 2 vs Mississippi State*
Sat, Nov 9 vs BYE
Sat, Nov 16 vs Florida*
Sat, Nov 23 vs Coastal Carolina
Sat, Nov 30 vs Clemson
*SEC game
Home game
2013 Roster
The Greats
Greatest Games:
Greatest Plays:
Greatest Players:
  • George Rogers
Probably our greatest player to date. He is our lone Heisman Trophy winner (1980), and our greatest running back to date. He accumulated 5,204 yards in his four years as a Gamecock (which is still a team record), 31 rushing touchdowns (tied for second), 202 points (second on the all-time points scored list), and he gained more than 100 yards in each of his final 22 college games. This guy was a machine, and if you ever go to a home game, walk around the base of the stadium for a bit. You might even run into Rogers with his trophy! His #38 jersey was retired on his final home game, and is one of two players to have his jersey retired while still active.
  • Sterling Sharpe
One of our best wide receivers, Sharpe set school records with 169 career receptions and 2,497 receiving yards (which was broken by the late Kenny McKinley). He also set the school record for single-season receiving touchdowns with 11, which was broken in 2005 by Sidney Rice. Sharpe was the second player in Gamecock history to have his #2 jersey retired while still active.
  • Sidney Rice
We surprisingly have had a lot of great wide receivers (tack on Alshon Jeffery and Kenny McKinley in recent years), and Rice is no exception he had 70 catches for 1,143 yards and 13 touchdowns, a single season receiving record at University of South Carolina, all in his redshirt freshman year. He's also had a pretty good NFL career!
  • Steve Wadiak
One of the more tragic stories tied to the Gamecocks. Wadiak's #37 was the first ever to have his number retired for USC after a tragic automobile accident claimed his life. Wadiak, who still appears throughout the South Carolina record book, was the school's all-time rushing leader for 28 years after his senior season. He was the Southern Conference player of the year, and has the honor of being the namesake of our team MVP award.
Greatest Players: While it's a bit too soon to really say these guys are our greatest, these guys will definitely live in Gamecock lore
  • Marcus Lattimore
  • Jadeveon Clowney
  • Stephen Garcia
Greatest Coaches:
  • Steve Spurrier (66 - 37)
Yes, he's still currently our head coach, but it's hard to deny how great Spurrier has been for our program. He's taken what has been know for the longest time as one of the worst teams in the SEC, and turned it into a potential title contender. He is the all-time win leader at USC (and Florida), he's won 11 games in one season, a school record, twice in a row, and he's one helluva personality. He's bringing in the huge SC recruits (Clowney, Lattimore, Gillmore, etc.), and turning the program into a long-term successful program. Gamecocks everywhere owe Spurrier their allegiance for life!
  • Joe Morrison (39 - 28 - 2)
Known for holding the previous record for best season in Carolina. Morrison was the coach for our infamous "Black Magic" team in 1984. He lead the Gamecocks to it's first (and only) 10 win season and final ranking of #11. He finished his coaching career at USC with a winning record, 3 bowl berths, and 3 seasons of 8 or more wins!
  • Lou Holtz (33 - 37)
While not necessarily our best coach in history, if Spurrier goes down as the coach who helped us become a power in the SEC, Holtz helped us get away from being the worst team in the SEC. After coaching our worst team ever in his first year as coach in 1999, Holtz turned around the next two years and brought us to back to back Outback bowls beating Ohio State along the way. Holtz dug us out of the dirt and put us back on our feet. And for that, we thank you.
  • The Chicken Curse
If you want to know about Carolina football, you need to know about the hell we've been through. It all started in 1883 with Senator Ben Tillman. Legend has it that as Tillman was attempting to found a new agricultural school in South Carolina, later to become Clemson, but the South Carolina State Legislature attempted to prevent his initial effort wanting USC to be the main university. In response, Tillman headed to USC's campus and slammed a pitchfork into the ground declaring the school to be cursed. Ever since, the athletics at South Carolina has been doomed to mediocrity. As of 2008, the football program had a losing overall record, and only won one conference championship in football (and only 5 total conference championships in all sports). While we could write for days about our other sports troubles, we'll stick with football on this one. On multiple occasions, South Carolina has come oh so close to doing something great to only fall on it's face. The most historic example of this is during USC's best season, 1984. South Carolina was riding a 9 game win streak and had just defeated Notre Dame, FSU, UGA, and Pitt, amongst others. The second to last game of the season was against Navy, and USC went into the game ranked #2 in the country. A win here, and USC would vault Nebraska to take the #1 rank going into the Clemson game. But of course thanks to the curse, Navy defeated USC 38-21. Tack on a winless seasons in 1999, losing to Kentucky after defeating #1 Alabama in 2010, never participating in the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, or Cotton Bowl, and some of the worst last min scores in history and you have one helluva curse.
To say the least, the Gamecocks have struggled. But, thanks to the 2010 men's baseball team winning the CWS, South Carolina had it's first national championship in a major sport, and it seems that the curse has been lifted (because who cares about equestrian championships or women's track and field). Since, USC has posted back to back 11 win seasons, which broke the record for most wins in a season. Not only that, but people are seriously discussing the Gamecocks as title contenders this year, we are 12-4 in SEC play, finished in the top 10 final AP poll for the first time ever, twice in a row, and we're riding a four win win-streak against Clemson (another best). Things are looking good for the Gamecocks and bad for the curse.
Some teams rely on the devil's music to enter the stadium. Others simply run down a dumb hill. We rely on the classical score, Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30. The song culminates to a multitude of fireworks and cheers as the team enters the stadium. It is truly a sight to behold.
Home of the original Sandstorm. USC started playing the song during games in 2006, but it wasn't until the 2009 Ole Miss game where the song began being played after huge plays. As it plays, fans bust out their "Cocky Cloths" and begin clapping, dancing, and jumping around. Chants of U-S-C can be heard, and like our old saying goes, "if it ain't swayin', then we ain't playin'."
One of the more unique traditions of South Carolina, the rooster crow won't be found in any other school. Every third down, USC plays the crow over the loudspeakers to intimidate the offence and pump up the crowd. Though, thanks to someone coughgoddamn cowbells, the crow no longer plays on third down for SEC games. That won't stop it from playing against out of conference opponents though.
The most luxurious traditions being a Gamecock. While it'd be easy to state that tailgating is a tradition, we've taken it a step forward. Think about having a permanent tailgate spot right next to the stadium, equipped with AC, a fully stocked bar (and some times a bartender), satellite TV, and the classiest interiors you've seen for a tailgate. Now if you're lucky enough to see one for sale, get ready to drop at least $300,000 (Here's one for sale for $245k). But, if you've got the money, it's one of the best places to get ready for the game!
Campus and Surrounding Area
City Population: 131,686 City Skyline Iconic Campus Building:
  • The Horseshoe - The most beautiful spot on campus is where you can find students studying, throwing a frisbee, or getting married. If you're visiting, this spot is a must visit. It's been the location of College Gameday when it's come to Columbia, and has even had Pope John Paul II visit to say hello.
  • Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center - if you want to see beautiful people, Strom should be your first visit. It is one of two student gyms on campus, and one of the busiest. It's got a 52-foot rock wall, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, sand volleyball, and all sorts of workout equipment and classes. And to add to its greatness, most of the sorority houses are located right next door in Greek Village.
  • Greek Village - Pictures do not do this place justice. If you've ever wanted to live in a mansion, go greek. There are over 20 large greek houses for both sororities and fraternities, and they will take your breath away. video
  • Russell House - While it's not the prettiest building on campus (and certainly not the ugliest) Russell House is our student commons. It's where the club fairs are held, free movies are available, and even has a Chick-fil-A in there! It's the center of campus, and it has a really cool giant Gamecock logo painted on the road infront of it.
Local Dining:
  • Chicken Finger Wednesday - There is only one day you should ever eat at an on-campus dining hall. That day is Wednesday. A staple of Carolina dining is the delicious chicken fingers with a side of perfectly curled curly fries. Be prepared to wait in line though, because all of campus is partaking as well!
  • Pawleys Front Porch - If you're looking for good burgers, this is the place to go. It appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and is delicious (their pretzel buns and fried pickle are freaking delicious).
  • Groucho's or Andy's Deli - It's all about the dipping sauce. They're a block from each other, but both are great. Most people prefer Groucho's, but I have a soft place in my heart for Andy's. Groucho's probably does have the better sandwiches, but there's nothing like having Andy take your order while being surrounded by very old-school Gamecock memorabilia.
  • Late night dining 5 Points and The Vista - Pick your poison. 5 Points is definitely the hub of collegiate nightlife in Columbia. There are over 10 different bars, all within two blocks of each other, and is a madhouse when school is in session. Any real Carolina student knows that there is just one and only place to go in 5 points, and that's Jungle Jim's... Just kidding don't ever go there. There are also plenty of late night eats, but it's suggested to never visit sober (Grilled Teriyaki, Cookout, Wafflehouse, Mucho Margaretta's). The Vista on the other hand is much more refined. While there are bars and the occasional dance club, there are more high-end eateries here. It's definitely an older crowd, and a place you can take your parents if you want. Some of the better restaurants there are Blue Marlin, Liberty Tap Room and Grill, Motor Supply Company Bistro, and Flying Saucer (which has 100s of beers).
Random Trivia
  • The Bayou le Batre hospital named after Forrest Gump is actually the University of South Carolina - Beaufort Performing Arts Center.
  • The climactic Bourbon Bowl scene in Waterboy was filmed at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL, however the flyover shown in the film is actually of Williams-Brice Stadium.
  • The South Caroliniana Library (built in 1840) was the first free-standing college library in the country, predating those of Harvard (1841), Yale (1846), and Princeton (1873).
  • The Thomas Cooper Library (built in 1959) doubles as a nuclear bomb shelter going 5 levels underground. An unforeseen benefit from this is it is near impossible to get any cellphone service under the main level.
  • The state dance is the shag. If you're visiting, and looking to impress some ladies, brush up on your SC dance moves!
  • The Confederate flag is flown at the statehouse two blocks from campus, and many believed to be the reason College Gameday would never visit Columbia. In reality it's just because we sucked.
  • Famous Alumni: Hootie and the Blowfish, Mike Dunleavy Sr, and Charlie Weis
What Is and What is to Come
While we feel this is a common phrase every year, this might just finally be our year. With a fairly weak schedule (we don't play Alabama, LSU, or Texas A&M), reaching the SEC championship game is in our favor. In previous years, we've done a great job at winning our SEC East games (14-2) and then stumbling on SEC West ones (3-6).
Fans are looking at two stretches of games this year, our first two and last three. We start the season against UNC and @UGA, and while we're heavily favored for the UNC game and on a 3-0 streak against UGA, it's not going to be easy. But, if we can get through unscathed, we should be on a fast track to the top until week 12 when we play Florida for, hopefully, the SEC East. A quick game against Coastal Carolina, and then we play Clemson in Willy-B for what could be the biggest matchup between both teams ever.
The best news is that we are bringing back a lot starters this year. And it looks like our offense should return to glory! Spurrier finally has two good quarterbacks in Thompson and Shaw, Mike Davis has been doing a great job at replacing Lattimore, we have four returning starters on the offensive line, and a playmaker in Bruce Ellington means our offense is looking good! Our defense on the other hand has a lot more questions. While our defensive line might just be the best one in the country, our secondary is looking a little shaky. Our hybrid safety/linebacker position has the biggest questions, and the rest of our secondary is young. Hopefully, the one-two punch in Clowney and Sutton will help when our secondary makes its mistakes.
It's a good year to be a Gamecock!
Had to sneak in a picture of me USCswimmer front row student section in the swamp at the 2010 USC/UF game in the swamp, first win ever in the swamp and locked up the SECe title for the first time as well.
If you want to see some awesome pump up material, Justin King makes some amazing Gamecock highlight video's, I highly suggest checking them out:
For military lovers, here is an amazing video from the UGA game earlier this year of a local military family.
Also, we just recently released our preseason guide if you want to take a look!
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